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Dear Corpus


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Ruk's bubble bullet shield.

All of your men simply shooting themselves in the faces.

You cannot argue with the semi-transparent sphere.


A mere legion of Ruks would be enough to decimate every Corpus unit you could care to name.

Long live the grineer.

Long live semi-transparent spheres.


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I'm probably gonna side with the Grineer. Their power is not imaginary..they are STRONK.

I can't see how degenerating clones can beat robots, and mechas... One time I was on a Grineer ship and suddenly Corpus were invading... it was the most brutal battle I have ever seen between the two. The Corpus decimated them in seconds with such brutal tactics I watched the whole thing as a Loki... It was awesome...

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Clones? You mean like in this movie?



The clone army was NEW clones... The Grineer are overcloned clones... And remember if you read the books you would know the lastest batch of clones near the end of the war were starting to degenerate some came out looking like gruesome hunchbacks that made you quite welcoming of the hunchback of Notredame...

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