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Here are some basic and near-universal rules for MMOs for people that are new to them.

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1. Never delete anything. It can always be used in the future.

2. Always try to complete your "dailies". Dailies are 24 hour gated missions that add up over time. In warframe, an example would be cetus and Fortuna bounties.

3. Work on having at least one single target weapon, and one AOE weapon. There are scenarios where you need "splash" damage, and scenarios where you need pin-point accuracy.

4. You can't face tank everything all the time. Movement and dodging are a part of every game. 

5. Be aware of your surroundings. Games have radars for a reason. Use them to your advantage and always be ready for the next wave of enemies.

6. Sometimes retreating can be a worthy tactic. Back in my day we called it "kiting". A lot of enemy AI has different pathing that can tell the difference between the player "running"  vs "standing still". 

If you move farther backwards for example, this may cause the enemy stop shooting and begin running.

If any long time MMO players have any other tips, feel free to add them!

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5 минут назад, (PS4)Madurai-Prime сказал:

4. You can't face tank everything all the time. Movement and dodging are a part of every game. 

Inaros players laugh.

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Additional rule.

Never get attached to anything. that shiny expensive item you just bought can be worthless next week or next month or next years or a few years

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Warframe isn't an MMO. Never has been.

1. Delete what you want, but it's good to hold on to normal warframes now that we're getting a new Helminth 2.0 system. In general, I hold on to everything, but I also don't acquire every single item in the game.

2. You do not have to complete every daily. Play the game at your own pace and don't be afraid to take breaks from this grindy game. It'll keep you from being burnt out.

3. Seek out strong weapons (and you can look for guides on which weapons are the best for different types of content). You don't have to be restricted to one single target weapon and one AOE weapon. However, having a diversity of weapon types is generally good, because they're good in different situations. Ultimately, though, melee is king in this game alongside good warframes, so you definitely want to look for the best melee weapons.

4. Movement and dodging are absolutely not important for Warframe's gameplay. Not sure what OP is on about. Weapon damage, warframe powers and synergies, and crowd control is generally king in Warframe.

5. It's nice to know your surroundings, but considering sometimes Warframe's radar doesn't show enemies in the very next room, it's not crucial. You'll generally know what's around you by the sounds the enemies are making, and soon enough you'll know by their weapons. Plus, in no time, you'll be killing them so fast that you won't need to be aware of enemies because it won't matter.

6. There is really nothing in Warframe that will require you to retreat. And enemies absolutely do not behave differently based on whether you're running or standing still. They will attack you regardless. Enemies certainly don't stop shooting and don't start running away. If you stand still and go afk, you'll get killed. The enemy won't stop shooting at you. Sometimes, enemies won't leave the room they're in, though, and that happens whether you're close or far away. The exception to that is the Infested, who will aggressively run to you regardless of what you're doing. I wish all enemies behaved as aggressively as the Infested.

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