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Hydroids passive change

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Since Hydroid got so much from this tennocon (which was amazing btw), I believe we should send his meme off with one update to him (his passive). I don’t feel that his passive is even a passive, it doesn’t help the frame and doesn’t really ever be used since the one tentacle comes out from a slam attack. An idea I’ve been working on is when Hydroid is in undertow, his 1, 2, and 4 will have a damage buff if activated. How big of a damage buff depends on what DE feels is fair. If you have any thoughts on my idea or ideas of your own I would love to hear them because hydroid is amazing.

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Hek to the nay...

That is one of the best passives we have in the game. Use a slam to have a chance to have a tentacle come out with no power use needed?  Yes to that.

What we should have is a passive tree that allows us to have 4 passives able to be active while being able to branch out to a selection that is vast and many.

Would be cool to have Oberon have his beast passive as well as whatever he has now. Give Ember her on fire passive back as well as the burning men one. Have Frost have his get hit and freeze passive as well as when he slides, has a chance to ice the ground behind him and go twice as far.

Grow the passives and give a way to have the player grow them as well

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