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Add Specialize Mod Slot For Warframe + Weapons.


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There are so much warframe mods that we aren't even using because we don't have enough space.

Such as Antitoxin, etc.


If the specialized slot is polarized it should reduce the point by 3x instead of 2x. Some warframe comes with it polarized like Aura slot. Specialized slot makes your warframe have a more specific use against certain elements, and weapons for a certain setting.


Here are a list of mods that should become specialized mods. These are mods we don't even use due the new "corrupt mods" and lack of slots. My Strun Wraith has no space for any element mods because of the new Vicious Spread mod.


Warframe Specialized mods:


Note: Specialized mods can also be put on normal slot, but it isn't reduced by 3x which would cost more points.

Specialized mods are restricted to certain mods for a specific warframe build.


- Antitoxin(Warframe specialized to resist to poison)


- Acrobat (Warframe can get to greater heights)


- Diamond Skin (Warframe more resistant to laser)


- Enemy Sense (Warframe becomes a radar guide)

So basically you have a choice to put on Aura slot (Enemy Radar) or the Specialized slot (Enemy Sense).


- HandSpring (If your on a rush or playing Survival, multiple knockdowns)


- Insulation (Warframe specialized against Ice)


- Flame Repellent (Specialized against fire)


- Shock Absorbers (Great for Rhino, if Iron Skin is off)


- Retribution (specialized to deflect damage)


- Undying Will (Survive longer to be revived)


- Warm Coat (More immune to shield reduction)


- Parry


- Lightning Rod


- Provoked (more damage, more likely to be saved, unless your teammate is slow then go for Undying Will)


Weapons Specialized mods:


 Note: Corrupt mods are not in the list, neither is nightmare because of two stats.


Rifle mods

- Ammo Drum

- Eagle Eye

- Hush

- Charged Chamber

- Primed Chamber

- Magazine Warp

- Stabilizer

- Fast Hands

- Thunderclap

- All the "Bane" mods


Shotgun mods

- Ammo Stock

- Shell Compression

- Tactical Pump

- Crowd Control

- All "Cleanse" mods


Pistol Mods

- Hawk Eye

- Quick draw

- Slip magazine

- Steady Hands

- Stopping Power

- Suppress

- Trick Mag

- All "Expel" Mods


Melee mods

- Melee Channel

- Finishing Touch

- Reach (Note: Ran out of mod slot for Amphis when trying to decide to put this on)

- Quick Return

- Rebound

- Second Wind

- Staggering Force

- All "Smite" mods

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I dont like adding extra mod slots. Instead, the useless mods should be made worth using and/or missions should provide specific challenges to make you use those mods.


One idea : Mods like antitoxin, flame repellant, lightning rod etc... can add an additional layer of shield over the normal one, which will absorb the damage from that specific element. How much the shield it gives, can be based on mod rank.


Eg : AntiToxin : Additional layer of shield absorbing poison dmg (poison cannot bypass this, so while this is up, you dont take health dmg). Absorbing 200/400/600/800/1000/1200 points of poison dmg based on mod rank, and this may or may not be affected by Redirection/Vigor. Recharge rate and delay is same as normal shields. Thus if you have faster recharge rate for your shields, these additional shields also recharge faster.

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I really think some resistence mods need a buff. Due to high level enemies.


I don't really know how Warm coat really works, but Ice reduction against shield is just to much for 50% of your HP on High level place, especially nightmare mode.


Warm Coat buff to 20% max rank(this means 5% level instead of 3%). 12% won't do much for high level enemies especially when it is permenant.

If you want to counter the entire Ice effect against shield(Read Bottom).


Flame Repellent, Insulation and Lightning Rod should be buff to follow Antitoxin due to Grineer weapons and Corpus electric weapons. Same 18% max rank.


On a side note, I think we should also get "dual resistence" mods kind of like nightmare mods, but shouldn't be in nightmare mode. Nightmare mods are there to help us become more powerful for higher level enemies, dual resistance mods do not help us achieve that, but just make us more immune.


Dual resistence mods(rare) should also become specialized mods, but cost more point to put on due to 3x reduction (fair trade, more immunity for more points). I say around 15 - 18 points for max rank so divide by 3 means 5 or 6 points.


Some examples would be..


1)Suggested Drop from "Lephantis"


Antitoxin Flame Repellent(Max rank 3, like Retribution): 10% Fire resistence + 10% Poison Resistence(Great for Grineer fighting Infested ships). 30% each max rank. The means you can have 48% in total poison or fire resistance.


2) Suggested Drop from next Orokin Boss(Grineer, if that is going to happen)


Insulated Warm Coat: 10% Ice Resistence + 10% Increase shield resistence to Ice. 30% each maxed rank.

With this equipped, Ice will not effect your shield that much, if stacked with Warm Coats 20%. That is 50% countered.


3) Suggested Drop from next Orokin Boss(Corpus, if that is going to happen)


Diamond Lightning Rod: 10% lightning resistence  + 7% Laser resistence(for balance against Corpus). Max rank 30% lightning resist and 21% laser resist. This means it will stack with both "Lightning rod" and "Diamond skin" you get 48% lightning resist and 39% Laser resistence.


They could be dropped from some where else like Orokin Vault.


I know I said corrupt mods shouldn't be in there because of dual stats, but these ones are specifically made for the slot unlike the corrupt mods because it would be using a lot of points.

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