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Vegetable warframe during eidolon hunt

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Not sure how to recreate exactly but this has happened a few times when returning to warframe from operator. During eidolon hunts occasionally all controller functionality ceases. No buttons, with exception or start, share, and ps button, work. This pretty much leaves me to wander around useless unable to crouch, fire, use abilities, or operator. Start button works but only brings up menu and chat also gets locked unless I manually press x over it. /unstuck also has no effect. Also off topic but during first railjack mission at least have the calphalon mention return to navigation  and then dojo to complete missions. Many players are unaware and results in alot of failed missions because of this. Maybe mention to refill supplies from drydock as well as this severely effects chances of success from missions as you will never have enough to repair railjack otherwise. Other than that great job and great game. Also rebalancing is good but over nerfing takes away from the great part about warframe and the unique customization and semi godlike abilities. Instead of impenetrable walls make a stat and some mods to counter the stat this would require some players to sacrifice something to gain an attribute that set your game apart from anay other.

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