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Additional Weapons/Subweapons/Grenades


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The weapons currently available for the primary and secondary slot cover the basic niches (shotgun, sniper, assault rifle, machine gun, etc.) but don't really cover some of the more useful ones that are FPS staples, like splash damage guns, non-hitscan but higher-damage "skill" weapons, and so on.

This is a proposal to do a few things to rectify this.

1. Change "Sniper" ammo into "Heavy" ammo, covering all sorts of big guns which blow things up real good. This is just a minor name change but critical for the subsequent changes ("why is a 'rocket launcher' a 'sniper rifle'"?)

2. New weapons. This new "Heavy Weapons" category would include several new weapons:

-A rocket launcher that does high damage (~80-100) to everyone in a moderate (~3-4m) radius. Small magazine size and low fire rate.

-An "autocannon" type automatic weapon that fires medium-damage (~40-50) explosives with a small splash damage radius (~0.5-1m) at a slow (for an automatic) rate of fire (fire rate of 2.5 to 3.5). It would have a moderate size magazine (15-20 rounds). These shots would move fast but not hit instantly, like the Corpus "energy bolt" rifles.

-A railgun. A big, slow, non-semi-auto sniper weapon (magazine size of 3-4, fire rate of 0.6-0.8) that does more (~150 200?) damage and has innate Piercing so it can shoot through cover and multiple enemies. If the projectile is rendered, perhaps it may look like one of the Javelins that get summoned by Radial Javelin so you can pin multiple enemies to a wall like a shishkebab.

-A bomblet launcher, like a weaker version of the Jackal's bomb toss... or some sort of rocket shotgun. When you absolutely, positively, have to saturate a place with explosives. It'd fire 5-6 arcing grenades that do low damage individually but can blanket an area with explosives. Obviously low magazine size and rate of fire. This would create a weapon that behaves differently at different ranges. At long range,it's a low-accuracy weapon that does damage to multiple targets. At close range, it does heavy damage to a single target or tightly packed group.

-A napalm gun, which acts like the Grineer Napalm weapon. A lowish damage initial explosion that knocks targets down, plus an area of effect fire field that does damage over time. However, this may overlap somewhat with Ember.

3. As "Consumables", allow characters to bring and use grenades, which would cost a few credits each (maybe 50-150 depending on their power). There's a bit of space on the lower-left corner of the screen which you could use for "currently selected inventory item". You could have a whole variety of grenades, from lightning grenades (great against shields) to explosives to incendiaries to stun grenades and more. Or even more unconventional grenades. How does a "healing grenade" that creates a health and shield restoring "Explosion" sound?

4. Enjoy everyone going "holy **** these weapons are awesome!"

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Really good ideas. I can imagine myself running around in my Ember Warframe, a napalm gun in my hands, flare gun and incendiary grenades at my waist... FIRE EVERYWHERE !!!

- Flak cannon : a kind of super heavy shotgun that can shot multiple darts at the same time that bounce off multiplue surfaces before losing their stopping power.

- Flak grenades / flak grenade launcher : grenades that fire flak darts in every direction when they explode.

- Ripper : a saw gun that fires slow moving but bouncing circular saws.

Yes, I'm a UT fan, but these are the greatest weapons of all time !

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Changing and adding you might as well suggest a heavy hitter warframe to be created ... thats ultimate would be to sort of start shooting like a turret without moving but increasing its weaponry stats from damage, fire rate, range, accuracy and simply ignoring the magazine just eating away at the ammo as a whole for several seconds ...

But if suggesting frames is an option then a support frame, healer frame, dual weilder frame, and many others are an option with a most definete yas to come ... (Dual meaning skills that would create a clone for a short period killing and moving like a mirror image or independent, Ultimate would be a dual sword dance that would engulf an area with a masive melle damage even having a passive ability of dual weilding guns ...)

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idk how the auto explosives device would be balanced well but i am so down for the railgun, but to make it semi-real you could give it an large clipsize but you have to charge it to fire, this will make it so you have to time your shots and justify higher damage. also considering the it shoots by use elctricity itd be cool to have a small electricity damage to it.

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