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Enemy homing attacks sometimes(?) ignore invisibility once triggered

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This is mostly related to Bombards, Scorpions and the Infested Ancient units. There might be other units with homing attacks I'm forgetting.

Once those units trigger their homing attack, which appears to be before they start their animation (or the animation starts with some idling, could be possible), going invisible won't prevent the attacks from getting to you. The enemy units aim will actually follow you while invisible and they will potentially hit you, even though you're in a different place.

Easiest to test with Wisp because of her passive making it very easy to become effectively invisible.

1. Spawn multiple of the aforementioned units

2. Run around a bit

3. Jump and glide

4. Get hit by attack

It is hard to tell when the attack actually starts, so I'm not sure if it always happens. Also not sure if this is intentional.

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