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Death Mag Crush Of First Phase Of Lephantis


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i have this bug when play solo for Lephantis.




after dying while using crush makes one of his head stay like this. i cant attack him and his crater stayed too long too.




i was able to kill 2 head before fighting corpus. i do not know what to do at start, before using another crush to make him move again.

i think this is an exploit for lephantis in first phase. my friend see it too.


but then after phase 2, i lost against lephantis. t-t

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Apparently, if Mag uses Crush and dies while enemy stasis time during the first phase, the nearby heads of Lephantis remain in stasis almost permanently, which grants the remaining heads unprotected as if they were fought individually.


If timed even correctly, this would more likely become a real exploit, as the heads would remain in stasis with their mouths wide open. Which could also be the case that Lephantis in the second phase will receive the same effects.


I'm certain that Lephantis also unfreezes by another crush. Since I tested her out myself. :l

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