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Heavy Caliber Question




   I don't usually post at all (major lurker alert, just look at them total posts.) but I've noticed that this thread has been on fire with Heavy Caliber posts. I just want to know how badly it affects bow weapons. From what the forum says, weapons with no recoil barely get it, weapons with recoil get it increased gradually, and bows are this insane amount of recoil. Thanks for the help guys ^^!


See you all in game fellow Tenno.

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I was also thinking this, I've been trying to get heavy Caliber ,but no luck and I'm hoping it doesn't make my bow stray off too far from the reticle. 
It would be great if someone could tell us or show us show it effects bows. :)

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"Aw, shucks! I don't get +150% damage with no downside! Terrible mod!"


It's for making combat riskier but more rewarding by forcing you to close in on enemies for optimal damage output. It decreases accuracy; you shouldn't be putting it on Sniper-type weapons and getting all shocked that its accuracy is decreased.


I think that there should be some way to counter it, though, i.e. another mod. Most weapons have no use whatsoever for the Vile Precision mod, since Stablilizer does its job with no downside and there's really no need to stack the two on any weapon. Vile Precision should tighten the spread at the cost of firing rate, to make Heavy Caliber more compatible with Sniping weapons.

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there seems to be a bug with weapons that have physical projectiles. putting Heavy Caliber or Magnum Force on one of these weapons, like a Bow, regardless of how much it's leveled, causes the weapon to shoot all kinds of funky. 

if these mods were working 'correctly', i would expect all weapons would get less accurate by the same amount, instead of a couple types of weapons globally having some massive effects while most others have more controllable ones.


there absolutely should be a counter mod though, the other Corrupted mods do, but these don't, hopefully yet. 


but there clearly is something funky going on. an accuracy decrease of ~20% making a weapon 90%+ less accurate seems unintended.

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