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Please add option to "go" or "stay" in railjack mission

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As we know, there is a intrinsic farm at Gian Point, Veil Proxima, where we continue to speedrun it again and again for intrinsic point.
Usually people would go to recruit chat and then host a fireteam for specific intrinsic run; however, it take sometime to find ppl who actually want to do it, so I usually go to a public Gian Point mission instead, and when I finished the mission, there are 3 things which occured.

1. When the mission is finished, the reward is already sent to each player inventory; however, people think that they need to go to dojo first to receive it.
2. The other player who doesn't know that, tell me to go back to dojo even I don't want to stop yet.
3. As I am Asia region player, it is hard to explain to people who don't understand English language.

which lead to my request to add the option to "go" or "stay" similar to (at the end of every 5 waves of) defense mission at the end of each railjack mission, so that they can go back to their dojo or orbiter whenever they want to.  

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