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Just now, Leqesai said:

Can we just stop for a minute and look at how good the helminth abilities are, aside from subsumed frame abilities?

These two, in particular, are really really useful (based on whatever cooldown might exist...).


"Instantly restore shields."


"Your next hack will be automatic."

Maybe rebuilds shields if there's no animation, but hacking? 

Ciphers exist. Why would I waste a slot on that.

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1 minute ago, (XB1)MetalxPhoenix said:

Rendered Rhino and Valkyr redundant as well.

as much I love this update, I still think it will break the game, there will be only a handful of meta frames that will be frequently used, the rest will be buried away. 

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other then one click damage buffing ability everything seems cool and interesting  lot of stuffs to try 
but i think as we are getting mirage buffs that is like lot of damage buff compare other damage buffing ability 
as rhino is giving like 100% to 150%~ damage buff (also to everyone in range) at 200 to 300% power str
while mirage is  500 % to 600% damage buff to self
while other warframe are giving elemental damage buff adding those elements.
adding element is i guess can be ok still super broken if you have correct built but accepted by warframe standards
but i think the mirage and rhino are just  1 click damage boost without thinking about anything they will just buff everything
rest most of stuffs seems cool lot of stuffs to try and see will be great experience 
as due to damage is main meta of game and giving those ability directly to other warframe will make the dps of  nuke frame a lot soo much in the sense that using damage buffing warframe will be just out of question in  a team co op playing game as everyone will be just having nuke frame with damage buffing ability slap on them.


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8 minutes ago, n.ull. said:

Why would your friends quit when they can't use a new mechanic that is intended for "endgame/veteran" players, if they enjoyed the game so far why would they complain about something just bc they can't do it immediately? Did they also complain bc they couldn't use their tenno powers right from the start? Or riven? Or sorties? Not everything should be accessible from the start, this game is already confusing enough and considering how clueless many of the MR 8 and 9 players are that I know (yes even my friends) I'm very glad this system is not as accessible as others DE has put out over the years. I mean we get complains almost daily about clueless MR 8 players getting completely recked by liches bc that system has a fairly low MR requirement.


8 minutes ago, (NSW)StoneGhost said:

Agree. MR lock is a actually a smart move because it incentives actually being invested before you get to the really good stuff. 

I hate to say some people have Low Mr has been playing for as long as you guys: Mastery ranking up is a choice, you guys wanted to MR up but not everyone does... For some people it's just numbers, for me it's just numbers at least. I personally have my reason for staying MR8 for 2 years: And it's okay for me to stay M8 and it's also okay to MR up.

I have to say that I know MR28 people that have not much experience in the game and/or are not really good at the game: (I personally don't care as long as they are having fun). But I also understand Mastery is to an extend a good way to know how much experience they have in the game: HOWEVER, it's not 100% accurate.

If said Mr8 is fully capable of Killing a Level5 Kuva Lich, has access to arbitration, finished Steel Path... I do not understand why they aren't experienced enough for the new Helminth system.

(I'm not taking jab at anyone mind you, just thought I'd let people know because I have no idea how this post sounds- Erh, read? And I don't want to be rude, I just want to prove the point that you shouldn't assume people Skill and doubt their experience over a Mastery rank.)

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7 minutes ago, GigabearPrime said:

This please.


I'm close enough that I MIGHT make it before the update now that I know it's a thing, but a lot of people who were eager for this system won't have a chance. I just don't see what a prerequisite of MR15 accomplishes. 

Except causing people to panic buy stuff with plat for MR fodder, which I doubt was the intent here.

Hopefully not. 

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Nova: Everyone can be a tank

Rhino: Everyone can be a buffer

INFESTED MOBILITY: Everyone can be a rusher

Ivara: everyone can stealh (a bit)


Me like it 10/10 o/

PS: Low MRs may start crying in the corner...

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vor 2 Stunden schrieb --Q--FSK41:

This System is broken and will break the game completely,it shouldn't come into the game so many broken  combinations,for example mesa and eclipse/roar = who the hell thought of this. its completely unbalanced PLEASE DE do NOT put this into the game,since you made enemies paper the game is already quite easy but with this its literally broken

How about stop crying about things that seem "broken"... There are players out there that play sometimes 6h of survival so don't judge when you yourself dont play such long runs. This whole crap about "nerf this and nerf that" is the reason why many veterans stop playing. For them such long runs are thrilling. Testing out how long you can go with frames solo or in a good team.

So stop ruining the fun for these people with your nerfing crap before it even starts. You should just test it first before you should criticize it. 

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2 hours ago, TGDM said:

Do I have to feed the Helminth multiple Rhino warframes to use the Roar skill on multiple other warframes? Or does feeding it 1x Rhino allow me to slot Roar on as many warframes as I wish?

It's my understanding you only need 1 Warframe and then the Helminth 'Remembers' the ability forever for it to be used on any Warframe.

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5 minutes ago, n.ull. said:

The forums are bugged they show almost everyone as gold novice, not sure as it shows me as one right now as well but it definitely used to even though I'm MR 28 or 29 can't even remember right now

My bad then, but even so, since I came back to this game I've realized that MR doesn't mean a lot anymore, back in my time, getting to MR 20 was a HUGE deal... now anyone can get to MR 25

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Can't help but notice that a few of the people really pushing for nerfs here are from Quasars. A Mountain Clan that's been in the top 5 since Tethra's Doom, and the top spot since Shadow Debt. Is it really balance you're worried about, or your leaderboard running streak?

Just let us little guys have our fun for once. The game is already easy for ya, why cry over more cheese?

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2 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:


Tenno the time has come for our comprehensive Dev Workshop on The Helminth System (formerly known as ‘Helminth Chrysalis System, we reduced the name length for ‘Mouth’feel)! This Dev Workshop is subject to change, but here is everything you need to know about THE HELMINTH!

We debuted this system at TennoCon 2020 - rewatch here:


The Helminth System is an expansion of the Helminth room on your Orbiter - you may only know this room as an infested space that allows you to remove the Helminth Cyst. With the ‘Heart of Deimos’ Update, that’s all changing. The Helminth system enables you to customize your Warframes by infusing new Abilities in place of existing Abilities.

How does it work?
To participate in the Helminth, you must obtain the ‘Helminth Segment’. This is acquired in the Heart of Deimos in the Entrati Syndicate and is then installed on your Orbiter in the Helminth Room to begin your Helminth journey!

Once ready, there are 2 key things this System offers:

- You can replace 1 Ability per Warframe.
- Every Warframe can be Subsumed to permanently provide 1 specific Ability to Helminth.

Who is this for?
We consider this a customization system for very experienced Warframe players (Mastery Rank 15 Prerequisite). We do not intend to let newer players unlock this system. We intentionally placed the Segment deep into progression to ensure only experienced players could access the Segment and begin their journey with Helminth.

What are Resources / Secretions?
Virtually every Resource you’ve ever earned can be fed to Helminth - your stockpiles have a new home! This Feeding creates SECRETIONS, which allow you to utilize the Helminth for Ability customization.
Helminth has a diverse appetite - make sure you feed Helminth Resources they want to eat to get the best Secretion results! Your choices on what you’ve fed Helminth will determine its willingness to reward secretions - change it up for best results!

Infused Abilities are removable with the click of a button - they will stay within a given Warframe as long as you decide you want it!

Subsuming a Warframe is permanent  - only Subsume Warframes you are sure you do not want to play with. You can always re-earn or re-buy a subsumed Warframe.


Do Configurations matter?
You can deeply customize by only replacing Abilities on certain Configurations, as seen in the Demo! But we would like to expand this further to demonstrate just how deep you can go.

You can have 1 different Ability infused PER config!

So if you have Excalibur in the chair - you could put Shock on Configuration A, Molt on Configuration B, and Firewalker on Configuration C!

For example, if you wanted Shock applied to Excalibur on Configuration A but wanted Configuration B and Configuration C to stay default with Slash Dash, you can do so!


What does Ranking Helminth do?
As you feed and use the Helminth system, you will rank up! Each Rank unlocks something different - from a new power, to more Subsume Slots (max Rank Helminth = unlimited Subsume Slots), make sure you progress through the Ranks by regularly Feeding Helminth, Subsuming, and Infusing your Warframes! 

What are the Helminth Abilities?
Helminth Provides unique abilities of their own - these are subject to change before launch, but here is the current list:


"Increase the power strength of your next ability."


"Imbue your weapons with ammo efficiency."


"Increase your sprint and parkour speed."


“Stun an enemy, next damage you deal to it, will be dealt to all enemies around it."


"Instantly restore shields."


"Your next hack will be automatic."


"Heal your companion and call it to your side."


"Hit enemies in a cone, affected enemies will have their Bleed and Toxin status removed and their remaining damage dealt in a burst."

What is Infusion?
Infusion is the process of injecting a Warframe with an Ability - whether it be one of Helminth’s own, or another Warframes. Every Warframe can receive 1 Infused ability at a time in any Ability slot (i.e you could place Shock on any of the 4 Ability slots). 


What is Subsuming? 
In addition to Helminth’s own Abilities, you can Subsume a Warframe to obtain 1 specific Ability permanently in Helminth’s memory (list below). We do not allow the Subsuming of any Prime Warframes, but you can Infuse Abilities on Prime Warframes! 

Subsuming is the act of permanently providing a base Warframe into the Helminth’s biology. 1 Warframe can be subsumed every 23 hours. The Warframe can be any Rank. 

What Abilities are earned on Subsuming a Warframe?

The following table outlines the current Ability a given Warframe will provide on the Subsume action. This is subject to change before launch. 







Seeking Shuriken




Ore Gaze

We will not create Rubble.



Savage Silence




Endless Lullaby



Elemental Ward

Everlasting Ward



Fire Blast

Healing Flame



Rest & Rage

Calm & Frenzy

We will use Rest or Rage depending on your Energy Colour. 


Radial Blind

Radiant Finish



Ice Wave

Ice Wave Impede







Blood Altar




Thermal Sunder






Keeps the heal and give Nourish Strike only. 







Blazing Pillage

Drains 50 Energy instead of 50 Shield. 


Tempest Barrage

Corroding Barrage




Desiccation’s Curse




Empowered Quiver

Tap Cloak, Hold Noise. Augment only affects Cloak and Dashwire. 







Rift Haven

Base Ability Change: Add ‘Cancel ability on Hold’ to let enemies out of Rift. 



Savior Decoy




Greedy Pull



Shooting Gallery

Muzzle Flash




Total Eclipse




Creeping Terrify



Fire Walker

Pyroclastic Flow




Larva Burst



Null Star

Neutron Star



Mind Control

Mind Freak




Smite Infusion












Blinding Reave




Piercing Roar




Regen Molt




Spellbound Harvest



Well Of Life

Pool of Life

Base Ability Buffed - Now does small amount of heal over time over a large range. If you hit the enemy, a % of the damage dealt gets converted into AoE heal. 



Eternal War



Tesla Nervos

Tesla Bank




Shock Trooper



Breach Surge








Xata’s Whisper 






Base Ability Buffed - now has a HOLD or TAP functionality. HOLD to receive original functionality. TAP to suck enemies in a wind Vortex. 

What are my safeguards?

Since you can remove an Ability at any time with the click of a button, you’ll be able to safely experiment with many creative combinations.

For example, if you replace Grendel’s ‘1’, your kit doesn’t really work! If you change around or re-assign Abilities already assigned to Railjack Tactical use, you simply may not have one, or have a new one in its place! If you put Hildryn’s PIllage on Inaros, you don’t get Shields, but you do get diminished Armor/Shields on enemies on cast.

It’s all up to you - have fun experimenting, Tenno!

What about Damage buffing Abilities?

As you can see, we have two Abilities that increase damage: Mirage’s Eclipse, and Rhino’s Roar. We are creating a special case for these Abilities when infused on Warframes with similar Abilities (i.e Chroma, Mirage, Rhino, Octavia). When you infuse these, you will receive a prompt that you can only have 1 Damage Buffing ability at a time, and thus you are limited to replacing said ability type. Which is to say - Damage Buffing abilities can only be swapped with Damage Buffing Abilities on Warframes that already have them. However, that limitation does not apply to the other 30+ Warframes. 


What exactly is going on here with the Warframe Subsuming?

Warframes that are Subsumed join the Helminth in an eternal bond. They will live on in a Lotus flower that matches the colours of the Subsumed Warframe, as a permanent honor. See below for an example of the Helminth garden after 5 Subsumes:


  Hide contents


Is ‘Helminth’ a permanent name?

Don’t like it? You can rename your Helminth at any time!

Is Helminth a Cat or Dog ‘Person’?

Well, you’ll find out… 


Thank you very much for reading our Dev Workshop on the upcoming Helminth Feature - see you in game on August 25 on all platforms!  


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36 minutes ago, n.ull. said:

First of all you already named 4 fairly good choices showing that not everyone will run around with the same frame and I bet that while there will be a meta for sure with some combination that are technically the best, many other people will run around with so many other combinations just bc they rather want to have fun then anything else. I for one will not run any of these combinations, except maybe an eclipse build on my nezha, but only bc I really like the affect the ability has on your frame. 

No buddy your wrong, im playing this game on PS4 and oh my God everyone running Bramma with Nukor and Kronen. That means they just want to be OVERPOWERED and with this new system that kind of poeple Will be running the skill that i just mention becasue in fact Mirage Eclipse and Rhino Roar gonna be the most used skill from helmint follow by saryn molt and the last wukong defy, and yes i play this game for fun i will try combination like ember with nezha firewalker or Rhino Roar on my volt and mesa or Eclipse on my nezha u know nezha damage reduction with Eclipse damage reduction ohh its so fun, it is fun but it just broken and many people say this game already broken why u guys keep b1tching this new system. The thing is for me this game are not broken but with this, this game will be broken. My point is im tired seeing people use Bramma Nukor Kronen every damn time and with this they Will choose some durable frame like nezha or Rhino or harrow and then combine it with either Mirage Eclipse or Saryn Molt ( only work with augment) .... ITS gonna be MOREEEE BOOOORIIIIINGGGGG oh and the worst part everyone tridolon Will use Mirage Eclipse because at night it Will constant 95% damage reduction. Or volt with Rhino Roar that makes rubico one shot without proper modding. 

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Look firstly I will say this, Warframe is a power fantasy PVE game, the reason we love it so much lies in that.

No offense but sometimes things has to be said.This will probably be my first and last comment on this forum so bear with me. 

We love the game because it's fun and unique, we love to customize so much, we love to color it our way. With this update we can delve deeper in that aspect and enjoy it. 

To those who seems to be complaining about it, I will say this, this is Warframe, not some battle royale or PVP game out there, we play this to have fun and enjoy the time, we don't play it because of it's "realism" not everything has to be set in rules and stated "BALANCE" let us have fun creating our own sci-fi character that can mow down hundreds of enemies. That is warframe, 

Also it isn't even fully out and final yet, there will be more future changes and patches. 

Again emphasizing on it's core function, we play warframe to kill thousands, not a few hand counted enemies. I am actually glad for this update to be honest, Now I know my 6K hours in this game is not going to waste now that even base frames have meaning. 

to address another thing, let's form a scenario.

Let's take a buff ability - Roar. Let's take a tank -Inaros 

Now Inaros can have roar along with it's high health and adaptation build to survive for a long time. 

So that so called Roaring Inaros pops up in a random public gameplay, or arbitration . What happens? he roars-

Which part of that is bad for game? Unlike before, now some inaros can also actively help more people in squad. (no offense again to inaros mains, I love inaros too but sometimes me and my friends encounter strict tank inaros who just afks or does little to help the team) So yeah, frames are more powerful now, maybe roar will even get nerfed when used on other frames later, But you get the idea, none of the changes actively dont hinder anyone at all except it makes the game fun and easier while giving us things to do. 

Last emphasis on WF being a SCi-fi game where most people love having more power and diversity. So it's better to see how things roll out before calling for nerfs and all that. This is not PVP.

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3 minutes ago, (XB1)MetalxPhoenix said:

Rendered Rhino and Valkyr redundant as well.

I disagree.

Valkyr with Roar would be pretty fun

Rhino with shock would also be really fun (roar + extra shock damage) if they allow the combo

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2 hours ago, --Q--Candy said:

This is incorrect. You have stuff like Volt - Shock there. With the Augment this is a crazy Ability to increase dmg. Can we get a limitation there too?

Shuriken + Seekign Shuriken = Remove Armor from all enemies... Now even grineer are a joke like all other factions.
Rest & Rage = Now you can bee your own Sleep Equinox to power level / fokus farm.
Nourish = Extremly strong toxin buff. The quote from above applies here.
Smite + Smite Infusion = Same thing as the Quote applies here and it even has scaling dmg...
Dispensary = Endless Energy for all Warframes.... This doesnt seem broken at all...

This system needs Heavy Nerfs and active maintenance.This has the potential to kill the balance in this game forever. If it will be relased like this and wont get balanced very often you can say goodbye to all sorts of Balance in this game.
I hope that you will do something about this, else we can say goodbye to ever have any challenge in this game.


(Shutout to the comment from --Q--FSK41 a few posts down. This System will kill everything)

dunno about that

have you considered

-steel path

-endurance runs

-game already is "balanced" that way



what will kill the game is all this work and potential being wasted and not engaging to interact with.


but i understand these concerns and Balance should always be pursued.


... not nerfs tho plz  ;-;

(like, it's not even out yet)


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