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What's So Great About Primes?



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Besides more Mastery Rank there is nothing else. Extra polarization and different cosmetics are really the only thing that the Primes got going for them.


Weapons on the other hand get better stats entirely. Also Mag polarized 3 times would be better than Mag Prime since Mag has 2 polarities already in her. Warframe Primes only get 1 extra polarity. Warframe Primes get 100 energy from box traps in the Void.

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Extra polarity, ONE stat is boosted from the regular version, and that fine...fine shiny trimmings.

One stat? I'm a bit confused now, that seems to conflict with what everyone else is saying.


So if I've got this right,

-One extra polarity

-100 energy boost in void from traps

-Gold trim

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