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Ballistica And Ui Bug


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I logged into warframe today to claim my wonderful new weapon. entering the arsenal screen  every thing seems normal. I unequipped my twin gremlins and put on the ballistica upon doing so the UI starts bugging out my cursor is stationary but random buttons in the arsenal menu would highlight i initially assumed it was an issue with my mouse an unplugged and cleaned my mouse after cleaning. it the buttons would start randomly highlighting other menu buttons in the arsenal again when stationary or when trying to directly interact with the UI .I decided to play a match to see it affected game play. the only affects i encountered where .
1.during hacking the mouse would do the same thing as it did in the arsenal menu
2. occasionally, during movement my character would just stop

So i did a fresh re install and played another game where i encountered no such problem. 

The install did nothing so i attempted to change secondaries and with a great amount of effort i changed to the despair. the bug seemed lessened but it was still an issue.
This bug doesn't seem to affect contact menus or foundry menus however it dose affect they key selection menu . and after using the key selection menu none of the ui works and i am unable to log out unless i alt+F4 or hard close the game in some way. i was attempting to access the dojo to see if this bug affected any of the ui when building in the dojo.

This bug doesn't affect aiming what so ever 

Edit: after doing more stuff i'm pretty much blaming the bug on the new hand bow i've never had an issue like this before claiming the weapon. 


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