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Derelict Shift: Update 28.3.0

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Lazy to report and it's also not too important to fix right now (in my royal opinion):

- Kuva Ayanga projectiles collide with the camera view (camera changes the angle like we are close to a wall), with themselves and with a Warframe, dealing damage to myself;
- K-Drives can drop you off when you spawn them or attempt to get on them, happens quite a lot to me. This is not a keyboard or any other input issue;
- Protea's shield grenades are too bright. Effect brightness settings are not a solution since all other abilities look perfect;
- Protea grenade casting animation should not make her jump, it just messes with our aim and often grenades can hit the ceiling, the sentinel and other obstacles because of that;
- Spoiler Demons can't dash when standing and aiming below 90 degrees, it just glues them to the floor and wastes their energy without applying focus school effects (heal, stun, energy field etc);
- Grineer Drone from Plains of Eidolon bounties can take infinite amount of Protea's shield grenades, stacking its regeneration rate;
- Grineer armor can still scale with levels, while it should be percentage based without scaling

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I'm unable to sell Nav beacons

I also noticed that i joined a mission WAY to fast. I often leave squads nearly instantly so that i can select the same node but this time as a host (which is a good thing because i am a reliable one), but i joined the mission so fast that i was unable to back out, is this intentional?

Am i going to endure missions as a client now? because that's very anoying as certain mechanics only work as the host, for example, breaking the sentient glass in jupiter corpus research rooms, if i'm the client, i can't retrieve more rewards from the mission, because only the host can do it.

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- Cleaned up Melee grip FX across all Prime, Syndicate, Prisma, etc. weapons.

it is good, but i am still holding my zaw staves and polearms with equipped skins on 'em turned 90 degrees when i am in a mission. So it feels like i am slapping enemies, not cuttin them

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Names half readable (darker outline? / extend the background up like in the expanded view? add option in options to make expanded view default view?)



This happens when opening fashion link while on the mission results (no crash - can exit fine)


..and when opening a build from chat



-  STILL no mission name/location on the end screen

- "medals" not there on "view last mission results"

- importance/name/type filter not preserved 


And curious: How is this "ordered by importance" (which is highly subjective to begin with?)


IF you do this imo this should be something per mission type:

fissure: fissure rewards > void traces > rest

kuva siphons: kuva > rest


Maybe a nice screen in options to order it on personal basis? maybe? please? :P





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5 minutes ago, MoonlightWraith said:

thank you i was still hoping for shooting on K-drives though wait for 25th i suppose lol.

K-Drive shooting functionality will come with Heart of Deimos - needed some more polish!

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hace 47 minutos, [DE]Megan dijo:

Well of Life also no longer increases the Health of the target (this was an old solution to prevent other players from killing the target too fast). Instead it now uses a more modern approach similar to Nyx’s Mind Control where the Damage gets stored and dealt at the end of the Ability

wow ,so you guys know that mind control of nyx actually exists? this is amazing

hace 48 minutos, [DE]Megan dijo:

General Warframe Ability Changes:

  • Increased the Cold Status Effects from 1 to 6 for these Frost Abilities (which brings it back to pre-Status Changes): 
    • Freeze (Area of Effect)
    • Ice Wave (slow) 
    • Avalanche (slow)
  • Ivara’s Artemis Bow now has 20% Status Chance per projectile. Also slightly tweaked how Status Chance and Multishot are displayed in Arsenal stats.
  • Made Loki's decoy more visible with darker Energy colors and will now use secondary Energy colors.
  • Tweaked Mag's Greedy Pull to pull over 0.75 seconds (down from 1.0).
  • Wukong’s Iron Staff now has a 100% Damage block.
    • All melee weapons are intended to have perfect blocking after Melee 3.0, Wukong’s staff just slipped through the cracks.

and you completely forgot about her 1º ability in less than a 2 seconds neat

how about if for the next update you remember than her 1º ability it's completely useless dealing any kind of damage with any kind of target you control and then buff that to a point we don't have to wait in a comfy chair until our mind control target kills something.

and please don't tell me it's supposed to be CC because, why should i control 1 enemy to reduce the agro on me when you have chaos?  

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9 minutes ago, Diableedies said:

Relic missions will not end.  Everyone makes it to the evac and nothing happens.

Prime/forma selection screen in relic cracking missions hangs with nothing showing up.

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Might just be a stupid suggestion, but now that u changed some stuff about the limbo Limina skin, Is there a possibillity to make the Cloth parts on his arms toggleable, I've liked the skin since it came out, but have almost always dequiped it instantly because those parts block so much of your vision

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