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Nexus App Advancement


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ok so now that all the drops for alerts are directly told to us, the nexus app itself is essentially useless.

however, i was thinking while i was outside smoking (my personal alone time.. there's 6 ppl in this house so if i can, i use that for my personal me time to lose myself in thought.. often it happens and i love it that way)

anyway, back on track. i was outside thinking about the nexus app and it's utter uselessness now a days... what if we, instead, had the option to directly log in to our warframe account, then the app would (still) have an option somewhere to show us the available alerts (based on our current maps unlocked within the star chart as a whole) - but to go one further, u can review ur personal profile, friends profiles, have access to all chats (minus recruit), contacts, even the foundry and arsenal.


obviously, we wouldn't be able to PLAY from our smart phones, however, being able to check on our foundry from work / school / bus / road trip would be the S#&$, js.

contacts list, same goes.

clan chat, why not - that'd be awesome. seriously..

"hey XYZ yeah i'm at work atm, working a late shift, won't get home for a couple hours later than normal, go ahead and start those voids without me, i'll hit u up when i get back" -- since, u know, u told XYZ guy that u'd do those keys with him since ur both looking for ABC parts... or whatever the case may be (was just off the top of my head)

and in no way does any of this require having someone mod ur android to throw in a geforce gpu lol


and to go one further, just for the sake of DE awesomeness (and friggin innovation FFS) add a mini game that can only be played via the nexus app, and saved to it's own "personal rank in a global system".

what is this mini game, how does it work, etc etc? i have no clue. i'm not the devs and i in no way work for them. if, on the other hand, they want to offer me a legit job, i'll take of the whole damn thing. until then, all i can do is spitball ideas and hope for the best.


however, there's something i've heard, maybe u have too...

"why don't u wish in one hand and S#&$ in the other and see which one fills up faster"


edit: further advancement coupled with armor 2.0 --

allow us to not only view the arsenal, but make changes to mods we have installed / in inventory to "play with" our loadouts for frames / weps for the sake of whatever we're after there.. whether it's DPT or DPS (damage per time, vs damage per shot) and overall efficiency

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Well, it does still have a purpose as it informs you of alerts past what you have access to, giving you a sense of direction if you want to rush to something. And it still does it's job of informing you without you being in game.



But yes, they do need to finally add more functionality to it.

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