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Game Has Started Lagging For Unknown Reasons


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Okay so first, here are the technical details:


4 to 5 megabytes/second download

9 to 10 megabytes/second upload

Ping: 8ms



Intel Core i7


Nvidia GT650M


I have my "maximum ping" set to 300


The game never used to lag

I haven't changed my internet nor my hardware


I've tried various combinations of enabling/disabling DirectX 11, 64-bit mode and multi-threaded rendering, but to no avail


If anyone could give me any tips, or any idea on what's going on then that'd be great, thanks :-)

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Is it lagging when you're hosting? Or only when you connect to other players?

Also, have you turned Multithreading on or off in the launcher? Try setting it to whatever it isn't right now and see if that helps.

When I connect to other players - haven't tried hosting

As stated in my original post, I've tried enabling/disabling all of the possible options in the launcher

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