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Tutorial Continuity + Shrine Of The Lotus


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I know tutorial is  lacking some info for players + I saw the live stream (16) which talked about this and plans to fix it 

Here are some thoughts that might aid in resolving its depth. (Bare with me, ill try not to bore)



As a newly awoken Tenno, you find yourself in a different era with new elements . 

Yet you are not alone. Your own kin , the tenno , that were beside you when you awoke are beside you once again, in bringing you up to date with recent standings in the solar system. 

You find yourself in a clan corridor leading up to room , beside you the 3 are silent . Yet Frost stops and puts his hand on your shoulder, stoping you as well. Words seem unnecessary and with a calm movement of his head indacates the room as if telling you that you alone must proceed, and meet the Lotus .

The doors opens, and for a second you turn back, gazing the stance of the 3, as they are proudly behind you in your journey into the light.

From the very first step taken a voice welcomes you. Kindly introducing herself and congratulating you for getting here, urging you to sit. 

She reminds the porpoise of the tenno. Briefly who they were , who they are and what there role is to be in this universe. How tenno work in groups up to 4 so that they can do various different missions, and lastly that they meet in dojo, a home that can be built by each.

Mentioning as well the variety that the tenno have , showcasing a few, and some of their abilities used in combat. 

Yet with all the power and variety the tenno posses , it is necessary, both for the system,  and the threats it houses. 

The grineer are introduced , What they are , Capt. Vor and his role. Briefly giving you a taste that more is to come from them. Then the Corpus come in, for the tennos have many enemyes and none are as money driven as the Corpus. their ideology their advancements are shown in contrast . 

Lastly the System has 1 more foe. The dreaded Infested , enemy not only to the tenno but to the corpus and grineer as well. 

To combat them the Lotus informs you that you must be able to do more then aim and slice. You must be skilled in mobility as well. You must learn the art of the tenno

- An obsticale course appears in front of you prompting you to pass through various tests involving wall runs, climbing, sliding , various combos involving jumping and methods such as slide attacks to help you take advantage of melee weapons. 

Completing them the Lotus is opening your eyes to a taste of the Tennos agility.... For abilities are not the only arsenal the Tenno posses. Agility , Powers, Weapons, Skill and Duty have all a place for the Tenno. 

Which will define you ? 

The door opens behind you and you are promted to procced, and continue in your stepts in the world and master the Warframe.

As you stand and take a few steps towards the exit the Lotus leaves you with a few words: 

"Space is vast Tenno. Both in threats and in mystery." 


In short : 

- idea to use a dojo corridor and a room as the setting for the 2nd tutorial hosted by the Lotus voice

- Lotus : Brief introduction to lore .Informs you about tenno variaty and skill (giving you hints about the diversity of the frames). Briefly showcases the threats of the solar system ,Grineer, Corpus, Infested( giving you a taste that there are more then 1, since you only met the grineer in combat). Little info if given (urging you to explore

- Obstacle course appears 

- Tutorial on the maneuvers 

- Lotus mystery (hinting that this is not all there is and that more will come)



Also was thinking that you could build a Shrine for the Lotus in the dojo. 

- Where you can replay the tutorial

- Keep track of events

- See the latest Lotus intel. 

- Get clan related objectives (???)

- Shrine being a possible objective for clan invasion (???)


(Personal Notes)

1. Current tutorial is action packed but gives the feeling that your not that connected to the lotus and the cause, only that you are hunted 

Having a second, more advanced, where the Tenno take you to your own faction would make sense. IT also helps the lore and the maneuvers it lacks, making you a true space ninja. 

2. While writing this i wanted to add after "What they are, Capt. Vor and his role"(Yuikami's role as well) search forum if you dont know her work.  

3. At the end where the Lotus leaves you with a few words .... REALLY wanted to write . "Things just got interesting ....Additional objetive time :P " 


Thoughts and ideas are appreciated, Thank you for your time.

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i think that if they start it of the same way as now but that once you chose your warframe it goes in second part for more advanced controls would be better since it would keep current trailer perfectly working in story AND would let them not have to redo everything. so my opinion is there should actually be a second chapter to tutorial after we have to choose our starting warframe

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