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Adding A Tekna Replica To The Game Suggestion


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Some time ago i completed Dark Sector, and i enjoyed the game, but one thing that would be interesting to see, is a replica of Hayden Tenno's pistol, the Tekna 9mm.


Considering that The Glaive was made for Warframe too, wouldnt it be interesting to see the Tekna 9mm to be useable in Warframe? I mean, why not? :)


Any suggestion on how the weapon could be great in the game? What damage type and all that.

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would be a mastery and dump unless it outclasses both embolist and ballistica.


probably not worth the DEvs time


Well the weapon model itself is already in the game, or atleast a very look-alike. The Rescue Mission Civilians are holding some kind of pistols, wich kinda looks like the Tekna.

EDIT: Forgot to add that, if the model exist already, just add the weapon script and such, and ofcorse, some balancing and let the players test it out. Now, its just a suggestion, not a demand.

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if it's not the best gun in the game and doesn't trivialize everything else then i don't want it.

not everything needs to be absolutely the best. all new content doesn't have any innate need to trivialize everything before it.

it could survive just fine as a 'midgame' weapon.


even though 9x19mm is absolutely crap and ineffective. but that's besides the point.

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