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Mastery Rank 28 Test Cannister Bug

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This is a rather specific bug in a far off mission so not many have encountered it. The test of MR28 consists of throwing cannisters that have an expiration date at invulnerable enemies to make them vulnerable and kill a specific number of them. Albeit the mission is very reasonably hard with it's tight times and far away places for the cannisters to spawn, there is a odd problem that happens when it's time to throw one.

Sometimes the caught cannister refuses to be thrown when the secondary shot key is pressed. At the same time this happens, the tip that appears saying along the lines of "Press G (my chosen secondary key in this case) to throw the cannister." changes to "Press /Secondary Fire to throw the cannister", like the game has a memory lapse on your chosen key. At first, I thought it was a problem with the melee weapon used, since the warframe does not throw the cannister if you are holding a heavy blade, like Paracesis or War (yet another bug I believe), so I changed the weapon to an Orthos Prime, but still the test at times doesn't recognize the secondary fire sometimes and others, it does.

The part that really makes it a problem is that each cannister is very valuable towards racking up kills and having it glued to your hand while you are desperately trying to position yourself to get the most enemies together with a ticking clock on the cannister probably dissapearing from your hand makes for an extremelly S#&$ty experience. Practice also does not help since the problem happens without a pattern and whenever you finally try, being able to solve the test many times in practice, the actual try goes awry because of a freaking bug.

Another thing I'm not sure if it's a bug or not is that, if you press the secondary fire repeatedly (out of haste for the ticking clock), instead of just initiating the throwing animation the first time and be done with it, the warframe restarts the animation for each time the secondary fire key is pressed, making the frame stutter to throw the cannister, losing precious seconds. Of course, maybe it's intentional that this happens, to punish fumbling players, but just saying so it's known.

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It is getting to where I need anger management with this bug ridden test.

I have had canisters simply vanish as I pick them up and no the timer had not run out. I also have had the issue of not being able to throw the canister and also that if I am successful in throwing I had an issue in one failed test where the canisters were just whizzing off to infinity at least 3 times. NO it was not a bad throw, simply aimed at a group of critters and the canister just passed straight through and onwards into the void.

This is simply a joke as they find time to make things pretty but the last thread about this test was locked/closed even though the issues still persist. Getting to a point where it is maybe time to look elsewhere for enjoyment as this is just a daily dose of self inflicted masochism.

When everything has been done in the game progression is the only avenue open to feeling satisfied that one actually achieved something. Bugs like this just make people quit all together.


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