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Heart of Deimos: Necramech Feedback Megathread

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1 minute ago, vFlitz said:

The exalted weapon is bugged, it stacks your mods' effects every time you activate it. It should still be pretty powerful once that's fixed, but not 'damage cap red crits all over the place' level of ridiculous anymore.

Oh, that's why that happens?

I was aware that the damage was bugged, but not sure exactly why.

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I've tested Revenant and Chroma in the Necramech fight. Just some observations:

  1. Chroma's Vex Armor and Elemental Ward are not nullified by Void Dashing or proximity to a Necramech. The proximity to Necramech merely prevents casting of these abilities but their duration and effect remains.
  2. Revenant's Mesmer Skin is not nullified by proximity to a Necramech. However, Void Dashing does nullify Revenant's Mesmer Skin... Why?

I'm also going to test Octavia and Loki just to see what they're like...

But yeah! What gives for (2) DE? Revenant's Mesmer Skin is already punished by being unable to stun the Necramech. So why do you feel Void Dashing should also nullify Revenant's defense ability for extra punishment, but not Chroma's? Revenant actually has to be a lot more careful in this fight than Chroma who can basically bruteforce it... and it's not a fight for Revenant unless you're super good at playing Revenant (especially in other bad fights for Revenant like Profit Taker).

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I've been playing with my mech for a couple days now and I must say on the whole I love it. It feels fun and powerful, but not overly so. That being said there are some issues that I feel should be resolved. 

  1. Nechramechs need to have their own vacuum and enemy/loot radar, that or allow companions to remain active while in your mech.
  2. Operator abilities and arcanes should be allowed to work on the mechs. Currently they have a bit of a survivability problem due to being such big and slow targets. With no way to heal them currently you end up using your 2 as often as possible to just stay alive. The issue with this is twofold. 1. You run out of energy extremely fast, no vacuum, and no zenurik dash or energy pizza or really any energy regain ability to counter this makes you just a big target. 2. they should be able to slowly regain health when not taking damage, that or allow them to heal other ways, like operator arcanes or companion abilities.
  3. Need to be able to easily regen health and energy. See above. 
  4. The ammo refill on the guns is painfully slow, there's no way to just reload them and they refill on their own slower than any battery gun in the game. This is even more annoying since on the ground we can reload them manually and it's faster, and in archwing they refill over time but vastly faster than they do in the mech. This makes you have to just run around and do nothing for 5 to 10 seconds while your gun reloads, doing nothing. I say nothing because as stated before, you likely have no energy at this point. 
  5. Melee is useless and that's shocking. We have giant melee weapons in archwing, why not give them those? Some better mods for archmelee would go a long way to making them actually usable and being able to put them on your mech would make their melee work far better. No need for complex stances, they don't have them in archwing and don't need them here either. I think we should be able to use archmelee on the ground in some form or another anyway but until then they absolutely should be used here. 
  6. Allow us to pack them up, and fix the weird timer they have. Right now in an open world you can call in your mech and have a good time. But if you finish the current objective, everyone hops in archwing and takes off. You can join them, but must leave your mech behind and then wait an inconsistent amount of time (I've had anywhere from 5 and a half minutes to one minute) to re summon it. This is annoying now, but imagine once we can use them in any map. Scott said the environment will be the limiting factor there and you may need to leave your mech behind sometimes. That's fine. but if the only limiter is a single doorway I should be able to pack up my mech, walk through, and drop it down again. The timer should only appear once your mech is destroyed. When picked up however they shouldn't regain health, they should stay damaged to prevent players from abusing this to insta heal their mechs.

    All in all I think they are extremely fun and unique and I hope they just improve. Hope this helps in some way.

    Ps. Everyone is ragging on the designs. They are odd and unique but I like them. This game is already weird I don't care how the mechs are shaped, they're cool. Don't @ me. 

    Edit: Also let us use mechs in the simulacrum to test builds and such. 
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The good:
It feel amazing to stomp around, controls well
love being able to use any archgun
powers feel pretty good

The bad:
the reload is abysmal and i often find myself out of ammo unable to contribute to the fight even with the +100% reload speed mod
the mods (and parts for that matter) are very annoying to farm
melee just flings enemies, amusing but ineffective

we need more ways to get at enemy mechs to get the mods, perhaps making the active surface mechs enemies rather than allies or access to T3 vault at all times
i'd love to see mechs get passive abilities in the form of mods, similar to auras but only effect yourself
hold jump to jump higher at cost of fuel

once i can get my hands on more of the mods i can leave more feedback
mech is pretty limited without them

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Finally got my own Necramech. Sadly only have Vitality so far so I can't comment on a lot of the mod balance and such.


-MOST IMPORTANTLY, PLEASE LET US USE NECRAMECHS IN ALL MISSIONS, NOT JUST OPEN WORLD: This is by far the single most important improvement that can be made for Necramechs to prevent them from being forgotten and abandoned. That being said, here's more feedback.


-AMMO REGENERATION NEEDS TO SCALE TO MAGAZINE SIZE: An Imperator Vandal or Mausolon takes too much time to regen ammo and often leaves the Necramech unable to contribute to a fight. This could also be remedied by giving them a more effective melee attack so they can fight when out of ammo. Speaking of which...

-LET NECRAMECHS USE ARCH-MELEE: And overall buff arch-melee across the board, including more mods to make it viable.

-GIVE US MORE WAYS TO FIGHT ENEMY NECRAMECHS: Having them only spawn in isolation vault bounties is proving to be a bit limited. I'd love to see enemy Necramechs roaming around during Fass time in the Cambion Drift for example, similar to Tusk Thumpers in PoE.


As a side note, how come Necramechs don't do an orbital drop when summoned into the field? This is almost heretic! You can't have a cool mech and just have them appear out of thin air. Please give mechs the entrance they rightfully deserve, crashing into the battlefield Titanfall style.

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I'll reserve the flowery language for another thread and stick to basics here.

Overall: Necramechs look and feel amazing. Their visuals, sounds and animations carry a great sense of weight, their guns are powerful and their entire design is just on the right side of "clunky." Bugs aside, this is a VERY good addition. However, Necramechs have a few glaring issues. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Stamina: Stamina needs to be removed entirely. It serves no purpose other than to make Necramechs feel clumsy. Replace the current Walk speed with the current Sprint speed, replace the current "Sprint" mechanic with the persistent headrush mechanic. Mechs already slow down when shooting anyway.  Even with faster walking and on-demand headrush, Necramechs are never going to be as manoeuvrable as Warframes. They're slow and clumsy. We don't need a Stamina bar on top of it.
  • Archmelee: Necramechs need access to Archwing Melee weapons. Their current "unarmed" melee attacks are goofy, difficult to use and largely ineffective. A single shared melee attack animation sequence for all weapons would be sufficient if animations are an issue. Giving broader use to Archmelee weapons would open up our arsenals substantially.
  • Ammo recovery: Necramechs need to either use Space Archgun ammo regeneration or Atmospheric Archgun ammo pool + manual reward mechanics. The current ammo regeneration rate is too slow for most weapons to be viable and creates pointless dead air more often than it should.
  • Health and Energy: Necramechs need a reliable source of health and energy recovery, beyond just health and energy orbs. Either give them Archwing-style passive health/energy regeneration, or else let Operator abilities affect Necramechs as though they're operators. Vazarin would handle health regen, Naramon would handle energy regen. Or let them be affected by Health/Energy/Shield/Ammo Squad Restores, as an alternative.
  • Pet buffs: Currently, Archwings are affected by Animal Instinct. Necramechs should be affected by Animal Instinct and Vacuum/Fetch. Our pets remain active and follow the Mech around after all. They should offer their respective buffs. This is quality of life, it really should be available to us.
  • Crouch-walking: Currently, Necramechs can crouch, but they stand up while walking. Give them a "crouch-walking" animation where they move forward slowly but are able to walk under obstacles - like the door frames on small doors. It's currently possible to "fudge" it by crouching and repeatedly tapping the "walk forward" key. The mech slides slightly forward before its animation causes it to stand up and collide with door frames, so it's possible to nudge it through some pretty small openings. Make it official and give the Necramech a legit crouch-walking animation.
  • Clunkiness: Necramechs have a unnecessary rooting animations, most prominently at the end of a "headrush." Mechs have a fairly slow recovery when dodging or rushing, causing their controls to feel stiff in unpleasant ways. Please let us move freely immediately upon cancelling a headrush or a dodge. That right there solves most of the "clunkiness."

What follows is a few more esoteric points, but they still feel important:

  • Necramechs everywhere: I know DE confirmed that this is the case, but it still bears repeating. Please let us use our Necramechs in all missions, not just Open Worlds. As Steve said - we're responsible for managing them when they can't fit through doors and air vents. That's perfectly fine. Especially if they can crouch-walk to get under some lower doors. And while we're on the subject, please let us drive our K-Drives in all missions, with the same caveats of "we'll deal with using them in tight quarters."
  • Necramech support: Please don't abandon Necramechs. This is a massively fun new addition to the game, and it would be a damn shame if we got just one more Necramech before the feature is shelved. Think about integrating them into Railjack, think about adding still more Mechs and still more weapons (and Archmelee weapons), etc. Necramechs are too cool to just leave behind.
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The Necramechs need more durability for the levels of enemies that players who have acquired them are liable to fight at. Ammunition regeneration also needs to be increased. I would recommend that energy be naturally replenished, perhaps while the stamina bar remains full. 

Arcanes and Aura Mods would be nice.

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Spawned and eneterd my Nechramech just outside the Nekralist, got my mech killed at the end of the Vault - the game then respawned my WF outside the Nekralist...

Although my Nechramech kept the couple of ranks it gained, my Mausolon remained at rank 7 (even though it had ranked up to 9 before the mech exploded)

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I put this in the cambion drift activities feedback originally since I didn't see this thread, but it relates to necramechs, so I will put it here, too.

First off, necramechs feel awesome to wield, trading mobility for overwhelming firepower. The middle mouse button attack is also a cool idea.

However, there is one thing that bugs me: in order to buy necramech parts, you need agnesis security clearing from Loid. This itself is fine, but in order to to obtain agnesis security rating, one of the things you need to sacrifice is a Zymos Blueprint, which you can only buy at mastery rank 11 or above. I feel this is an unnecessary requirement. The main requirement for the Necraloids is the ability to do Iso Vaults, and I feel this itself is a good enough test for granting security clearance. The mastery rank 11 requirement is annoying, and limits the ability for players to access their own necramechs even though they have surpassed the main requirement.

Overall though, as I said before, the necramech system is awesome. 

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More feedback on player used Necramechs:

  • Add Necramech "Super Jump"

Hold the jump button briefly to jump high/hold crouch then jump to jump high. For players who played back since 2012/2013, yes this used to be one of Excalibur's old abilities. This helps with navigating the verticality of the Cambion Drift.

  • 1) Necraweb

The energy "web" shouldn't be prematurely destroyed. Let the canister act as a grenade if you decide to shoot at it. Also properly display to visual effect of the web to reflect the actual range of the slow effect.

  • 2) Storm Shroud

The Shroud could grant additional Electric damage for both the charge and melee attacks based upon the current health of the Storm Shroud. 

  • 4) Guard Mode (Arquebex)

No doubt the most powerful weapons in the game. As noticed by others, the mods installed will stack on sequential usage of the ability as a cilent, which should be fixed. 

The mech feels like a really fun break away from your traditional combat in a Warframe. Still, these are some suggestions to help out.

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Quick Feedback on mausolon:

It's OP, but also, feels good, makes arch guns worth using in a mission for the first time.  I expect heavy nerfs to it, but would discourage it because the reason arch guns see no use normally is because they are trash in most missions.  This gives you a reason to want to use it.

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The Necramech feels pretty great to use. I got mine a few days ago and the only thing that I won't go into is bugs; bugs aren't feedback.

1) Ammo regeneration: The Necramechs regenerate ammo for their Archguns similar to how we do in Archwing missions. I quite enjoy this, however due to the fact we only have the one gun with a single melee, the rate is much too low. It takes about two minutes of not firing to fully regenerate the ammo on the Necromech's default Mausolon.

2) Mobility: These big hunks of metal shouldn't be too mobile, so I'm happy they feel heavy. All I can really ask for is that the slide/charge speed get drastically increased in order to further incentivize taking it as the less controllable, faster mode of transportation between it and sprinting.

3) Mods: The biggest non-gameplay issue at the moment is the acquirement of mods for the Necramechs. This is a similar issue that arose when Archwing arrived and that's that these tools are being dropped into content they aren't tuned for because the content is tuned to having mods. Please give us alternatives to farming one activity over and over for the chance of a chance of the mods we need. The concept of buying mods from the Necraloid with standing is one I am keen on.

4) Regular missions: With the news that these will be brought to the rest of the starchart I was very excited and relieved. Obviously this brings up a few issues such as maneuvering through the tile sets and I think one way to GREATLY increase the potential of these in normal missions would be to allow us to slowly roll forward while crouching with the Necramech. While crouching, pressing the forward movement key/button causes you to stand up and move as if you were not crouching; with this idea no real animations would need to be added, just allow us to slowly slide forward in the compact crouch animation, as if we had wheels on our feet.

I absolutely adore the Necramechs and hope they're given as much and more attention than other secondary systems in this game, thank you for finally giving me a way of being the "heavy weapons guy" that doesn't involve ammo hoarding, flying around in space or a ridiculously long cooldown.

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The mechs... alright additions to the game. Got mine building now, only I won't be able to use it very well when it's done, due to the garbage drop rates on Necramech mods. I have been farming vaults for 2 days, and nothing. Not one gold mod, and I've been using Nekros to do it. I can't buy a Mod drop chance booster to speed things along, and I'm not leaving it up to luck to do sorties and hope like hell I get a booster. This grind for mods, its irritating, and incredibly disheartening, because I'm on the verge of giving up on the mech entirely. Pls, for the good of the community, increase drop rates on these mods, because this is ridiculous.

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Biggest feedback I can give for Necramechs is add them to all content instead of just open world. They are a ton of fun, and while their size is an issue, I think it'd be a blast if they were in all missions instead of just open worlds. They aren't a great form of transport, so why limit them to places that emphasize movement?

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On 2020-08-29 at 6:47 PM, master_of_destiny said:

So, I'd like to say that your perspective doesn't represent the full range of situations.


On one hand, I've seen Rhinos come in and literally obliterate these mechs without ever even getting off more than a couple of shots.  This was the tier 3 section....as the other two are actually easier.  To this, I'd suggest that it's largely the reason people saw roar as a power and decided it was not a great addition to the helminth system.  

On the other hand I've gone after these solo, and blown both arms off.  The mech responded by plowing into me, covering me in mines, plowing into me again just as I was about to get up, then activating invincibility.  It was a death I literally could not avoid, because there was zero cool down between the attack cycles.  The vault mechs can also respawn their limbs surprisingly quickly, and the void damage doesn't always strip their defenses.  If this was how the mech worked for us it'd literally be the only way to do a lot of the content.  Unfortunately, we seem to get the Patalabor bots in the world of Gundams (circa Wing Zero).



There are a variety of ways that this could and should be addressed, but if they want to call these things bosses I'd be fine.  Considering it's 6 kills per run, and you'll need to do quite a lot of runs (14 thus far and I don't have most of the mods), it's hard to see their current state and believe that as broken as they are it'd be unreasonable to see nerfing power usage.  If you combined that with some more intelligent movement it'd effectively put them as powerful as they are but through rapidly moving hit boxes rather than just cheap abuse of powers.



As an unrelated topic, the vaults are pretty horrendously buggy.  I've finally had a chance to deal with the weekend crowd now...and it's a mess.  If the host leaves you're stuck and cannot progress.  If you get caught in a cycle shift you can fight Tier 1-Tier 1 - Tier 2 but the vault is already opened - and finish with a tier 3 all in one glorious go.  Have a team member with a ping in excess of 180, well there's a good chance that they literally cannot hit the mechs.  It was frustrating for them, and for the team.  Moreover, those larger pings can prevent activation of the reactive crystals.  There's just so many ways that the thing can break that it isn't funny.


All of the above given as reasonable concern...this isn't too bad thus far.  I cannot find numbers, but the ratios of pods-capsule-casing-engines for me is 6-2-3-1 which points towards another weighted pool....which isn't great.  That being said, I've spent a little over four days grinding and finally have the components building.  The Cortege is another story...I received the engine drop on the same run as the last component for it dropped....and the build timer is zero?  The mech follows warframe rules (12 hours-72 hours), but the weapon components are instantly good?  I'm hoping that the timer on the weapon itself isn't goofy long, but even if it's 24 hours I'll have the weapon before I can even make the mech.  This is with getting the blue print unlocked one day, getting the next rank the following day, and the subsequently assumed 24 hour build.  Ooof.

I do have to question why the vault runs are being dilluted with so many relics.  It's not ever going to be evergreen, and honestly I'd suggest that the mode isn't rewarding enough in other ways to outlast either getting the mech mods or the mech itself.  The Scintillant drops are present, but if it's supposed to be the new cetus wisps it's something I'm never going to farm more than I absolutely need.  Combine that with the lack of any real opportunity to level the mech, and it's likely to be something that gathers dust once the MR has been wrung out.  If there were token packs in that pool instead of relics it'd offer more reason to replay.  

Finally, the pathing on Loid needs a review.  In about 20% of the runs he's gotten stuck somewhere, and you have to wait for a reset or an enemy to attack him.  That's not a surprise at this point, but it is depressing.  PoE has the drones which can become stuck inside the mission assignment tents if the linear paths cross, Fortuna had the defense of a wheel missions fail because another literally ran into it and nearly instantly killed them.  Now he have Loid....maybe it's time to do some considered thinking about these types of things going forward.  All you're hiding is a mobile defense mission, where there's a mandatory timer between phases.  It really isn't worth looking foolish so consistently just to try and further throttle player progress.  

I round this out by stating that the infested waves in the vault are fun.  The fact that it's a fetch quest, defense, survival, assasination, mobile defense, and matching game of a mission with extended timers meant to prevent spamming the reward is...barely noticeable in practice.  It's impossible to miss analytically, but it's much better structured than the bounty....or at least it feels less artificial.  

So telling me you can't solo it. Cool.

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I was working on my mech build now that we know what all the mods are.  Lets do some math to show why the mech capacity design element is bad.


Protip: I said it before, going to say it again:  These things need to level to 40 with Forma, and they don't.  YOU NEED to patch this.

Here is why: 12 mod slots with 60 capacity

Optimal build consists of: (Mod/Drain/Polarized Drain)
*Vitality 11/6
*steel Fiber 11/6
*Deflection 14/7
*Stretch 9/5
*Streamline 9/5
*Intensify 11/6
*Continuity 9/5

*All mandatory for all builds

Since these are primarily for open world, even though there are plans to use them in all mission, they still won't Fit in a lot of places.  This means mobility is essential because baseline mobility is trash.

Additional Mandatory MOBILITY Mods:
Thrusters 9/5
Refuel 9/5
Hydraulics 9/5

That leaves us with
Melee and Trash Mods
Because the melee swipe is objectively useful on occasion to swipe Fast assault enemies away (like chargers) we prioritize Reach and Fury, this is because the slide attach is too slow and unweildy to be useful in combat, pretty much ever.  The slam attack at present is also bugged so it doesn't work iF you land on an enemy, so that's out too, and even then, it would be a waste iF you ever take this thing to a standard mission because you'd have barely enough room to do it in large rooms let alone small halls.

Reach 7/4
Fury 7/4

That's 12 mods.  The only ones worth sacrificing are possibly the melee.

55/60 capacity.  We can opt to not Forma one slot, assuming more expensive mods are NEVER introduced, and build diversity is NEVER introduced.

That means there is no room for altering the build
There is no room for any possible primed mods
There is no room for any build diversity for possible future augments or other additional mods

We also get 0 Mastery at present for polarizing this 11 times, at least as Far as I can tell, because there is no listing For it in equipment.
No Mastery, 11 forma minimum, no room for future mods, unless of course we're just admitting right now this is abandoned content already that will never be expanded upon ever...

I should mention that NOTHING IN THE GAME REQUIRES 11 FORMA EVER (Not even kuva weapons), it's not even possible unless you reforma something to alter the polarities or just for fun.  The amount of investment you want for this is insane and since there is no mastery tied to it, absolutely absurd.

Even the 5 forma weapons at least grant some extra mastery and capacity for forma-ing them so many times.

This is bad math and someone didn't think this through very well.  Whoever did the math on this made an oops.

DE STEVE SPECIFICALLY, You said you didn't want players to have to do the kuva thing again so soon because it was too arduous, tedious and straining on the player base to do so much... this is objectively worse because you get No mastery at all, and 11 Forma investment to fit a full build.  The extra capacity would allow the Forma requirements to not be so steep.  This is worse than kuva weapons by far, this is worse than 3 kuva weapons even iF we didn't have XP bugs because we can't jump into ESO and be done with a forma in 5 min.

Please fix and give them the same treatment as Kuva weapons, add mastery and capacity for anyone with forma on already, sure they didn't do the extra levels, but they dealt with the horrible health and xp bugs which is objectively worse than if this content launched properly and takes at three times longer because of it.  My First Forma, because of the xp bugs and health bugs took about 20 solid hours to apply and I'm MR 29 which means I have 58 starting capacity, to a player that's MR 14 (the minimum here) that's 28 capacity they have... that's a nightmare for them, it's a nightmare for me and I'm starting out over 100% more advantaged then they are.  To be clear, it would be easier to put 11 Forma on a Frame.   This is worse than doing that.  I could knock that out in an afternoon if I really wanted to for some absurd reason.

Now that I've finally Figured out how to work around the bugs reasonably well, it takes about an hour per forma, again, starting at 58 capacity.  
IF I could resummon it without bugs and in a squad I could probably risk solo steel path with it and probably knock that down to something reasonable, but at present that's kinda pointless, and it's still 11 FORMA!

Adding the 10 extra mod capacity would allow this to cost 8-9 Forma, which for 12 slots is semi-reasonable and allows For building to the situation and also possible future expansion.  Having three flex slots or even 2 (considering forma for hypothetical primed mods) allows us to change up the build later on if we should desire to, even with additional mods being released.

Because of the STEEP investment just to build 1 of these (which there are also supposedly multiple kinds) we really shouldn't have to build multiple copies of the same one for different polarties.  Doing that with frames is reasonable if it's your favorite frame and you want to have lots of options and diversity in builds.  Doing that with mechs?  Not for the up front cost plus 11 Forma each time... that's insane.

In this current state the ask for this is absurd.

Give it mastery, give extra capacity with each Forma up to 5, just like the others, or maybe even be more generous, but don't make players grind this For 11 Forma and give them no mastery or capacity as a reward, that's just... bad from all angles and optics.

What I would ask that you don't do:
Please do not give this a base capacity of 40 and require it to be leveled to 40 every forma, that would be even worse.  If anything it would be much more manageable on newer players just to give it an extra 10 base capacity and require leveling it to 30 per forma.  That might be janky in your code though since nothing else works that way.

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  1. The slide/rush is overloading the sprint key but the warframe crouch/slide key does nothing useful (something that every warframe player has handy as it's 90% of Warframe movement) why not make the necramech slide/rush user the wwarfrmae slide/crouch key, at least optionally if you're really sold on the double tap as default
  2. The healing/energy state is really annoying right now. Really if you want to level your Necramech you'd better take Protea and she's the only reliable way of topping up the energy of the mech
  3. Weapons regen really painfully slowly, at least let us mod for that?
  4. It's a huge change but, given the pieces/cosmetics that make up a Necramech, why doesn't it use the modular system? Surely people want to mix and match the cosmetic pieces?
  5. Given the small energy pool I basically save all energy for Guard Mode, so I barely use the other abilities.
  6. I love the sound design, animation, movement and art aesthetic, but I'm not sold on the corn-cob casket body. I'm not going to suggest changing what you have, but if you do convert them to the modular system, consider having a more coffin-shaped capsule available.
  7. Why is the Mausolon much bigger on the open-world-discoverable Necramechs than on your summonable one.


Other than wierd XP issues with the Arquebex and the Necramech and mods occationally falling off the Arquebex I've been loving the Necramechs and can't wait to use them in normal content.



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51 minutes ago, SilentMobius said:

The healing/energy state is really annoying right now. Really if you want to level your Necramech you'd better take Protea and she's the only reliable way of topping up the health and energy of the mech

I am not getting healed from health orb. And I'm sure my allies don't do it either.

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Here's my feedback (on PS4):

  • Mostly love the sound and feel of using them.
  • I'm on PS4 , and we're behind on the leveling hotfix, meaning currently all the XP I get stays on the necramech if I ever leave it anywhere , meaning the only way to save XP is to let it get destroyed... And If I resummon it after it being destroyed, it reverts all XP i've gotten for the whole run... Reallly , really frustrating trying to level up this thing.
  • Stamina needs to go. It's already a pain trying to keep up with your colleges who are using arch-wings and super fast parkour frames (and walking out of vaults on foot because there's no teleporter to get your mech out like the worm to get your frames out), last thing you need is to constantly be forced to stop for upwards of 10 seconds and stay immobile to replenish your stamina, or to miss a jump because you don't have enough stamina to keep it going or to glide long enough to make that jump.
  • You need to fix the fact the necromechs currently can't pick up mods / energy orbs from the floor at all. Probably a bug, but really really annoying.
  • Likewise, I think energy is bugged on necromechs. I literally don't get any energy regen at all even with the mod that's supposed to give me more energy regen. The energy I get when I summon the mech the first time is all the energy I get for the whole mission, asides from when you level up mech which replenishes your energy... But once it's max level ,no energy... Again might be due to the fact necromechs cannot pick up energy orbs as mentioned above. Also, necromechs don't even start with full energy (I get like 150/200).
  • The guns recharge way too slow when depleted, and heavy shots deplete way too many bullets per shot. Often end up unable to fight back in the middle of a fight because of this, having to run away and slowly wait for my bullets to replenish.
  • The exalted necromech weapon has one more wpn slot on top which looks misplaced. I don't mind an extra slot, but it's not centered and it looks odd to have one random more slot on said weapon. Maybe add two slots and make it look cleaner...
  • Melee currently kinda sucks even with range and speed mods. Mech is too vulnerable when melee fighting in a crowd, and the melee feels clunky and unrewarding. Perhaps increasing DPS and the % increase of the mods would help...
  • Alot of the necramech mods suffer from the old archwing mod problem of having way too low % for being worth slotting in. Getting 20% increases at max rank is a little meh.
  • Necramech mods acquisition is alot a huge pain. Have zero rare one, and barely any common and uncommon mods after like 200 vault runs. Need to be added to other sources as drops, either bounties on regular enemies in the new open world.
  • The Cortege has a bug where you cannot put a Catalyst in it without purchasing a gravimag first. Should work like any other archwing weapon and separate catalyst usage from gravimag usage.
  • Cortege so far seems really underwhelming compared to the stock necromech gun. It's dealing wayyy less damage and has way less range. Also kinda sucks in Archwing MIssions i've tried. Should be even better than the stock nercromech gun, as it requires quite the farm to get.
  • Hud is a little intrusive, perhaps give us an option for hud opacity / more minimalist hud.
  • Don't like the feel / activation of the slide move. Half of the time it won't stick and I'll do a short slide... Coupled with the stamina problems, it makes it feel way less useful than it should. I want to be able to use this move to catch up to archwings and other fast moving targets, but I can't because it's hard to activate, hard to control ,  and on a cooldown.
  • Perhaps consider making the resummon cooldown shorter if mech was not destroyed. It's not particularly long as it is right now, but you can get into a situation often where you leave your mech behind to go to the next bounty, then once you get to next bounty, can't use your mech for 1m30 seconds, which is often half of the new bounty's duration. Then you repeat for each bounty, since you need to keep up with the team all using archwing and can't really go everywhere.
  • Mechs can't to tons of essential things like reviving comrades, picking up quest items or shooting those puzzle orbs you need to shoot in vaults. Won't be such an issue where i'll be able to leave them and not lose my XP ,but still wish they could do more things.
  • Even with the jump mod on , still feel necramechs need more mobility. Maybe a jetpack for flying upwards / catching up with teammates would help.
  • Mech acquisition is a pain due to the combination of relatively low % chance of mechs to drop parts AND the 11% chance of them to drop engine or pod. Give all parts an equal 25% drop chance, no use creating artificial rarity on two parts.
  • Obiviously, they need to be usable in non-open world. Although it might require some tileset redesign, so take your time...


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Let's see...  after spending a few hours with the mech, here's what I can say about them:

First off, just to get it out of the way: FOR THE EMPEROR.

  • No Energy Regen passive like the AWs makes the mech somewhat cumbersome in the Vallis and Plains, where loot containers are scarce. Please consider adding a base passive energy regen, and perhaps in the future a mod that boosts the rate of energy regen up. Alternatively, allow them to be affected by Consumables, Auras, Warframe powers and Zenurik's Void Dash regen. As it is, you basically don't want to ever use any skill but its Storm Shroud, unless your energy reserves are maxed out - or its 4, if you need something gone ASAP.
  • Melee Strikes feel rather underwhelming, and seemingly can only be modded via extremely rare NM Mod, making it rather useless against most enemies.
  • No innate Vacuum, forcing one to either exit the mech, or attempt to squeeze into tight spaces in order to pick up dropped goodies like energy orbs.
  • Some HUD elements are rather distracting, such as the design around the aiming reticle. More often than not, when I look away from the reticle to check up on my ammo or energy counters, I end up mistaking the reticle with the "fluff" around it, and shoot to my target's left until I realize I am missing every shot.
    Please consider cleaning the design up, and maybe add tiny bars around the reticle that tell you at a glance how much ammo and energy you got available.
  • Lack of Enemy Sense / Loot Radar makes the mech feel like flying blind. Please consider giving them innate Loot/Enemy Sense, and perhaps UI targeting markers (similar to Railjack Turrets) for enemies on-screen to easily pick them out from the busy background (especially on Deimos). It feels like it makes sense to have this, given how the AI versions behave.
  • Ammo and fuel recharge rates feel like they need a noticeable buff - as it stands right now, once you run dry on either, it takes a considerably long time before you can do anything. Consider reducing Engine power drain while out of combat, to facilitate faster travel.
  • Mod acquisition rate right now, considering the fact you can only encounter up to 6 per Triple Iso-Vault run, is extremely slow and frustrating. This is probably by design, as the Mechs are quite powerful even without, but I feel like there should be a guaranteed mod drop if you do happen to do 3 vaults in a cycle (or a stacking drop chance bonus each time they do NOT drop a mod, so eventually it becomes guaranteed regardless)
  • As of the time of writing, it is still possible to lose ALL Experience progress on your Necramech and its weapon, seemingly arbitrarily. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't, even if I drive the mech directly to the Cetus gates, get out, switch to my warframe, and then enter the gates. 50-50 chance to lose my progress.

All that said, they're fun addition and I hope DE will expand on them further with cool new weapons and new Mech designs (Quadruped  that aligns to terrains like a spider, with a large top-mounted turret ala Starcraft Dragoon? That'd be amazing! One can dream)

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Necramechs seem really cool, but I have a couple issues with them:

1 - There's no content where we need a Necramech yet. I was kinda hoping there would be once we fully crafted a Necramech.

2 - Poor source of Necramech mods. We could just tie this to point 1. and release some sorta of side activity (like fishing or conservation) and even a Necramech owners-only bounties to earn Necramech mods.

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