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Warframe Concept - Zephyr The Wind Elemental - Artwork Included [Resolved :)]


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For those interested there is a new Zephyr 2.0 upgrade of this version found here.



In celebration of one year's passing since this original design.


Introducing our wind elemental type Warframe, the Zephyr! As an avid player and an artist we wanted to contribute to the game and chose the element of wind seeing as the theme is missing among the roster of official frames' elements. Zephyr specializes in high damage wind attacks at a high speed play style packed in a elegant yet edgy streamline design.

Meet the artist - We are better known as Liger Inuzuka with our main gallery being located on Deviant Art. This is the screen name we carry almost everywhere on the web. You can find our links below.
| Deviantart | http://liger-inuzuka.deviantart.com/art/Warframe-Zephyr-Concept-407987802'>Original Deviation |

Disclaimer - Zephyr as a design, concept, idea, and all of the artwork and writing found in this post belong to a single creator; Liger Inuzuka a.k.a. Volkovyi. Please excuse our use of the 'royal we' for a more formal way of writing. There is not two of us!

Our sincerest wishes would be to share our ideas below with the developers and hope for some attention.
Full body figure and back sub-view V

Profile view of original helm, including two alternative helms and close up of the hands V

Gray scale painting of the figure to showcase the design without the interference of the suggested color palette V

We tried to create a design that is in line with the official frames to make Zephyr believable and easily interpreted into the Warframe universe while still expressing personal ideas in his figure such as the fashion-inspired armor, 'winged' arms, and falcon like helmet.
Prime Zephyr Concept

The Prime version of Zephyr would be mostly black with geometric designs in beige, and all the silver metals around his limbs would be replaced with gold.

Below are several suggestions for Zephyr's possible abilities. Combinations of four of these abilities will result in Zephyr's role as a Tenno. That is if he is offensive, defensive, utility, etc.

ABILITY DISCLAIMER - The abilities and descriptions are purposely vague, so that they can be interpreted as an idea and not discarded for undesired statistics! Therefore you will not find out if an ability does stagger, knock-back, elemental, proc chances, energy consumption, and etc! Enjoy them as concepts for now, and here's hoping if Zephyr gets implemented the teams behind that feat will work that out!

-Aeriel Strike

(No Image available)
Zephyr fires many target-seeking metallic 'feathers' quill-first into enemies dealing high damage, or into one focused enemy while holding right-click, however the quills have a very firm path of travel and thus have difficulty cornering and can be stopped by obstacles (such as walls.) Firing the quills from above using Gale Force guarantees head-shot damage, and pins surviving enemies to the ground unable to do anything for a time.
-Focus increases damage dealt and number of feathers.
-Stretch affects distance traveled by the quills.
-Continuity only affects how long surviving enemies will remain pinned before freeing themselves.

-Gust Kick

(No image available)
Zephyr literally kicks up a gust of wind in front of him like a true martial artist, that hits enemies in his immediate vicinity and sends them flying back, in which their flying bodies will damage other enemies along the way kicking them back in a similar cascading fashion, and so on. As each enemy hits a new enemy in this trickle down effect, the new enemy will receive less damage from the previous in a damage fall off.
- Focus affects the damage dealt to the initial target(s) around Zephyr and overall targets, and decreases the damage fall-off between cascading enemies.
-Stretch affects how many initial targets Zephyr will kick back in front of him, how far the bodies fly back and how many times the cascading effect will repeat itself before dissipating.
- Continuity does not affect this ability.


(No image available)
Zephyr forms scythes of wind on his arms and charges forward cutting thru the air in his own wind tunnel for a period of time, damaging enemies in his path while being able to steer in a desired direction. While traveling at a high speed forward, he is unable to corner as well, but can be aimed up and down. If used on a height (like a cliff), Zephyr will glide down to the ground in an arc, unless aimed straight down to quicken the descent.
-Focus increases the damage dealt, and agility of Glide's cornering.
-Continuity increases the time Glide lasts.
-Stretch does not affect this ability.

-Turbulence (Def)

Zephyr surrounds himself in a cyclone that shields him from incomming projectile damage. The strong winds around him suck up all projectiles like incoming bullets and rockets and redirect them away from Zephyr. The redirected projectiles immediately shoot out at nearby enemies; alternatively focusing on a single enemy (holding right click to aim) Turbulence redirects all gathered projectiles and shoots them at the specified target and continues to do so as long as Zephyr is aiming at the target and Turbulence is taking in projectiles. However enemies attacking Zephyr with melee will be slowed down as they find it difficult to cut thru such powerful winds, but can still hurt Zephyr.
-Focus affects damage dealt to melee range targets.
-Continuity affects length of time the cyclone is active.

-Tail Winds

(No image available)

Zephyr buffs his allies to be guided by the wind regardless of their location, himself included. He and his fellow Tenno (including everyone's Sentinels) have improved accuracy, projectile speed for applicable weapons is entirely removed, firing speed (rate of fire) is increased, fall off damage for shotguns is eliminated, and reload time and holstering time is decreased. All missed shots will now bounce off the first surface they hit, aim, and redirect to the closest enemy, and will continue to bounce off and seek out targets up to a certain amount of times (depending on the mod setup) or until the ability ends. The redirected projectiles during the buff will suffer fall off damage the longer they travel and bounce AFTER the very first bounce.
-Focus affects the power of the buff on all accounts, and decreases the fall off of the redirected projectiles. (And maybe the amount of times the missed projectiles will continue to bounce off of surfaces)
-Continuity affects how long Tail Winds last.
-Stretch does not affect this ability.

-Gale Force (This ability is a Zephyr MUST and all other abilities are complimented by Gale Force)

Zephyr launches himself into the air and is airborne for a period of time. During this time Zephyr floats above the ground at a specific height and the player can control his movement via the WASD keys, or thrust forward and aim the direction with the mouse. Each keystroke Zephyr will thrust in that specific direction until the abilities timer is out; down, forwards, backwards, left, and right. Or the player can not press any direction and only hover in place. Melee is impossible during flight, but flight sharply increases speed and firing rate only for Zephyr himself. Great for managing large open tile sets, rushing to downed teammates, reaching loot and secrets, or gaining tactical advantage for firing from above. Note: If the player uses Gale Force on higher ground then flies over terrain where the ground is lower and thus is suddenly 'higher' than before, Zephyr will slowly glide down to the specific height.
-Stretch increases distance covered with each single thrust in a direction.
-Continuity increases the time spent airborne before landing.

-Using Tornado in flight during this ability greatly increases range in all directions.
-Using Turbulence during this ability allows Zephyr rain down the collected projectiles aimed wherever you please without having to focus with right-click. The abilities(s) now heavily draw in aggro to benefit from many enemies' bullets.
-Using Glide during this ability increases flight time, speed, and damage of Glide, while eliminating Glide's restrictive agility. However there is still a cap on the height achieved.
-Using Gust Kick during this ability allowed Zephyr to target enemies all around him instead of just directly in front at a longer initial range, and eliminates the fall-off damage.
-Using Aeriel Strike during this ability almost eliminates flight-time of the quills, and guarantees head-shot damage from above.

-Last Breath

(No image available)
Zephyr vacuums the air out around him for a period of time and chokes out caught enemies with damage over time, causing them to be stunned while gasping for air before dying shortly after. Enemies entering Last Breath's range while it is in effect will also be caught, however incoming projectiles can damage Zephyr while he is caught in the casting animation. When Last Breath dissipates, Zephyr gets an immediate shield buff and recharge equivalent to how many enemies were killed in the area of effect. If he has taken damage before hand, Zephyr will regain the lost shields plus the buffed shield amount in nearly an instant. Uniquely, when Zephyr uses Last Breath in a Survival mission and an Oxygen pod is in the ability's area of effect, the air and oxygen stolen from the killed enemies will replenish the team's overall Oxygen storage. However Zephyr will not receive the shield buff or recharge as all the air went to the pod. All enemies are effected by Last Breath EXCLUDING all Moas, Ospreys, Rollers, and Regulators.
-Focus affects the damage dealt to the choked enemies.
-Continuity affects how long Last Breath lasts and how long Zephyr is caught in the casting animation.
-Stretch affects how far Last Breath's bubble reaches in all directions.

-Tornado (Ubr)

Zephyr's 4th ability, or special attack. Spinning around Zephyr summons a mighty tornado that pulls in enemies into his spiral; enemies caught in the spiral are dealt high damage per second. Zephyr can also slowly move in a direction while using Tornado. If enemies are not killed by the time the tornado dissipates, they will be thrown in a direction. Enemy projectiles are treated like the ability 'Turbulence' in that they are sucked in and redirected. Note: Tornado can be used in the air, and in fact can pull in and damage enemies from below in a cylindrical hit-box above and below Zephyr.
-Focus increases the damage dealt to enemies caught in the tornado.
-Stretch affects the distance tornado can pull in enemies from, and how large the radius is of the Tornado. It is possible for far away enemies to only be pulled in and tornado dissipates before they even reach it.
-Continuity affects the amount of time Zephyr is casting the tornado. Also increases the amount of time the player can control how much the tornado travels.


Wow! Zephyr has been featured on Prime Time Episode 4! If you guys want to see the feature yourself, Zephyr shows up at around 49 minutes into the stream!
I am so proud my art and concept have been featured, thank you so much Miss Megan and Miss Rebecca!
In the near future I will add a custom Syndana for Zephyr, and perhaps a signature weapon!

EDIT II - Dec.01.13
A mistake with Zephyr's Gale flight ability, we meant to say that flight is controlled by the WASD keys, not the arrow keys.

EDIT III - Dec.12.13
New Unique Synadas added!

Suggestion 1 - Turbulance

Looking like a gentleman with this elegant extension to the coat tails.

Suggestion 2 - Sylph

Nobility at its finest with the finest robes.

Suggestion 3 - Mistral

An aggressive alternative look with these feathery spines.

EDIT 1.4.2014
Revised and new abilities added, old abilities tweaked in descriptions. Note- We realize that in some of the images and pictures Zephyr's name has been referred to as 'Zyphyr.' This is a typo mistake on our part and his name is actually spelled 'Zephyr!'


EDIT 2.9.14









We have wonderful news to share. Last night in-game we have received not only acknowledgement for the Zephyr concept, which was all we could have wished for, but also a gracious gift from DE.

With permission we have decided to show the gifts in an effort to appease some of the conflict and discussions that have been going on recently on the topic of fellow Tenno beckoning for our honor, so to speak.

We have received the following…

  • A personal in-game letter~
  • A 3 day Affinity and Credit booster.
  • An amount of Platinum.
  • A super charged Phage, Akstilletto, and Jat Kittag all with their own inventory slot.
  • A super charged Zephyr also with her own inventory slot.

We are overjoyed at this development, how everything resolved itself in good manner.

Also check out this little shout out to our IGN from one of the developers, Scot. https://twitter.com/GooseDE/statuses/432314187940126721


Once again thank you DE!


EDIT 6.20.14


The artwork is now available as art prints!

For those of our supporters interested in our art we have recently uploaded the original resolution pieces of both Zephyr and the Riot Moa to our print shop.


Zephyr - http://www.inprnt.co...lkovyis-zephyr/


Riot Moa - http://www.inprnt.co...ovyis-riot-moa/


Thanks to all supporters and viewers, it is you fellow Tenno that have made these concepts possible.

Edited by Volkovyi
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It's very professional, Nice gray-scale btw, I don't see many people include those.


Anyway, only suggestion is make the "wing" protrusions off the forearms a bit smaller, right now they seem bulky while the rest of the frame has a very "feathery/light" feel to it.

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It's very professional, Nice gray-scale btw, I don't see many people include those.


Anyway, only suggestion is make the "wing" protrusions off the forearms a bit smaller, right now they seem bulky while the rest of the frame has a very "feathery/light" feel to it.

I think they should be bigger but (Thinner)


Also it looks very much like Volt in a way

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Same as above^

You obviously put an incredible amount of work into this idea with a nice focus on abilities and variants. The design is fresh and very original with a great blend of warframe aesthetics with more traditional cloths.


I cannot express how good this is with a single + 1

You have all of my future platinum for your warframe, not if it reaches the game, but when it does.

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If this doesn't get attention by DE it's a CRIME.

This is masterwork right here.
  A+ Art
  A+ Ideas

This is the greatest thing I've seen on the forums. It would be a grave error for DE to not take what you have created and give it the time it deserves to integrate into this game. Bravo.

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I think they should be bigger but (Thinner)


Also it looks very much like Volt in a way



Well smaller would be thinner, so you and I are talking about the same thing. Sorry if that wasn't clear :), right now though they are too bulky for my taste.

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Very Badass indeed :D, I like his unique abilities over the usual frontal damaging ability and the usual aoe stun. I really like the Tornado ability but I feel that the arrow directions for the Gale force ability to be utilized by the WASD rather than the arrow keys but that's just my opinion, however amazing concept. :3

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+1 Because this is the best executed "wind-themed frame concept I've seen. I was considering brainstorming some ideas, but your art alone took the wind out of my sails, for lack of a better phrase.

Edited by Leuca
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