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How To Improve Co Op.


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Hi i thought of adding a new co op feature.


Black shot has it. in that game you can choose partners.


you have some benefits and 1 of them is a small camera that allows you to see your allies camera and see what he sees.


itll be very usefull when your to far away from each other and dont know if 1 or another is in trouble before he dies.


What you think?  Comment and share it if you like.

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Personally, I think WarFrame is a little too fast paced for that sort of function to be much use. But I think if you developed this idea and have some more ideas for passive little abilities like that, it could be a consideration.

Perhaps, like an Aura, we can have a teamwork mod? We can choose one of a choice on top of your Aura and Ten WarFrame Mods slots, such as your team-view or something else, and I think it may enhance your team experience.

However, I think before these can be considered, we need to improve on the connectivity issues in this game. I own a Fiber Optic internet which I never have any hosting problems, and I get no complaints about connection on my host, but 75% of games I join is lagging so hard people and enemies are flying around the screen with people shouting about telling the host to leave...

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