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Bulk Sell Feature Mishap


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More of a learning experience, was just groggily scrolling through my weapons to see what I should sell not realizing I actually selected a few to potentially bulk sell.  Ended up selling my level 30 Galatine and Hikou along with the paris I wanted to sell.  No warning about mods on weapons (like it used to), or that you were bulk selling.  


Don't expect anything to come from this post, just felt like I needed to vent a bit before I remade them =/.  Maybe in the future show the user this is about to happen (ie swap 'Sell' w/ 'Bulk sell').


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Yeah, I recently did that, contact support and they'll get them back to you. Only took me one day.

make sure to avoid any extra account activity in the meantime though, don't go crafting and selling more stuff. 


account history is tracked, so if you don't do anything else, Support is pretty good about fixing those sort of problems.

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Correct me, if I'm wrong - but doesn't it ask you "Do you really want to sell $item1, $item2, $item3 for $credits?"

IIRC it doesn't name the items specifically. Just a generic "are you sure". Then again, it's been a while since I sold something, and I tune the message out anyways.


Would I still get the mastery level if I re-leveled them up?


Nope. Only first time gives mastery.

Up until you reach the level you left off at. It starts giving mastery again after that.



I'll buy it at a high price.RE4_Merchant_Concept_zps26067672.png

Darvo is the merchant! =OOOO

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