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Suggestion for next player warframe

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With the release of the new Helminth system, I had a really cool and unorthodox idea. What if the next warframe is the Operator themselves?

Here's how it works. The warframe is essentially a more adult version of the character. Since there's hints that you have a system set up for that in the Duviri Paradox, this would be able to use that process after Duviri ends.

The warframe has no powers in any of its power slots. It also cannot carry a weapon in the secondary slot. That is permanently occupied by your amp. The warframe allows you to use Operator powers in warframe mode.

To use warframe powers, you have to load whatever you have available in the Helminth system into your armor. This also allows you to customize the armor on the fly to meet the needs of the moment. None of its powers are fixed, and thus offer the greatest flexibility. The #4 for this armor, if you will, is the Operator's powers themselves. That's what makes it stand out from the other frames.

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An idea I had to refine this:

Ordis calls you into the Helminth room. Inside, there's a neutral statue made entirely of what looks like completely transparent glass. Ordis tells you that Helminth has built a totally "neutral" warframe. No natural genetics, no mental imprint, and no powers. It's as close to being a totally artificial, nonhuman construct with no pattern of any kind as he could make it. To that, Helminth proposes adding a single strand of the Operator's DNA. Since the Operator is immune to the infestation, this should prevent the proposed new suit from losing control during the patterning phase.

The process continues. A single strand is extracted, and refined. Then it's injected into the transparent frame. The frame shifts, and becomes a transparent version of the operator. Same physical dimensions and facial structure, but still totally transparent. It also gains no powers, but does appear immune to the infestation. It also has a natural tie to the Void dimension, which suggests this should work.

When the Operator merges with the frame, it looks like an adult version of themselves, and has the abilities I noted above. When they exit the frame, it's a transparent glass sculpture. All powers have to come from the Helminth system, which means they are inherently less powerful than the standard frames, but it allows for incredible versatility. The secondary mode is always the equipped Amp. And Void powers are available in Warframe mode.

From a story perspective, I can see long-term use of this new frame causing the operator to develop a deeper tie to the void dimension. To the point where the Heart is actually overcharging them, requiring them to effectively shield themselves from the Heart's influence to sustain normal power level, with temporary overpower boosting possible if they drop the shields.

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