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TennoCon 2020: Twitch Drops Status!

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Same issue as most, from the sounds of it the gun should have already been given to me, but so far i havent recieved either

I know im linked because during the livestream, i found out about the infested cloak from twitch prime and claimed it mid stream, and i watched from the start on another stream, then midway through the first panel, i went to the actual warframe channel and watched/participated

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2 hours ago, (XB1)Dantesqualle said:

I watched entire stream except for about 10 minutes. (Wife accidently closed stream to order food.) But I haven't got any of the drops. I have friends who tuned in after me that got theirs already.

I watched entire stream from start to finish haven't seen hydroid or trivia rewards. I even contacted support haven't heard anything either. Very frustrating to see people who only watched portions getting theirs while mine is missing in action 

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So I can see that this is a problem for everyone, for some reason. I have gotten everything: The Tenno Relay items (statue and skin), the weapon, and the syandana. I was there at the stream at 5:02 and stayed there until the end of it at 6:30-6:45. It was said that Hydroid Prime was on priority and that they should all be handed out by yesterday night. I know I was connected properly to Twitch, as I get Twitch Prime items as well. The weapon was sent to my Steam account, and that's where ive been checking to see if I got Hydroid. I still have nothing.

Edit: I did get my Hydroid, I'm just an idiot and haven't played for a couple of days from being busy. I thought I would get it through Steam, like the weapon but I got it through the game. Just keep your hopes up and check both Steam and your game. Thank you for the gifts as well as a great update and TennoCon (my first one!)

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An Edit to update people about the info
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And they said this was one of the best community... just delay some rewards after a stream and all of a sudden the “best community” is full of whiny crybabies who stomp the ground because they haven’t got their new toy... 🙄

Geez, relax! The prizes are coming. Maybe next time you’ll come up with some great idea to deliver almost 300.000 rewards to accounts across four different platforms in a matter of seconds. It’s not that you can’t play the game while you’re waiting for your prizes, anyway...

i still don’t have either the warframe or the weapon. I’m just farming relics in the meantime. Is it so bad?

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On 2020-08-02 at 1:24 PM, [DE]Rebecca said:

First: They are still going - just slowly and safely for our servers!

Thank you for your patience - if your accounts were correctly linked, you should have your Athodai and/or Hydroid Prime depending on what you watched! Just a matter of time! 
Because of our record-breaking stream traffic, the Drops are going slower than we expected. But they are going - we are watching them fulfill hour by hour as we speak.

HOWEVER - due to the demand for Hydroid Prime, we are going to safely modify the drop script to also prioritize the finale of the day. As the drops are run chronologically, we would be waiting a while for the full day to finish (especially considering traffic). We will keep you posted as progress is made! 

EDIT: We are about halfway through Hydroid Prime Drops - still chuggin! 

I watched whole stream showcasing the new open world and i still didnt get hydroid prime. 😞

I hope i will get it since everything was linked and working.


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