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Plague Star as an event on Heart of Deimos

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Like Cetus and Fortuna, every now and then, they have mini events like (fighting off ghouls on plains of eidolon or sealing fissures on orb vallis). What if they added the plague star to the heart of deimos as a event in the infested open world, where you mow down huge hoards of infested enemies through any means necessary. I feel it would be a missed opportunity and a really fun time. 

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7 minutes ago, (PS4)The_Verethragna said:

I'd rather see Plague Star get a pre-event Railjack mini-event where you can see the Infested Meteor travelling through space and it infects the Proximas as it goes turning them into Infested missions where you attempt to chip away at the meteor before impact.

I'd much prefer Deimos Próxima to that. Don't give DE any more excuse to delay Plague Star anymore than it already gets.

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