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Let Us To Choose A Different Chat Language Than The Game's Language Settings


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As title. Chat language is locked to the game language, so if I want the Italian chat, I need to keep the game in Italian.


The problem might not be apparent to a dev, but since everything got fully translated (according to a guy in the Italian translation team, due to Sony's will), even mod names and other stuff (not even very well lately), it's increasingly complex to:


1) not laugh at the text

2) understand it

3) find info about stuff, as afaik the only decent source of info is the english Wiki and with translated names it's a pain.


I've seen others users with other languages complain more or less about the same issues, and keeping the game in english with just a localized chat would probably be the best solution to this.


So, as originally suggested by DLz47 here : https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/118783-italian-horrible-translation/?p=1428566


I'm asking for this option to be added. Pretty please?

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