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Looking For Squad For Vault Runs


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Hey guys. I've been farming vaults for a long time now, really harshly, but I ran out of keys this morning. I've been desperately searching for Fleeting Expertise in particular; the last piece of the puzzle in terms of my "Mega-Vauban" Build. I really, really want to get it, but I now lack keys and am back to farming co-ordinates.

If anyone is doing these runs later on, I would love to join in. You will find I'm pretty fun to have in the same squad and I have every dragon key, so I come with the added bonus of being versatile! ;D

Anyway, I'll be going to work shortly, but I'm going to be around at:

18th October 2013 (Today)


6pm GMT   OR
1pm EDT


Other timezones I do apologise but you will have to convert it yourself.


I'll be logged into WarFrame so if anyone wants to leave me a whisper for when I get back, or wants to reply to here that'd be greatly appreciated. Thank you! :)

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