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Floating Above Jackel...


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So I just did a Jackel run with a friend of mine, I don't have any screenshots of this, however... If someone jumps on top of jackel before the battle activates, they will be left standing in the air.(I've noticed this with containers like those little cylinders, if you destroy them while standing on them you're left floating, but can get off at anytime) Anyways, I decided to let it run the full course during the fight just to see how badly this needs a fix, and well... let me tell you, he can't hurt you if you do this... he's an easy boss fight already, but this makes you invulnerable to everything but his and the mine ospray's machineguns...and those don't do enough damage to be a threat... I litterally had Jackel's rockets floating over my head, unable to hit me, and his aoe push doesn't hit you when you're in the air... This needs to be fixed...

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