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His Other Hand Isn't Doing Much.


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Equip a single pistol and you will notice you may have a hand hanging free.

For lighter pistols, why not have your melee weapon in your free hand?

Notice how the Sliding excalibur, often used in warframe adverts, is holding a pistol and a sword at the same time.

Why not? ^^

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I think it looks a little silly having them hold both, especially when tryin to open doors. What a nightmarish image. Though the option could always be there I guess if they put it in. For instance I would really like it if you could shoot handguns one handed like when carrying data. Using two hands isn't bad &#!.


If Robocop can do it, so should Tenno.

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Anything that makes gunplay and swordplay flow better is welcome!

I can definitely see myself using a single handgun if it means I can alternate shooting and slashing instantly!


But only if both the handgun and the melee weapon can be smoothly held with one hand.

I'd say most single handguns (maybe except the really big ones, like acrid, ballista and seer) could be held with the single daggers, the single swords, the kama, the prova or even the glaive and kestrel. 

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