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Rhino Refuses To Die!


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So today I was playing Rhino and I came across an interesting bug. Iron Skin is a great ability for Rhino but I never thought that when I said "Yes!! I'm invincible!!!" That I actually wasn't far from the truth. Twice today enemies managed to eat through my Iron Skin and start hitting my health hard. Out of pure habitual panic I quickly hit Iron Skin. Mid casting animation I still get downed and my life starts to drain as my friends tell me that they are too far away revive me. I accept my fate and watch my life fade before my eyes. As I say my last goodbye to my friends my health stops draining right on the verge of death. I continue to attack enemies around me as my friends rush to me hoping to bring me back. Then I realize... my skin is silver. I have Iron Skin on and I can't die. No enemies attack me and my friend was still able to revive me. Normally I wouldn't complain because I didn't have to waste a revive, but in certain situations this may not be good. For instance, you're playing survival and it's just too much for you to handle. You get downed seconds after you revive so you decide to allow yourself to die and let your friend high-tail it to extraction. One problem, you can't die. Your friend has to sit there and fight off hordes of enemies until the life support drains which could cause his death. Now that my lovely story is over, any idea why this is happening?

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