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Corpus Zanuka Project?


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in the posted transmission Alad V has some "Zanuka" plan prepared that involves captured Tenno. What do you think it is?

You wanna know what I think it is?

Derf-got-damned-Anyo. It has to be. Think about it. Taking tenno powers, putting them into Nef's bumbling, comic-relief incarnate son Derf? It's so perfect I want to cry.


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Even though it has nothing to do with the topic I am quoting this Gif due to its majesty.



Also, DERF ANYO 2013


That is the best thing I have ever seen in my life. Ever.


this is one of the most majestic gif I have seen in my life.

that lol moment...when you post a unrelated gift and you somehow got higher up-vote then the threat itself

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