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Updated Turncoat, Put A 4Th Ability


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So the warframe is based off of a turncoat operative that got behind enemy lines to retrieve enemy technology. (I suck at drawing so i will describe him) He looks like the corpus capture target, with his helmet open. the head is a tenno helmet like in the other warframes. He has the suit of the Corpus, but with grineer armor pads on his shoulders and chest.  Due to grineer padding and advanced corpus shields, Turncoat is a rather large warframe, high armor and high shields, but about medium range health. I decided one day to think very hard of a good warframe that didnt use conventional elements against the enemy, I want a warframe that sticks out of the rest, that is different from the other elementals. So I came up with this idea of a Turncoat  operative who stole enemy technology to advance the tenno cause. 




1. Disrupter  (uses 25 energy)- Just like the the Ancient Disruptors, his attack is like getting hit with the ancient's tentacle, it beats the target to the ground dealing 100 damage, if they survive they're shields are completely down for 10 seconds. Ability can send the target falling back into a crowd knocking down and hurting other enemies.




2. Drone Drop  (uses 50 energy)- Based off the corpus techs, the Drone Drop sets off three drones, the shield osprey, the drone (the one that the fusion moas release), and a random pick between the leech or mine osprey. The drones fly around shooting enemies, or helping you for at least 20 seconds. The time can extend based on the level of the mod.




3. Radial Punch  (uses 75 energy)- Using the technology from the Grineer, Turncoat pounds his fist on the ground launching enemies back. The level your are dictates the mod's potency, if you are low level you will knock down only low level enemies while staggering high level enemies. This ability also deals damage to those affected by the blast, damage which is also dependent on the mod's level.



4. Armor Tear  (uses 100 energy)- After thinking for some days, I thought of a great 4th ability for this warframe. Armor tear uses the Turncoat's familiarity for enemy armor/infested flesh against the enemy. It rips apart nearby enemies bodies, then coating your team in the pieces making them look like a crewman/lancer/leaper therefor unknown to enemies. This will keep them diguised, but as soon as they jump, attack, or after x/x/x/x time the armor pieces will fall off. The ability does great damage to nearby enemies, if they survive, pieces or flesh and armor will still fly off them, injuring them and lowering their armor rating.




His powers are used to level the playing field. To make the enemy feel what it is like to have drones shoot at you, or your shield being knock down while you're on the ground. Turncoat gives the tenno a good look in the eyes of the enemy.

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his fourth power should allow him to disguise himself as a member of whatever faction is currently in control, for like a minute to start off with. similar to Loki's invisibility, but if you attack they find you out.

I was thinking about that, but i know that for a 4th power you want a good ability to kill many enemies, or help your team substantially.

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