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[Sx] - Soldiers Of Xecution - Looking For Enthusiasts


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This is in addition to dR.Ugz post about recruiting.


[sX] is looking for a select few who are enthusiastic about progression as a team in the form of pushing weekly records on missions.


We are actively looking to improve our self performance, team performance, and strategy to continue to push our selves each week to further progression.


If you feel that this type of playing and teamwork is for you, please read the requirements to join this group:


-Must be 18+ (Could make exceptions for mature enough)


-Must have a microphone and TeamSpeak 3


-Must have the drive to want to consistently improve your gameplay



About Us: A few of us came from competitive fast paced shooters, as well as some pro League of Legends players.


Dojo: All research complete / Obstacle Course / Dueling Room / Awesome Clan Badge


Location: Most of us are located on the West Coast





Contact pChaos or dR.Ugz in game or leave a message on our TeamSpeak 3 server:


TS3 IP: ts24.gameservers.com:9124

PW: sx

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BUMP For this song:


If your pro and you know it msg chaos! (Clap) (Clap)

If your pro and you know it msg chaos! (Clap) (Clap)

If your pro and you know it and you really want to show it

If your pro and you know it msg chaos! (Clap) (Clap)

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