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[Story] Last Entry Of An Ancient Journal Of A Tenno Scientist


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I may still have some time left. And having nothing else to do, I have decided to record my thoughts, in these last hours of my life.

I guess I have had a good life. Good parents that had given me good upbringing, a loving wife and 2 children. I shuld have nothing to complain about, had they still been alive...

I need a change of topic.

As a scientist, I also have the fortune and the pride, of having participated in the three greatest achievements that the Tenno has made our own, from the ancient Orokin technology.

The First, is the creation of the Oracles, the Sisters of Fate, which has grown to become an integral part of our society. Some article a while claimed that it has accelerated the progress of our society for at least 200 years. I am skeptical of that figures, which sounded more like a polictical catch phrase, but I cannot deny the Oracles' great influence and the great changes brought about for the last 30 years. And though I had been but a fresh student researcher when they went online, I can at last claimed that I was involved, no matter how slightly, in their creation.

The Second is the restoration of the great Orokin fortress that can hide in self-generated pockets of space-time, known as the Citadel. We have completely decoded the anicent way of generating the space-time "folds", and I am proud to be one of those who was involved in the development of the operating systems for the massive quantumn computers that were required to compute and control the other hardware to achieve space-time folds which are accurate and stable enough to be used.

The Third, is the replication of the amazing orokin blend of bio and nano technology, the Exo-armor Calibration System, or what our fellow researchers nicknamed, the "Excalibur". And though we did not create this techonology ourselves, being able to replicate the almost miraculous control and coordination of the living alien bio-samples with non-organic techonology makes it an achievement no lesser than the other two.

But it seems ironic, like Fate herselves jesting (pardon the poor attempts at humor on an inappropriate subject), that our first great creation turned against us, our second has abandoned us (stolen by a dissenter group of cowards), and all that is left to protect us, is our third and last creation.

The latest news continued to paint a bleak picutre. Clotho has completely taken over the cloning vats, violated almost every one of our cloning laws and is now mass cloning brainwashed children of our blood and marching them against us. To add salt to the wound, Atrophos, who was in charge of most of our weapon plants, has begun mass producing the weapons and armor to arm the clones. It is perhaps our last fortune that the last Sister, Lachesis did not join in the rebellion. Perhaps it was due to her involvement over our society and education that gave her better understanding of our minds and emotions, which has led her to evolve differently from her Sisters. Lachesis tried to communicate with her Sisters, but Clotho and Atrophos were convinced that they are doing what they believed to be for the good of our people and the entire System and as designated Lachesis along with the rest of us who did not leave with the Citadel, as "betrayers".

Our warriors, have fought bravely. They have tested and proven our last creation, the Excalibur, which was ironically perfected under these hopeless conditions. But the odds were against us. One of our warrior could perhaps take on 1000 of the clones with strength and tactics, but there is little that he or she can do against 10,000 of them from the front. Though the advances of the enemies seemed to have been slowed, they are not stopped. And our warriors are dying faster than we could replace them.

We are losing.

We are doomed.

But though it is too late to save us, it may not be too late to save the Tenno. We have placed our youngest and brightest among into cryogenic sleep upon the Ark prototypes, which remained from Citadel's research and construction. We have placed what we could of our studies of Orokin Techonology, along with our crowning achievement, the Excalibur, beside our children's sleeping beds as our last parting gifts. And we have moved Lachesis's core systems onto the most secure one of them and have changed her directives, towards the protection and survival of the last of our heritage. From now on, her codename will be: Last Oracle for Tenno's Ultimate Survival. And we have made her remember the the sins of her former sisters, and the cowards who escaped in the Citadel, who now seem to run themselves like a corporation. We could only place the last hopes on our children to stop them, in perhaps the far future.

The Arks have been gone for some time now, and the clones will be break through our weakened defenses soon. Despite my continued objections, the Council has opted to unleash the unknown 'weapon' we kept contained below this very facility, which was recovered from Orokin sites, as a last attempt for our own survival. In the face of the imminent dangers, they have turned a blind eye to the severe warnings that were decoded from the Orokin documents found alongside the containers. Let us only pray that we do not release a greater danger to our children, than the ones we had created and is now before us.

Lastly, though we have our faults and have committed many sins, I am proud to have served in the Tenno Clans, and may the spirits of our ancestors watch over us, and our sleeping children will awaken to one day forgive us.

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