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Revenant Alt helm, help wanted to finish

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So I love Revenant, but it seems like tennogen doesn't because he still has barely anything to his name. I downloaded the Zbrush trial in effort to try making a helmet for him (my only previous digital skill being in the paint program- dumb attempt trying to move from that to zbrush, I know). But ultimately I sculpted a helmet that I kinda like. Sadly my trial is just about over with and the technical parts following the sculpting aspect (reptopology, UVing, ect) confuse the hell outta me and also are seemingly impossible with my deployment in the military fast approaching for me. Attempting to reach out to see if anyone else likes the concept I started up and cares to finish it? You'd obviously have free range and I personally don't care for any mention of credit. Just would simply like to see this, or a better rendering, in game if possible. If no one replies then oh well, I shot my shot at very least by trying to be a part of this great game.


.Here's what it looks like- https://imgur.com/gallery/UunZEIf

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