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So I've been trying to kill the frost specter of the mars junction for about 30 minutes now, no luck. For some reason, none of my abilities work on the specter. Excalibur's howl doesn't work, khora's ensnare works but I can't do any damage, nyx's chaos doesn't work, limbo's stasis doesn't work, it even froze my 7k inaros and one shot with that f***ing hammer of his.

Tips? Thanks

I got excal, khora, trinity, nyx, inaros, hydroid, nova, volt, equinox, limbo, mirage, and saryn.


EDIT: Frost is finished, but i'm stuck at trinity, her link destroys me ever time 😞

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On 2020-08-10 at 10:54 AM, WildPenguin82 said:

IIRC the Mars junction (EDIT: I misremembered! It was Mercury junction; IIRC Mars junction was way easier) specter was the only one I had any problems with (i.e. I needed to try twice). I was quite new at that point into the game, but I just used Excalibur's exalted blade (quite well modded) and whacked away. Once I died, second time... I nearly died, but the specter died before me (could have been three tries, don't remember anymore).

After that junction, I got Vauban. Tesla Coils + whack away with a decent melee weapon = dead specter. Simple, fast & efficient (EDIT: not as fast as fo3nixz's example, though, takes like 2-10 seconds more time).

Mine is powerful, but this is the steel path specter, not the normal one. She casts link and im dead

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