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Ship's Treasure Room


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Hi guys :)


So I was thinking about a solution to cleanse the drop table, and I came with this one : Ship's vaults.


As we know, Corpus are merchants, and they are probably carrying some nice stuffs in their ships.

Grineers are soldiers, there must be an arsenal, or at least a room with some spoils from their fights.


What if we could find those rooms and get rewards?

It would be something like the vault in the derelict : you have to find the room first and it requires specific conditions to get your reward.


If the devs create a dedicated drop table for special containers placed in those vaults, it could maybe help to cleanse the drop tables. Some special mods could be placed in those : utility mods (Maglev, Hacking, and other crappy mods to dilute it a bit), uncommon, and rare.


It would also encourage us to explore the maps and not rush them.


And it would add some challenge as those "vaults" would be highly protected : traps, heavy units, stealth required maybe.


I am thinking about the way to access those rooms :


1. They would be only placed in assassination or capture missions. Once you killed the target, you'll automatically get a key that you must carry (same as the datamass) to enter in the treasure room. This will guarantee that you don't leave the mission before killing the target for the new players who would like to achieve the mission.


2. Keys would require to be crafted in your foundry after a purchase in the market. A key for Corpus would require materials from the Corpus planets. No need to involve Void keys here.


3. Keys would be available in the market as a gear, no need to craft them. Darvo would sell them.


4. Keys elements would be scattered in the Solar System, something like Derelict coordinates. You would have to gather them in order to create a key. This could allow the devs to place high level vaults in low level planets, and so advanced players could get back to those planets with a purpose, helping the new players at the same time.


5. No keys, you just have to find the room and go through its security.


What do you think about this?

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