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Too many Ayatan stars

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I have been blocked from playing WF for some unknown reason (maybe the classic IP thing) then out of sudden it worked after almost 2 days.

I managed to get to the relay and enjoy the Tennocon. Did some missions after that with no problems. Toke care of my clan. All fine.

Then during late night it started. I have found approximately too many Ayatan stars in an spam of 2 missions, being some of those cyan. All these years playing I have never seen that amount of stars, not in such short period of time. When it became 16 stars I decided to stop playing and to open a ticket because it is suspicious - but I didn't, since my previous problem were never answered still, I don't want to slow the support even further. Clan mates told me to not make it public but I literally don't care. I run a few virus scan, looking specifically after Trojans and whatever, there was nothing. I'm not even playing from my Win10 were I couldn't log in, but on Win7 on a notebook that doesn't even share the same network when I play.

I left my notebook and went to play on my Win10 pc, I still won 3 more stars in a 4 mission run. Yes, I had 19 Ayatan stars in approximately 2 hours of gameplay. I checked, they're really there.

No Smeeta, no bonus but affinity from Tennocon, I was alone on the squad most of the time. I needed 4 Argon crystals and went alone most of the time, toke a few runs before finding them, that was on low level capture void.Hepit. There were star drops on Mot and other mid places. Try to imagine if that bug could happen with other modes or farming, say Condition Overload or good prime parts. I would have been flagged as a cheater. There is nothing else dropping abundantly, but Ayatan stars.

My Twitch drop never came from Tennocon just yet.

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