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Possible Dojo Room - Pvp


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One thing I feel this game is lacking is an aspect for Tenno to develop mentaly as apposed to physicaly.
The Tenno are reputed to be smart and based around feudal casts so just having them as gun toteing, sword wielding mercs seems the wrong direction for me.

One of the biggest game styles at the moment is MOBA and I think that warframe has a chance to get in on that in a big way. For me, every MOBA stems from a very old game (not DOTA) called L.A.P.D Future cop. The VS on there was, for me, genious and would fit well with warframe imo.

The basics of it are that two teams face off (for WF perposes, 1v1 and 2v2 would be perfect), each team has a base that is the objective of the foe. Between the bases is a map (id have it a set map for DOJO or proceduraly generated for conclave, either would work) filled with turrets, at the start, each turret is neutral but can be hacked by any player to bring it under their teams control, when its destroyed it reverts to neutral.

The way to win is to earn points by capturing/destroying turrets and KO'ing the opponent, points can then be spent at base to purchase hologromatic troops (grineer corpus or infested) that each has a different purpose, hunt attack or defend.

You then have to fight and support your troops and gain access to the opposing base, first one to destroy the core (only troops do damage to it) wins.
Scattered around the map would aslo be "outposts" that can be bought for points and then remain yours for the rest of the game, these give access to troops out in the field, so you dont have to return to HQ and also to higher lvl/class holograms (napalms, techs and ancients and the like)

Its a lofty idea and you can get a better idea of how it plays by playing L.A.P.D Future cop (seriously! play it!) but I feel it would give the tenno a more "tactical" aspect that they are curently lacking, showing them to be as smart as they are portrayed and allow for an alternate way to "settle disputes" other than the Duel rings

Thanks for reading my wall of text btw


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Warframe isnt meant to be pvp, the devs have pounded and pounded at this, get it into your head, if you want pvp go play cod.

this, if you wanna brag about anything (except your mod loadout/collection) go do a survival as long as you can and compete with others, back in the ol days it was the best pvp there was

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I know it isnt, and I would never want this to become competative PVP, just casual with friends, hence the dojo, Id personaly rather not see it on star map, just think it would be a fun game mode and AI would be a possibility aswell, If youve ever played LAPD, sky captain got pretty insane at higher levels :D~
And even though WF isnt about pvp, ppl are still asking for it, hence conclaves and dual arenas, so as much as you say so, they HAVE made it a part of the game


Aslo, screw cod lol, never played one n dont intend to, BF4 was okis...ish, but not enough to make me buy the thing :P

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