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Derelict Shift: Hotfix 28.3.2

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Derelict Shift: Hotfix 28.3.2


Nightwave: The Glassmaker: Episode 4 is now live!
Enter the Cephalon Weave to investigate the latest crime-simula and put a stop to the Glassmaker.


  • Removed more unreleased Companions from the Codex.
  • Added music to the End of Mission screen!


  • Made some systemic micro-optimizations to the script runtime.


  • Fixed timer/enemies not spawning in The Deadlock Protocol Quest Granum Void.
  • Fixed a script error resulting in a loss of functionality when attempting to rename a Zaw.
  • Fixed a crash when adding a new Camera in Captura. 
  • Fixed inability to see other players loadouts when hovering over the players Glyph in the End of Mission/Mission Progress screens.
  • Fixed Nightwave Episode 4 Weave clues not being localized for certain languages.
  • Fixed the Helminth not having any collision (and apparently a poor dental plan).
  • Fixed some invalid characters when renaming the Railjack in different languages. 
  • Fixed the Steel Path Booster Inbox message not including the ‘3-Day’ duration indication.
  • Fixed the Tutorial having unnecessary Pause Menu options.
  • Fixed script error that would occur if you hovered over your Heavy Weapon in the Arsenal after entering it as Wukong.
  • Fixed a script error when renaming Loadouts.
  • Fixed a script error when firing the Cestra.
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Fixed the Helminth not having any collision (and apparently a poor dental plan).


This was the only reason I was able to recover some of my decorations that were previously in the spot where Helminth is now.  I hope you've accounted for that. Think of the Noggles!

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