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Soma Build Post Corrupted Mods


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There are a few corrupted mods that do well with the soma, Such as the heavy caliber, critical delay and maybe a few more idk


What's the best kind of way to build Soma at this moment? Because I simply have no idea how to

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Doesn't matter; even on the sniper rifles (and heck, the Synapse), Critical Delay is terrible. You're always losing more fire rate compared to your critical until your base critical hits 75%.


what do u mean by 75%? 

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So you're telling me you tap the trigger when there's a level 100 ancient in front of you? 

Suit yourself I guess :l


Aiming for the legs and tapping that trigger because of the accuracy I would like to make the most hits on the leg




Note, I'm most likely not going to max out critial delay if I'll ever use it, I'm going for 100% crit chance with point strike+critical delay so maybe level 3 or 4 in crit delay, I just need some thoughts from players about building the Soma Because there are plenty of mods to use and I have no idea what so ever what to do

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it's pretty simple:


if you want consistent high damage per shot and don't care about dps loss on the soma (of all rifles), use critical delay (you need rank 5 for 100% crits). that's what i did because i wanted a slow firing heavy hitting rifle when people on the forums said we'd get a tenno assault rifle.


if you min-max and worship dps, don't use it.

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