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Twirly, Twirly Boomerang


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So I got the Kestrel, and love the weapon though I might, I couldn't help but be bothered by the fact that it uses the same animations as Glaive for regular melee attacks.

Glaive's animations look fancy and fluid, since it's a disc with blades on all sides. Kestrel is... well, a boomerang. How the Tenno is spinning it on the lower side of the palm of his hand is a mystery. Why he is doing so is even more of a mystery. It looks weak and awkward, and feels weak and awkward.


My suggestion: Give the Kestrel a different melee animation, something that one would more likely do when using a boomerang as a melee weapon (i.e. whacking them with it, rather than twirling it around tamely and letting the tips graze the enemy's nose). Perhaps giving it the Kama normal attack animations. It wouldn't be perfect, but it would look and function much less awkwardly than it does right now.



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