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(SWITCH) Heart of Deimos: Update 29 Status: Live!

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1 hour ago, Andrehandro said:

I assume there is no coincidende there is a hotfix coming along this time as well?

According to this Monday's stream, hotfixes are content changes that do not touch the code (and therefore do not require cert) - that's not something Nintendo cares about in any way, shape or form. They do impact gameplay (would be nice not to fall through Plains of Eidolon whenever you're not the host...), but they would not impact the Cert process.

There are indeed questions (and serious ones) about how DE handles certain things, but piling on for everything that happens is not useful.

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En 12/8/2020 a las 20:41, [DE]Danielle dijo:

Heart of Deimos: Update 29 has officially passed Cert and will be launching tomorrow, Thursday, August 27th around 11 AM ET! You will be visited by Red Text to start the countdown to Deimos. Learn more about the update here: https://www.warframe.com/deimos

The hotfixes that have been released since PC, PS4, and XB1 launched on Tuesday will also be included in tomorrow's launch. So our Nintenno can enjoy the fixed bugs and changes made alongside the rest of the community! 

Also a reminder that the size of the Heart of Deimos update will bring Warframe over the base memory allowance on Nintendo Switch. More details on that are available below. 

See you tomorrow, Tenno! Mother is excited to meet you. 

Im gonna cry!!!

 Animated GIF

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53 минуты назад, (NSW)Coyce сказал:

so i am going to have to put up with the customer support to claim my 30+ prex cards? 

am i supposed to open a ticket for every single one too?

this debacle really killed every bit of excitement i had for HoD so far. big sad

Nope, you need to open only one ticket.

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15 hours ago, (NSW)Nadlug said:

Where and when have they ever said that? From what I've seen they have always dodged around or ignored that question every time its brought up on stream.

Then again they've always dodged around the question of the hydroid prime trailer and thats a thing now.

Not calling you a liar just asking for your source, as I have yet to see or hear about a definitive  “we are doing this” from DE


Dev streams and interviews etc. I can't find the 'path to cross save' quote anymore but what they've told us is that there is no capacity to deliver it right now for a myriad of reasons, but it is a feature they want and are actively pursuing the means to deliver it. Until they iron out the various issues there isn't much they can tell us other than that. There is one thing they are absolutely clear on though: patching as they have done for years now is one of those issues. PC gets mainlines ASAP and consoles get it after. Heart of Deimos is the first time they've even attempted to remedy this. Almost worked, but they'll need to do better.

What I was trying to get across is it isn't a lack of will on their part where we still need to 'ask nicely', they've heard us and we're waiting on them to get the organizational and technical capability to do it. If anything, the complaints about the delay are more helpful, because their ability to sync major mainline updates across platforms is extremely significant if we want cross save.

15 hours ago, (NSW)ohgodzilla said:

Earlier in the year it came up a few times. We heard that there was a report being done on it, then that there was one person working on it. Since then we haven't heard much. It gets addressed almost every stream now though, and the response is always "We hear you, we want to do it, but we have nothing to talk about right now". A few weeks ago (I believe in the last devstream before tennocon) we heard that "there wasn't a lot of code written to support it yet". So take that how you will. 

Yeah, there is barely any information except these sorts of answers, unfortunately. But, they've been pretty clear that they do actually want it so we're well beyond giving them the idea.

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I don't see anything about fixing the backwards shields issue and at least on PS4 its still broken, is there anyone paying attention to the bug reporting part of the forum its been 4 updates with the same bug.

I don't see any fix to the backward shields bug and its been 4 updates with the same bug and its been reported on the forums of different platforms.

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