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This video about how you can animate any warframe for making game videos,anime,memes or dancing videos.Videos short and all models copyrigts beleogs to DE.

Dont forget ı am not making any money from videos.I used emty free youtube account for show you how you can.This program name is MMD.You can downoad

for free and english version.Its totaly free.Long name is miku miku dance.Its working fine with old pc.If you can play warframe with pc you can run this program.

Second video.

We  wil use 4 program for making anime,animations,artworks and in game videos.

I dont created this 3d model but ı wil show you how you can.

I am using grafic tablet.Its not normal tablet.Do not try to with normal tablets.Its special for this.I will tell you how you can do with mouse only in pc.

First plz lern basic menus about this 4 programs.


2-Manga Studio 



Here some screen shots for beginners.I wil Upload daily 10-20 picure with how to do viddeos and tips.

We wil design new warframe for game here.


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