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Some QOL that i was thinking in my free time.

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Warframe QOL ideas.

here is a little collection of small and some not so small QOL changes that would make warframe a better game overall in my humble opinion, some ideas can be weird so if you feel that they dont add nothing just ignore them, i'm really bored so i made this, i hope some get into the game at some point if possible.

Clan Dojos:
Option to Donate to all decorations building at once per room.
Option to Clear a room of decorations without having to destroy it.
A room with all the syndicate NPCS found in Relays and some random npcs that stay at places that we can place in dojo to make it more lived in. (think those npc humans on POE that you can place in your hideout.)
Option to Rotate already built rooms or "store" a build room to replace it in other locations to make more easy to remake a dojo without having to destroy and rebuild everything from scratch (yeah i know DE makes money this way by making people wanna rush)

Helminth = Currently there is a Ton of Mods that are plain useless in the game that almost No one with a brain cell uses. how do we get rid of them? Easy, since we are getting the helminth to get skills from other frames, why not take all the mods that are "useless" or have no place in a build really
and turn them into a Massive "helminth Passive Tree" with all of the Unessential mods there? The idea is  Each MR you rank you get a Point, every mod converted to helminth passive Costs a Point, so you can get 30 poits at max we got a TON of mods that we can use there and dont worry about a thing then, also we could have an item to "respec" a point at a time that could be a reward for some mode like arbitrations
and to unlock the mods you need to rank up the helminth and feed him the mod in question that is on a List of possible mods to give him. 
that would Tie the mastery system with a progression other than "oh now you can use X weapon" or simply more standing. unlocking passives would make a ton of difference in gameplay openning the possibility of amazing stuff really.
But that leaves us with the question on WHAT we will use that power? we will need harder content or really big boss fights to make it worth it, also raids.... 

Tenno: we need a total review/rework on the tenno passive tree, i think Scot mentioned that so i'm looking up to that.

Syndicates: can we get rid of the medalion system already? making a universal essence, and in the process removing vitus and steel essence also and making every npc that sells stuff using this currency will be way better than it is now, you can farm doing whatever mission you like not only the ones specific to farm X.

Defense Missions: adding a mini boss in every wave 5 would be amazing and more engaging than the way it is now, you know health bar and all, a little boss music (i know you guys can make amazing battle music, your sound team is amazing)

Survival: also taking the idea of mini boss but a "mini mini boss" a little bit less health to keep the pace of the survival mission every 5 minutes but not tied to the timer of course so people can ignore them if they feel so. these mini bosses could drop a pack of 5 of the rarest resource in that specific map.

Loot Monster: you know those RPGS that got that small gnome/elf/goblin/whatever that have a big bag on his bag and when killed drop a explosion of loot? everybody loves one of that, i remember some time ago that you guys mentioned adding it into streams but this idea was never talked or used again if i can remember right, can we have this into normal game? like a 2% chance of spawining on every mission, like the "coin guy" in the new corpus tileset, i know you guys can come up with a nice little lore and really funny characters for this one.

THE CONCLAVE: for the love of god, kill conclave already and make it with PVE bots like The index or whatever nekromech pvp idk literally anything is better than conclave right now, we already got the mods into nightwave and you guys can spend the resources that would go to a dead mode into other stuff.

Invasions: for the infested use the idea that was on the 2nd nightwave, a ship that goes to random planets and start invading, so every mission on that planet have some infested in, not only on the "invasion mission". but if they are invading lets say mars, every mars node get some infested here and there, falling from the sky or whatever.

Arbitrations: Make more modifiers to warframes and enemies, Remove arbitration drones if possible and instead use More random modifiers per mission 5-6 would be amazing 3 per frame and 3 per enemy, 1 always being negative for the frame.
add one more mission into arbitrations option to people to join in if they dont like the current one and dont have time to wait the next one for an hour. but make it in a way that if you enter one, then both are gone until next cycle.

Void Exploration: Yeah that is not much of a QOL but an entire idea of mode into itself.
Looking at POE i always wanted a system that took the idea of MAPS in Path of exiles and added them into warframe. we could have a "coordinate" system where we get random coordinates on railjack, those coordinates will have random modifiers both for enemies and frames into them.
simple missions with simple but effective rewards
exterminations with always a 4 player multiplyer of npcs in every mission to crowd the place, a faction per time, maybe 2 fighting? with a boss at the very end of the mission and a teleport back to railjack so we can go on new coordinates or just play whatever we want.
we can use the void as a "uncharted territory" as a backstory.
as for rewards idk we can get essence, built random prime parts (so people cant trade them, but then make it so we can sell for ducats or essence) cosmetics exclusive to the mode, refined relics.
a really simple mode, like get coord, go kill all, kill boss, reward, repeat.

thanks for the time, and have a nice week.

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I just really wish the game felt like we indeed are playing as a bunch of space ninjas in space. The game feels very blank, and the templates are all there. Missions don't have any flavour to them besides "do it". Having invasions be like.. actual invasions would feel good.

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