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Seer Pistol [Suggestions]


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Weapon Type Secondary
Trigger Type Semi-Auto
Projectile Speed 200
Damage Type Bullet
Damage 85.0
Firing Rate 2 shots/sec
Accuracy 16
Clip 8 rounds/clip
Reload Time 3s
Conclave Rating 10


The Seer Pistol is an easily attainable pistol in the first few levels of your Warframe. The blue print, barrel and receiver can be obtained from killing Captain Vor. 


[My Thoughts]


I thought this pistol would be better than it actually is. I've leveled it up (Level 15) and I would think by that point it would start to get better. However despite using some damage mods it still seems to be lacking something. Additionally the accuracy on this gun is not the greatest even though I take my time with my shots. Lastly I believe the biggest problem of all would be the fire rate of this gun. If anything could be changed about this gun to make it drastically better I think the fire rate would be a great place to start. 




Instead of a semi-automatic action how about the Dev team either fully changes or gives the option to have a burst-fire system. This way you could adhere to various play styles satisfying players on both spectrum. The base damage would stay the same (as long as they aimed in the chest area) and each shot would be worth  28.3 (x) 3 (three being the burst-fire mode which would equal the base damage of 85 in the semi-automatic action version).


[Concluding Thoughts]


I'd like to stress these are just my thoughts. Nothing that I say is concrete and I'd love to talk about ideas with anyone who would like to talk about it. 

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As for the specific mechanics you've come up with, they're too close to the Ballistica. Like, identical to the Ballistica.


You've hit the nail on the head there. That's exactly what I was thinking when I wrote it. It's just an idea, provides another option right?

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They just need to add a small AoE as suggested by the animation. that can help make up for its lackluster performance. In any case, it's a trophy for newbies, I dunno if it was intended to be taken anywhere past Venus

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It's a sniper pistol, not a burst fire one.


The reason it sucks at level 15 is because it has no polarities.


Add Lethal Torrent, Multishot, Hornet as well as a recoil reducer and a stunning speed mod, and tell me what you think then.


I've added some of these and the performance of the item has increased very much so. 


I still think the item is missing something though.

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Wait until armor 2.0 before wanting things changed anyway. With the trade-off in damage for armour piercing and the one base or combined element at a time thing, Seer's high impact damage is going to make it the single best pistol against high hp soft-targets in the game.

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Warframe got its own w40k bolt pistol(scoped version but whatever) and you want to change it?? You gonna burn in the name of the Emperor heretic.

But seriously only thing which i dont like is huge zoom.


Holy hell I never noticed it until you said something.


Brb, going Saryn and equipping Synapse, Seer and Dual Ichor and killing Grineer and Corpus (but not infested) in Nurgles name.

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This is my build. Use 3 forma Base damage 816


Max Hornet strike

Max Icestrom

Max No return

Max Heat charged

Max Barrel diffusion

Max Lethal torrent 

Max Quickdraw

Max Thick Mag

Hm, not a bad build for 3 forma.

My build has:


Hornet Strike 7

No Return Max

Barrel Diffusion Max

Gunslinger Max

Lethal Torrent Max

Magnum Force 5

Ice Storm Max

Quickdraw 4


503 damage


Anyways, you can't get a good grasp of how a weapon is unless you've reached 30 with it, especially if it doesn't have polarities.  A lot of people say the Dera and the Supra aren't good weapons (suck, more specifically), and many say the same with the Seer as well.  It is not good out of the box, but if you give it enough love it is a pretty good secondary if you are sick of throwing weapons.  If there is a downside to this weapon it is that at higher levels the lack of armor negating damage will show itself.

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