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Still Excited for Subsuming?

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I'm still looking forward to this, and I think if anyone in the community is feeling bitter about the choices and nerfs, they need to consider one thing:

You asked for it

Instead of posting threads about how you thought ability 'x' was a weak choice and could do with a rethink, you immediately flooded the forums with posts about how certain abilities were overpowered, and how it was suddenly going to 'ruin' the game (even though you have no idea how any of the abilities will work with the upcoming content).

So now, instead of treating this like a system where you could replace weak abilities with okay or even good ones, you're instead making them review how the abilities work, even on the frames they originally come from.

Seriously, how did you think DE were going to react? If it were you, would you read between the lines and think, 'Hmmm, maybe I should concentrate on the 38 abilities they haven't mentioned, rather than the 6 they have'?

Just remember, in a couple of months when you're crying how DE messed the system up, it's not them that's responsible for that.

You are.

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2 hours ago, sitfesz said:


I take a wild guess and say people who don't like the nerfs aren't the people who complained those "OP" abilities will ruin the game.
It's like you think the community is a hivemind instead of many individuals with different opinions and preferences.

People who don't like nerfs are just.... normal people. It always dumbfounds me that the forums for games that indulge a 'power fantasy' are riddled with comments from people who continuously want that 'power fantasy' diminished. You don't play these games to feel like Joe Average; you play them to feel like a complete badass!

But it's the usual focus that wins out, every time - why call to raise something from 'mediocre' to 'special' when you can drag 'special' right down to 'mediocre'

As an example, why would something like 'Roar' even be a problem when its effects are shared with the entire team? Even if it changed as a subsumed ability and only applied to the caster, would that even matter??? Maybe to those people who seem to think the kill counter represents some kind of hidden competition and that winning it will somehow fill the empty void that is their life, but nobody else would seriously give a damn.

It's not like Warframe has a vibrant PvP community that would somehow get 'imbalanced' by all this either (in fact, just the opposite, because everyone could have it).

There was literally no reason for anyone to start calling for nerfs, but they did it anyway (just because they could and it made them feel powerful) and now people are beginning to realise that sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for...

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2 hours ago, Jaysus41 said:

I was about to post my thoughts on the matter until I realized speculation is now considered valid feedback.

I think it's best if we all stay quiet from now on.

This...makes a lot of sense for me.

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On 2020-08-20 at 11:58 AM, Traumtulpe said:

And with that Helminth went straight from "Omg, this is so exciting!" to "I guess I can replace useless garbage with something I might actually use."

I think that was the point of the Helminth system all along.

You will be able to give your frames useful abilities, but you have to put more thought into it than just slap Roar or War Cry on everything.

Pull will still be useful on loot frames or dps Limbo, Marked for Death will be useful on frames relying on single target damage without AoE capabilities, they still didn't propose any nerf to subsumed Null Star, Petrify might make farming with Ivara's Prowl even smoother, Oberon's and Volt's augmented 1. might still be viable with their specific damage buffs.

Helminth Empower might be a better option for enhancing abilities than Roar, so it has purpose.

These changes go against cookie cutter builds and that's a good thing, it makes minmaxing more interesting.

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21 hours ago, (PS4)Glitschig said:

I said from the start this would be a train wreck based on the fact DE has never shown us they can balance a game and this was Pandora's box.  There is a reason why everyone in the game plays the same 30 or so weapons, despite there being over 500.  There is a reason we get upset over riven adjustments after spending so much time and money and resources to build fun and good things.  

DE's approach based on usuage is critically flawed.  They want a socialist game where everyone is equal but they want to legislate,ate forcing everyone into diversity.  But the problem with that is that the actual paying players just want to have fun...and a choice...and. It to be crapped on for investing time to build the best things.  

In reality, the two best options that would help this game are 

-1-DE actually learns how to balance...like maybe start with not introducing power creeped weapons and follow that up by raising the bad multitudes of weapons instead of hammering the elite.

-2-as backwards as it would be for the majority, all the YouTubers that put out weapon and frame guides, builds, etc...should stop.  Stop helping other people..sounds stupid but if that happened, there would be a lot of average players just blissfully playing the game in a very pedestrian way, using lots of frames and weapons, and the data wouldn't shift to OP Tatsu and kronen builds that lead to nerfs.  The gods of Warframe would just be out there among the peasAnts and mortals, enjoying their game like the rest of us.  DE would have no skewed data to cite or gripe of.  


Or people would just...you know...communicate like they have been for 200,000 years.

Without youtube guess what else we have? [Mod config] and a chat box....and discord...and in extreme cases a phone....

You dont really have a leg to stand on when your solution is "people should stop talking".

But yes, a lot of guns could use a status chance and crit chance boost.

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Yes, because despite the wailing and gnashing of teeth the 6 changed abilities will still be good and it really doesn't matter if lower MRs get in on a thing over some arbitrarily higher MRs. I am not interested in front loading them all and am happy to gather the frames i want to subsume over time and also wait to see how the system changes with actual release before i do that.

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it's been a min since i played.was actually looking forward to coming back after i read about the subsume.sadly i then read hey nerf, wich translates into de ounce again not learning.

they should have buffed the weaker abilities. just like they should buff the weaker weapons,the weaker mods,the weaker "insertyourS#&$here".But since they keep demonstrating they don't have desire to learn from the past guess i can't be bothered to log back in.Shame haven't been this excited about warframe for awhile too.anyway to you guys who are playing this good luck.your going to need it XD

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I was never really excited honestly, I considered this move by DE very poor.  I feel that they are so inept or unwilling to go back and fix core balance issues within Warframe that they now just want the players to do the jobs that the developers should be doing.   They picked some of the worst abilities from a high percentage of warframes and then nerfed the only six abilities that looked good.  Even without doing any sort of testing, why?  Because a very very small group within the community complained that it could be overpowered, again without actually testing.  This is the same DE that listened to one Twitter post regarding the universally medallions and the conclave.  

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