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Heart of Deimos: Xaku Feedback Megathread

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Slow and disruptive cast animations combined with low duration on several powers make this warframe feel very slow and unresponsive. She also has a lot of duration based powers. So you spend too much time casting things, looking at duration timers and checking which of her #3 powers you currently have selected. It's a beautiful warframe, but it's not very good or fun to play.

#1 Xata's Whisper
Good power all around. Extra damage is good. Short cast animation and duration are also good. But the bullet attractor effect from Void status procs is a double edged sword. It's good because it can temporarily block shots from that enemy. But it's bad because it stops you from getting headshots or hitting enemies obstructed by the bullet attractor.

#2 Grasp Of Lohk
Not very good. Long cast animation is bad and the power being centered on you is also bad because Xaku is a bit fragile. She shouldn't need to expose herself this much. It's cool that you steal enemy weapons but it's disappointing that they all do the exact same attack no matter the weapon type. Range and duration should be higher. And the visuals are also not very polished (looks stiff).

#3 The Lost
Sorry, but this one completely missed the mark. Please don't give "3-in-1" powers to non-defensive warframes. They can't afford to waste time cycling through powers and that discourages players from using them at all. Cast animations are way too slow and disruptive. And the powers themselves are not good. Accuse is the better one but it's still limited and it's lacking a duration timer. Gaze isn't good enough to justify using it and it doesn't shut down enemy auras (just use Accuse instead). Deny would be better if it didn't stop you from moving while casting, but the cost makes it hard to justify using it too (just use Accuse instead).

#4 The Vast Untime
This one is ok but doesn't really add much to the gameplay. It's mostly just another buff like her #1. It's not a bad power but I would expect this to be maybe her third power and not her ultimate.

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2 hours ago, (PS4)ForNoPurpose said:

It can do all those things if modded well.

Its better than it works as it does as if it truely just stole weapons it would be useless vs infested. As it is you can get floating turrets even from disarmed enemies.

Not sure if you read what I wrote, but this video doesn't disprove my point. In fact I used this particular build as an example of the only viable build.

It's the one build where you have to use all 4 skills to make it OK. Not good, just OK. With that cast time on the 4 abilities most people will build up a decent melee multiplier and carry that over to other targets, while Xaku gets limited by skill 3 limitations. Not to mention the fact that if you have a full armor strip, most aoe weapons can take those down faster than 2 and 4 combo. If you take armor out of consideration, then the difference in speed becomes even higher. I think this ability should be OK on it's own (if modded for) and IF in rare circumstances you use all 4 skills, it should be good (not amazing).

My problem is with the fact that you literally cannot build xaku in any other way or it will not work. Abilities 1,2 and 4 don't work without each other.


If only we didn't have this much nuke potential and gameplay focused on steamrolling the map 😄

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My thoughts of xaku's currently problems:

1. Void damage has not so much advantage now. damage decreases when attacking grineer and infested. only advantages on sentient but there are few missions where we can meet sentients(anomaly, lua, quest, etc.)

2. Casting speed of  Grasp of Lohk and The lost is too slow. especially deny.

3. Please enable to recast Grasp of Lohk and The lost while these abilities are active.

4. Why did you guys made the The vast untime spend energy after casting? make this only use energy while casting or make this toggle ability like chroma's effigy.

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I've played with Xaku for a little bit and yeah they aren't the best. The ideas they have are nice, but the numbers make Xaku kind of... poor. 
I've never posted, and I didn't read any of the feedback so I apologize if my ideas are similar or radically different and I apologize if my formatting is bad.

To start, I think his casting speed is a little slow...

With Xata's Whisper I see a few problems;
Void damage isn't balanced. It's neutral with every enemy health class, except for two where it's -50%, which hurts since for the most part, it's the tankier enemies.

  1. Maybe re-balance void damage, either pure neutral to every enemy, or sprinkle negatives and positives.
  2. or increase the % of their extra damage, since 26% at base is... low, although this won't fix the damage for the rest of his kit. 

Another complaint I have with void damage is the status effect. The bubble is cool, except. It completely ruins most weapons.  
You are suppose to aim for the head, but the void status ruins that from being possible.

  1. Make the void bubble target the head only. Which could make void status a lot better, unfortunately could make it an overwhelming choice.
  2. or make the void bubble, if aiming towards the bottom half, will center into the body, aiming towards the top half will aim at the head. (unless the enemies head/weak spot is on the bottom half, then flip it). Makes it a little less overpowered than option 1, and requires you to aim a bit more as well. 


Grasp of Lohk, fun ability, it's the reason I'm drawn to them honestly, but it's range and damage is lackluster, and the ability doesn't feel strong.

  1. The range is pretty short, not allowing him to disarm as many enemies, or get as many guns. 
  2. The max targets are fine honestly
  3. The damage is incredibly low, dealing only 51 damage to level 60 heavy gunners (at 100% strength) or 106 damage with 207% strength.
    I will agree, balancing this will be difficult, because with 200% strength, the guns still do little with armor on, but when combined with Gaze it will do some good damage (but anything modded will do good on stripped armor) so the damage might need some number crunching, which I am unable to do efficiently. 
    • Two fixes I have for Grasp oh Lohk would be;
      • Keep the range as is. and make it so any enemies in range will get their weapons disarmed (up to your max targets) but, if casted with less than your max targets in range, spawn the void bubbles (or the primary whichever) up to your max targets. So if you've stripped 2 enemies weapons, you will get 4 void bubbles, filling your "max targets" of 6
      •  or, increase the range, and allow a recast of Xaku's 2. This one is potentially dangerous, since it will become the objectively better version of Loki's 4, (disarming and damage) so I wouldn't expect this as an option.


The Lost. It's really cool, except for me, I use hold to switch, tap to cast, so I've found switching a pain, which makes me want to switch what ability less often. 
But, even with that. None of the lost abilities mesh with each other warranting switching in my opinion 

  • Accuse. Personally I love minions, but, I don't think we have yet to have a Warframe make minions fun. Xaku isn't an exception.
    1. Please allow us to recast accuse. BUT remove any of the minions we had from before because it's unfortunate if I accuse one enemy, then another group spawns a second later. I have to a) kill the minion, or b) wait for the duration. Most of the time for me, the minion ran off, or I ran away, and now I don't know where it is, and it would spend too much time and effort to find and kill the minion, than it would be to just kill all the enemies that spawned.  
    2. The minions that accuse creates deal no damage. Same is true with Nyx and Revenant. So it's primarily a CC ability, but it's not a good CC if I only get one enemy caught.
    3. If the accuse minions are meant to be for damage, than why does Grasp of Lohk disarm them? causing their AI to go melee, running away from me, making it even harder to kill them to then recast the ability, so I have to wait out the duration. 
    4. The base duration is fine, when I have max enemies I want to have a long time of extending my limited survivability.
  • Gaze. I love it, except 200% power strength is honestly a lot, mostly because all of his other base stats are low, that everything feels like it needs to be at 200 for him to feel usable (right now)
    1. The selection range is fine. 
    2. The radius, feels small. BUT any higher and I agree it would be very strong. 
    3. I wish the defense reduction wasn't 50% and was 70 like Ash and Banshee (They are a) augments, and b) not an AOE so I understand that) but with it being locked in an area, you would a) need a big enough area, or b) lure enemies into the area, while Ash and Banshee can just ability spam 
    4. The duration feels fine as well.
  • Deny I would be lying if I said I understood this ability. 
    1. I assume it's meant to make it easier for the player to aim for headshots, which that is very cool, except for the fact void status ruins that.
    2. Deny's damage is also lack luster, dealing 142 damage to level 60 heavy gunners with 207% strength (number says 8,280 void damage btw) 
      it does do more damage when combined with gaze, BUT. with the -50% damage reduction, it only does 4,140 while my guns will just slaughter them, in the time it takes for Deny to activate
    3. the range is nice though. 
    4. Quick changes for Deny, I would say would either be, the changes to void status, or make it chain to enemies within x meters, maybe 4m but mod able?
      the idea would require testing if it would be strong or not. But it would allow the player to make a choice of "Do I want Deny's CC and damage potential" or "Accuse's CC and extra survivability"

The Vast Untime. Cool idea, skeleton man runs fast and avoids bullets. but it's... kinda clunky

  1. The drain per second and duration. I would understand both of these IF it was 100% dodge chance. but even still, it's kinda lackluster since AOE and dots still hit.
  2. Since void damage is low, having 50% more damage is nice! Except... it's only by enemies hit by the shrapnel of your 4, which is unfortunate. 
  3. I didn't even realize the 4 did damage, its' void damage so it's low. 
  4. The slow is nice, it adds more survivability to Xaku.
  5. I understand 75% dodge chance, he's a skeleton, not a ghost, but his four all together is lackluster.
    • I can see a few changes available
      • Reduce base energy from 100 to 50, like Chroma and Equinox. Keep drain and duration, give him 100 or 75% dodge chance, slow enemies hit by his shrapnel BUT he any enemies within his range, give the 50% extra void damage. 
      • Reduce Base Energy from 100 to 50. Keep the drain, and give him 75% dodge chance, giving an AOE slow and void damage
      • Reduce Base Energy from 100 to 50. Give him duration, and give him 75% dodge chance, giving AOE slow and void damage
      • Option 1 in my opinion is the most "balanced" option two is a little stronger, and option 3 being the strongest.  


I never tested Xaku in steel path, since I feel that's unfair to judge a frame solely with steel path. But in other missions he still feels clunky / lacking of potential.  

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25 % Chance to avoid incoming shots

The % Chance is the only survivability he posses in his kit and can't be fully utilized to Xaku's advantage, even with Vast Untime active. In higher levels Xaku get downed too often and too quick.

Proposed change

Void Bearer

Whenever Xaku cast an ability a void wave is released siphoning Health from nearby ennemies

  • Only a limited amount of ennemies can be siphoned at the same time.
  • Passive Void wave has a slight cooldown before reactivating with the next cast, unaffected by mods.



Xata's Whisper

Adds Void damage to all your attack

The main issue is not in the ability itself but with the Void elemental damage.

Using a high status chance weapon downgrade your performance when the Whisper is active instead of upgrading it.

There's no reason to use this ability since all it takes is using your Amp for a brief moment to get rid of the Sentient resistance.

The ability prevents everyone (both Xaku & their allies) from targeting weak spots*.

*Headshots, Demos Saxum, Bursas, etc.


Proposed changes (1)

Reworking the void damage

There's not much to say, void damage needs a rework. If done correctly, Xata's Whisper might become good.

Proposed changes (2)

Xata's Whisper

Xaku channels future attacks with the power of the Void.

  • When activated, all of Xaku's attacks launch void missiles, stagering ennemies near the explosion.
    • Stagger could be affected by status chance.
    • The missiles deal Void damage & Strip sentients of their immunities.
    • Xaku's added Void Damage do not provoque void bubbles but weaponized void missiles.



Grasp of Lohk

Take the enemy's weapons and use them to fight back

This ability is a great idea but needs some serious buffing.

Proposed changes

Make it a hold to change skill and press to cast

General buffing

  • Xaku steals weapons in a cone, similar to (Mag) Pull.
    • Range should remain reasonable.
  • Stolen weapons scale with the ennemy levels.
    • Current version can barely deal with level 60 ennemies. Anything above that level and the skill becomes a disarm skill which counter the design of Grasp of Lohk.
  • A slight range increase is necessary
    • Current version forces us to invest heavily into range to make this skill somewhat usable.
  • We should be able to recast it
    • This will negate duration issues and save us from being stuck with only one stolen weapon for a while.



The Lost


create an area that turns enemies within its radius on their former allies

A great crowd control, does not need any big changes.

Proposed changes

Better synergy (?)

  • Allow Stolen Weapons to attack Accused enemies, Stolen Weapons prioritize non-Accused foes.



fire a Void beam that strips Sentient resistances, and hold aloft any survivors

Why would we need a sentient stripping laser when Xata's Whisper does that already, the one ennemy lift up doesn't synergies with anything in Xaku's kit, it does mediocre damage.




Proposed changes

Void Overload

  • Xaku overload an enemy with the void, granting it's target immunity to damage for a short period of time, when the time runs out, a powerful void fissure consume the target dealing all the absorbed damage by the target in a medium sized blast.




Trap enemies in a Void Cage, reducing Armor and Shields of other enemies in range

Works well.



Vast Untime

Shed your outer layers to increase your passive evasion chance to 75%, and gain a speed boost! Cast it again to reform

  1. We have the same issue that we had with the old (Nezha) firewalker.
    • We cast it for energy and are forced to use up more energy to maintain it without any way to regenerate enregy beside dropped energy orbs.
  2. As said before Evasion does nothing on higher levels, even at 75% evade chance, it takes one or two bullet to kill Xaku on higher levels
  3. Only enemies damaged by the body shrapnel suffer from the Void Weakness
  4. The slow offered by Vast Untime is unnecessary/useless
  5. The direct damage is terrible, no other way to put it. 
    • When used, at 299% strength, against various lvl 50 enemies does almost nothing and serves as an aura effect.
    • When used, at 299% strenght, the slow reaches 74% but the cost of applying and upkeeping this debuff is not worth it, especially when you're supposed to maintain multiple other skill to utilize the Void Weakness given by the Vast Untime.


Proposed changes

Void Walker

Xaku sheds the outer layers liberating Void Waves around them, each time the enemies are hit by waves Xaku begins siphoning them and applying Void DamageVoid Vulnerability Slowing Debuffs for a set duration.

  • While Vast Untime is active Xaku loose their siphoning limit.
  • Duration augments the frenquency of the Void Waves


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I really tried to make Xaku less terrible, Forma, Helminth abilities and subsumed abilities, but there's simply no way this frame can become viable or even good ina specialized role without a buff. Let's face it: Xaku has nothing going for it.

- No strong offense, 10k void damage on an ability with mods is nothing, any well modded weapon does more and has no eternal casting time, Xata's whisper is the worst elemental buff ability in the game and the unique damage type it has does nothing, because the only time when you really need it on eidolons it does. not. work. The void status proc is entirely useless.

- No defense, evade is an RNG layer of single target damage avoidance and does not work on any AoE attacks, which are the most dangerous ones. Health, Shields and energy are on the very weak side and Xaku has no way of maintaining them, completely lacking abilities to restore health and shields.

- No team value: all of the buffs Xaku can deploy are self-targeted and the crowd control abilities are a waste and weak compared to Vauban, Nyx, Frost, Nezha, Nidus et cetera. Target limits, short durations and no proper way of controlling large crowds keep Xaku from effectively defending points or targets.

- No autonomy: Xaku needs enemies to be around to use the most useful abilites: Gaze and Grasp of Lohk, which actually scales but has terrible base stats. Instead of simply being able to cast them without having enemies around it's made worse when playing with people as enemies die very quickly.

- No utility: Xaku cannot increase mobility, enhance their own abilities in any way or accelerate the completion of certain objectives.

- No sustain: Players rely on energy and health pickups or arcanes to keep themselves from starving when doing longer missions, Xaku has no own way of regenerating. Xaku is enormously energy-hungry and one won't come far without energy pads or Arcane energize. The Vast untime is one of the biggest energy-wasters in the whole game, draining lots for almost no reward.

- No Synergy: You can't just slap three ways of CC onto an ability wheel and call it a day. No abilitiy scales with the void damage buff of Xata's whisper and only enemies in the initial radius of The Vast Untime become more vulnerable to void, which is a non-scaling 50%, quite bad considering the enormous energy cost. Why doesn't Xaku have an interesting passive like Nidus or Baruuk and simply has a lazy 25% evasion which never saved anyone's life and doesn't even stack with the vast untime?

- Low specialization potential: For a frame with six abilities, Xaku offers little in terms of specialization. While other frames like Rhino, Nidus or Baruuk can be played for different extremes of power strength, tankiness, range and duration, Xaku needs all stats to be positive to be effective because none of their abilities excels in anything and all of them are equally influenced by strength, duration and range. Reducing any of these stats too much would break the frame, rendering it highly ineffective. Due to the lacking damage resitance abilities health and defensive mods are mandatory, further limiting build variety.



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I've been playing Xaku virtually nonstop as soon as I got my hands on them and while they are far from the worst frame in the game, oh my god do they have very very serious problems. The biggest of which I feel are the fact that he's a power square. He isn't like other frames who need only specialize in a few stats to work. He needs literally every stat and even say he did manage to get his hands on them he wouldn't work well. Either you don't have enough range to make his abilities hit anyone, you don't have enough duration to make your abilities last, you don't have enough strength make gaze strip armor all the way, or he's way too energy hungry. A lot of this could be fixed by simple numerical changes but this also wouldn't fix a lot of his other issues.

The thing is, even if he did get a ton of stat boosts, that isn't going to change the fact that his 1 is useless because void damage sucks. His 2 is also not great because if your teammates happen to come in and kill the enemies you're trying to disarm suddenly you just wasted energy and only have 2 weapons floating by you, on top of that it also does void damage meaning its essentially doing half damage to most of the enemies in the game. His 2 would honestly work way better if it was made into a low energy drain toggle that stole enemies weapons as they entered his range with each individual weapon having a charge limit based on ability duration with that weapon expiring once it runs out of charges and please for the love of god get rid of the weapon limit. (Side note: I may just be a bit picky but I also hate the fact that the stolen weapons only line up on his left side, couldn't they be split between his right and left?) Accuse is honestly something I feel is out of place in the kit, its essentially an AOE mind control which not only steps on Nyx's and Revenant's toes a bit, but it cant be recasted at all if even one enemy is still affected and it costs waaaaay too much energy for what it does which is a common theme in Xaku's kit as a whole, honestly I'd say to scrap that ability in favor of something that helps his survivability cause god does he need it. Gaze on the other hand, is mostly fine, only issue is mostly numerical stuff such as the strip requiring 200% strength to be worthwhile cause anything less than no armor is worthless, and the cast time and range, as a side note I do think it would be better if it also added some void damage weakness. Deny, I wish I could love this ability but as it stands, its slow, its weak, its tiny, it costs too much, this one mostly needs some stat changes and for the love of god, rework void damage to be a desirable damage type, if you're going to give him a cool laser beam you should make it worth using, I personally think it could be way better if it applied some form of debuff on top of the suspend, for example I would love it if the beam was giving an arcing effect and when it hit enemies it causes them to explode with a 6m time slow around them.

Let's just get down to business with the biggest stinker of his abilities, his ultimate. Oh my god this ability is a mess, it costs way too much, is both channeling and duration based, there's not enough of an indication as to which enemies got hit, why is it line of sight, most of the effects are only on the initial burst so its not encouraged to keep the ability active. The list goes on and on and on top of what i've already said, a 50% increase in evasion which isn't affected by mods is very bad because the thing with evasion is, if it cant keep you from getting hit long enough for rolling guard to recharge, then it isn't going to help you survive at all because adaptation will wear off in the time you're not getting hit and when you do get hit, you just get one shot because the time between bullets hitting you isn't enough for shield gating to recharge. If you really want this ability to be good, you're gonna need to tone down the energy drain and initial cost and get rid of the duration, give it stuff other than just the evasion to help his survivability and make it so his casing swirls around him, constantly hitting enemies in range and applying the debuffs  as an incentive to keep it running.

Looking past all the gameplay things that suck, there are a few visual aspects that are kinda not good as well, as i've mentioned above why does his 2 only leave guns on his left instead of being divided between both sides. The gear wheel for his 3 could stand to have some color, same with Grendel's selectable wheel. Why do your attachments and syandana stay on during his 4, it just looks super bad having them float in place and the lack of a distinct animation during his 4 makes it look even worse.

Overall despite his flaws I have high hopes for this frame in the future and do hope you'll buff him well as you guys down at DE have done so often in the past.

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Forgot to add in a suggestion for his 2
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After 2 formas worth playing Xaku, I think i have a pretty good grasp on what Xaku needs for buffs


Passive: buff the base stats and this would be a much better passive and will really help with there survivability. Would also be nice if there was a visual effect on Xaku that signified that they Ignored the damage, Its just nice seeing the passive in action.

Xata's Whisper: Rework Void damage. The damage buff is nice but the little mag bubble it makes is surprisingly inconvenient for head shots. It would also be also nice if the ability had some extra utility.

  • Xata's Whisper: Held effect- Creates a small Aura around Xaku that provide the damage buff and void damage for allies (This way, allies can take advantage of the                                  debuffed enemies effected by Xakus 4

Grasp of Lohk: Needs a damage buff and should do additional status depending on your currently equipped weapon, as well as some additional protective utility.

  • Grasp of Lohk: Additional utility- Stolen weaponry also fires at oncoming enemy projectiles and nullifies them (Note: Im all for not giving Xaku DR and give them more                             unique ways of midigateing/Avoiding damage.)

The Lost: multiple abilities with potential that could use some extra help

  • Accuse: A good crowd control that could use extra utility to justify a 75 energy cost.
    • If all enemies affected by accuse are killed, accuse will automatically reactivate above the last killed enemy at double range. Enemies affect by accuse also deal void damage
  • Gaze:  Base Range needs to be slightly increased. increase base stats of defense strip so 200% power strength isent needed for 100% defense strip
  • Deny: This ability in itself needs to be reworked. It costs way to much and does FAAARRR to little. Heres my suggestion for reworking it
    • Xaku releases a beam of void energy that creates a large void mass on impact. The void mass slowly pulls in enemies to it and pulses a large blast of void damage every 3 seconds. Xaku and allies can shoot the void mass to build up damage for the next pulse.
      • Each pulse from the Mass resets sentient defenses
      • The mass has a chance to proc extra status effects from Tenno weaponry 
      • Damage build up has a very high cap 
      • range from blast is doubled when damage cap is reached 

The Vast Untimed: Let movement speed be affected by mods, remove the channeled energy drain, increase evasion percentage to 90%. The ability could also do for some additional mechanics

  • Unleashing there warframe casing, Xaku unleashes his true form, generating a constant flow of void energy.
    • Xaku emits a continues aura of void energy that makes nearby enemies weaker to void damage
      • Xaku and allies within the aura have there warframe charged and regenerate there energy and increases there energy pool and power strength






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Alright so I have been attempting this for days now and finally have time to sit down and do this. First thank you DE, really cool to see another community made Warframe. Now there are clearly some glaring issues with Xaku. I would say the biggest issue is that this frame doesn't really make any sense to play or optimise. So I will go through each ability, the flaws and then a suggestion for a change or replacement potentially.

To get started, their passive:

25% chance to avoid damage.

Problem: This is fundamentally counter intuitive in your game. If I walk up to 4 enemies there is a chance that 1 of them will hit me, 4 of them will hit me or any combination in between will hit me. There is no control here for how the player deals with incoming damage. It's all up to rng which should never ever be the case. It also doesn't affect procs and radial damage. Just because you avoided the bombard rocket that would kill you doesn't mean you are safe. The problem here is just that it is random chance that you live or die and that this is Xaku's ONLY "defensive" ability. Sure cc is great but we will come to why it makes no sense here in a minute.

Solution: My suggestion would be to do 1 of 2 things. My first idea would be to make it a stacking chance to avoid damage. Every time you get hit you get a 9% chance to avoid the next hit stacking to 99%. 1% chance you get hit which should in no way kill you if you have shields up. This also makes it so that you can actually play around their passive ability by carefully monitoring it. The alternative suggestion would be to make it behave like a pendulum. Have the chance to avoid damage start at 1% and steadily climb to 100% on a smooth scale, say 1%/0.3 seconds. At 30 seconds you a guarantee to dodge incoming damage for 2 seconds before it swings back the other way to 0%. This method would also give the player a way to utilise Xaku's passive through control and clever gameplay as opposed to it's current rng based form.

Xata's Whisper

Added Void Damage.

Problem: The problem is actually inherently the fact that this is void damage. There are 2 main issues with this. First that void damage doesn't give us an advantage against ANY enemy type in the game besides Sentients and even then is easily replaced with an amp or Umbra howl or even Paracesis. The second is that it actually is detrimental to status weapons because of the bullet attractors you end up missing head shots which is a damage loss as well as massively important for a few weapons to hit.

Solution: There are 2 solutions. The most obvious would be to rework void damage. Give it real resistances and weaknesses and change the proc effect. The more extreme solution would be to change this ability entirely. My suggestion for this would be to use this ability to replace Accuse from The Lost. Have it create mirror images of enemies in your FoV and force enemies to attack them. I know this may sound crazy but I am going somewhere with that one so just hold on.

Grasp of Lohk

Disarm enemies in a radius around you.

Problem: This ability centred around Xaku. Why? This frame has the constitution of an overcooked noodle why do I have to put myself in harm's way to disarm enemies? Why would I not just kill them with a really fast melee attack?

Solution: Make this a ranged ability. Make it a cone. Only affects enemies you can see. Weapons you steal can only attack enemies you have vision of in front of you.

The Lost

Accuse: Mind control targets in a radius around your target location.

Gaze: Remove armor and shields from enemies within an area around the affected target.

Deny: Deals damage with a beam. Enemies that survive are lifted off the ground.

Problem: This ability should not be a "3-in-1".  Deny is hands down useless outside of maybe a very strange melee combo build. The real problem here is Gaze. It can achieve 100% armour and shield strip, in a very small area, with a very short duration and top top that off it doesn't actually stay if the enemy leaves the area.

Solution: Remove Accuse and Deny. Xaku really does not need these 2 abilities. They not only feel clunky but they are also not effective at all. Why mind control a crowd if I could just kill them? Why life a single enemy off the ground when I could just kill them? The only ability with any honest use is Gaze. But it needs a boost to it's base stats. I could suffer 50% armour and shield strip if it had a good range and duration already. But due to how mods actually work you need to sacrifice certain stats to achieve either effectiveness or range and or duration.

The Vast Untime

Xaku self-destructs. Enemies caught in the blast are damaged, slowed and made vulnerable to void damage while Xaku moves faster and jumps to 75% chance to avoid damage.

Problem: Oh boy is there a lot to work through here. First energy cost. Base cost on this is 100 energy. But then we add in the channeling cost as well. This ability AVERAGES A 200 ENERGY COST. Now you may think oh well you can just turn it off and save that energy, yes you could but this is the only boost to survival that Xaku actually gets outside of mind controlling a crowd or disarming them. Which again you could just kill. Next that is the only persistent effect from this ability. The slow and damage vulnerability are not persistent. If an enemy was not caught in the blast they do not take more void damage and are not slowed. There is no rationale to spamming a 100 energy cost ability for a minor damage increase and a slow. Beyond that the 75% chance to avoid damage is still negligible, it's still rng based survivability.

Solution: Where to go with this. There are so many directions this 4 could be taken. You could simply make the damage vulnerability a persistent effect in an area around Xaku. You could remove the channeling cost. You could remove the initial cost and make it toggled. Here is what I have in mind. Untie this from their survivability, reduce the energy cost,and make it a continuous effect on the area around Xaku. Or the second more intense suggestion replace it. My suggestion is that enemies affected by Xaku's other abilities can be targeted and affected by The Vast Untime, which violently wrenches enemies and their copies toward your target while detonating the copies mentioned in my suggested replacement for Xaku's first ability. Enemies that survive are made vulnerable to void damage.


Now maybe some of this sounds overpowered but Xaku is clearly not really a complete frame. Abilities are clunky and disjointed. They hardly make sense together. The theme honestly barely makes sense. This is the broken frame but they are all about the void. Beyond what was mentioned and suggested here Xaku needs some serious QoL changes to be played in such a fast paced game. Although I am sure you have seen enough about those suggestions to understand what needs to change on that front.

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Generic Stock Abilities as in stuff can be thrown on pretty much any other frame and as long as you change it's name it'll fit right in. Usually for Frames where such an ability fits perfectly, or for when you just need to fill a gap. For example, Saryn's Toxic Lash is as stock as you can get. Give it to 99% other Frames, change the name to something thematic, and boom, it's their ability. Exalibur's Radial Javelin. Frost's Freeze (literally just a small elemental projectile, nothing else). Zephyr's Airburst. Revenant's Reave and Hydroid's Tidal Surge can be fit into virtually any frame with a name change.

A lot of Frames have these stock abilities. Xaku, is composed of nothing but these stock abilities.


Contrast with unique signature abilities that defines a Warframe, usually they're stuff only that Warframe can feasibly pull off. For example, good luck trying to rationalize Titania's Razorwing ability on other Warframes. Or try to make Grendel's Devour work as well on others as it does thematically on him.


Xata's Whisper is pretty self-explanatory. It's Toxic Lash, but Void. It wasn't very inspired on Saryn and it's even worse on Xata because it's 2020 and I thought we were past abilities like these.


Grasp of Lohk is very cool. I don't know what it has to do with being "void" or being broken. But it looks very cool. I wish it was one of Mag's abilities because that's totally what Magneto did in X-Men. I'm conflicted by how cool it looks and is, and how little it has to do with being a broken warframe, or void based. This is very much a Mag ability that belonged on Mag. Or even Nyx ('mind controlling the enemy's weapons')


"The Lost" is another cycling ability where you use 3 random abilities. They have a very Harrow vibe, I assume Accuse refers to those Void Fissure missions that randomly BLAMS and corrupts random enemies. But really, it's just another 3 random generally useful abilities. You can make the case that they're the powers of the Warframes Xata is composed of, but if that's the case, it's not communicated in its aesthetics and visuals.


The Vast Untime LOOKS super cool. But end of the day it's a radial-nuke+debuff and buff to Xaku. It's wordy. It does a lot of things. It's just a Super Steroid. But unlike, say, Gauss' Red Line where it's another another Super Steroid where it's extremely obvious what you're going with (you're overclocking him like a car engine going past the red line), Xaku's is just very...arbitrary. Plus, with someone like Gauss, his Mach Rush is already what defines him and gives him his identity as a personified jet engine or race car, Xaku doesn't really have anything.



As someone who can tear out her warframe bits at will, you'd think Xaku should be able to have enhanced reach with her melee weapons, or shoot a hand out to choke an enemy at range. Or go Reverse-Voltron. Something that will fit mostly just Xaku and few others. Or you can even borrow elements from past frames to spice Xaku up.


For example...

The Vast Untime: Upon activation, the body parts will fly around and assault nearby enemies like Titania's Razorwing butterflies. Arms and Legs will knock enemies around while the head bites or shoots void beams.


Grasp of Lohk: Mostly cosmetic, but what if it's Xata shooting her hands to grab enemy weapons, and while the guns hover around her, they have Xata's detached hands on the handle?


Xata's Whisper: Just outright remake it. Her kit is composed of way too many fire and forget "buffs" already. And like I said earlier, it's bland on Saryn, and it's worse on Xata who is released on 2020.

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While I think the part about those abilities being so interchangeable is a bit off-base (Tidal Surge is a stretch), I would sooner tie something like Grasp of Lohk to Loki's Disarm. Indeed, there's some parts of Xaku's kit I see as something I could see fitting a Loki modernization: Grasp of Lohk style on Disarm, Gaze as an extra effect on Switch Teleport targets...

</shrug> Anyway...

I think Vast Untime can be tweaked by making the debuff AoE constant, noted by the parts swirling around Xaku and dealing damage / CC along with the Void vulnerability debuff. The idea behind it seems sound (I don't see a disconnect between the design and the ability), it's just a little too "one and done".

Deny seems more like a 1 ability, and existing Xata's Whisper its augment. That may be a bit "vanilla" since it fits with the same stylings as Oberon and Ember (and Frost and Volt and...), but I don't think "fitting with what's worked before" is necessarily a bad thing.

I kind of feel that the trifecta of The Lost would be better relating to Void Fissure buffs. Perhaps one grants increased ammo economy and combo efficiency to Xaku or a targeted ally, one increases ability strength and range, and perhaps Gaze could be kept and Accuse and Grasp of Lohk could be combined into their 2 ability. (OTT regarding Grasp of Lohk: I think the idea of having Xaku's hands hold weapons doesn't work just for numbers reasons: Xaku has two hands but can pull more than 2 weapons from enemies. It don't add up.)

Also, the biggest thing Xaku needs IMO is a change to Void damage. It has a proc best described as "meh" and only two negative multipliers on health types: no positive bonuses against anything. That's probably the single biggest knee-capping part of their existing kit.

If they wanted to be especially unique and double-down on the idea of Xaku being combined parts of 3 deceased Warframes: do Equinox style. 1 cycles between all three (tap to select, hold to change), 2 and 3 are abilities from each of the former Warframes, and Vast Untime continues as it always does (or, perhaps, works as a 4th form, so the other forms become reasons to disable Vast Untime - at least occasionally). They could probably slip in a couple of other ability ideas that didn't initially make the cut that way, too. Perhaps a bit hodge-podge as an end result, but that's kind of the point.

(I do, personally, feel there's a fundamental narrative issue in using Void as a Warframe theme. It's kind of like Cthulu: it's most effective when disembodied, not presented in a tangible form. Xaku pretty much gives tangible form to the Void. Worse yet, that tangible form sits on par with mundane things like fire or plague. It was bad enough that the gameplay neutered the Void beam from Second Dream (and I won't get into how Deimos and Necramechs really knee-capped the significance of Tenno). To put some eldrich kind of energy on par with a hot summer day is just worse.)

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I've been using Xaku nonstop since they came out. I've come to the realization of what they need and some rather in-depth feedback.

The first problem, is Xaku's survivability. I've never used a frame that has died as much as Xaku has. They constantly go down, despite the 25% damage ignore passive and the ultimate that's literally just the passive but stronger. Many issues arise here, as not only the passive and the ultimate are the same, but both are entirely useless. Why? Because they only have under 200 armor base and low health as well. They can ignore damage 75% of the time, sure, but the 25% of the time that damage IS taken, Xaku gets absolutely melted in one hit. I even died to electric traps on Uranus doing over 100 damage ticks to me, where on other Warframes, it doesn't even bust their shield. Xaku's ultimate is also very expensive, costing 100 whopping energy, a duration limit, AND constant drain!

If I cant show how absurd this is to use an ULTIMATE ABILITY that is literally just the passive, but it drains all of your energy, then try Xaku out yourself. Xaku needs armor, and more health, if they have any hope of becoming a solid frame. 

A lot of folk have been saying Xaku's second ability, the gun stealing one, is useless. Its rather situational, as the ability scales infinitely in damage due to the damage being based on the enemy level. But there's a small problem. They do almost no damage to armor. Even if you use Gaze to lower their defense, and you have Corrosive Projection on, the damage is absolutely awful against the Grineer faction, but it's very solid, while not overpowered, against the others. A solution would be, in my opinion, to rework void damage to have some sort of connection to armor, and bypassing armor. This would give Xaku a reason to use their 1 to augment some way to bypass armor, as well as allow more viability in *spoilers* mode, allowing you to actually damage armored targets better. This would also allow Xaku's gameplay to be more rewarding by having a reason to use their first and second ability in unison.

I think as well, that allowing Xaku's void damage ability to be cast on teammates close-by similar to how Rhinos "roar" works.

We also have to circle back to Xaku's ult, "The Vast Untime" and think of changes. Gara's secondary ability, "Splinter Storm", allows her to ignore 90% of damage TAKEN, rather than having a 90% chance to ignore damage. This is how Xaku's ultimate should be approached. I think Xaku's passive is absolutely fine, its a unique passive that fits in with their theme of being broken, full of holes, and hard to hit. However, Xaku's ultimate shouldn't just be her passive. ESPECIALLY at such an insane cost in energy to keep going.

Their 3rd ability, and the sub-abilities, are up next. The issue with them is, while Gaze and Accuse are useful, being a damage reducer and a crowd controller respectively, Deny is an ability that floats enemies in the air and does some damage to them. But..it seems limited to only about 4 enemies and the damage is absolutely puny compared to the rest of Xaku's kit. Because of the energy drain amount, how useless it is, how unhelpful it really is in gameplay, and how low the damage is, it needs to be looked at. I think what it needs is:

1. Scaled damage based on health, like Xaku's 1

2. Don't make it need to be AIMED AT an enemy to actually work. Make it be usable on the ground nearby the enemies.

3. Increase the amount of enemies it actually grabs.

While its not a great ability in the slightest, its also not something that needs much work. It would be a very useful crowd control ability that lets you get out of trouble.

Now, Xaku's stats. Circling back to the beginning of my comment, we realize how squishy Xaku is. They go down incredibly easily, and its actually rather frustrating. This is an amalgamated monster of a Warframe that terrifies enemies, an old war weapon of mass destruction, that dies to electric mines..

This simply doesn't do.

Suggested stats:

Armor: 235  (357 at rank 30)

Health: 193 (317 at rank 30)

Xaku's base energy and sprint speed are otherwise fine, in my opinion.

Despite all my suggestions, I have to say that despite their flaws, Xaku is my new main Warframe and I absolutely love using them. They're just too non-viable and too squishy to work in anything more than level 80 unless you've got arcane guardian. The armor, health, damage output against armor, are just too low, and their ultimate is ultimately useless.

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9 minutes ago, Tyreaus said:

While I think the part about those abilities being so interchangeable is a bit off-base (Tidal Surge is a stretch), I would sooner tie something like Grasp of Lohk to Loki's Disarm. Indeed, there's some parts of Xaku's kit I see as something I could see fitting a Loki modernization: Grasp of Lohk style on Disarm, Gaze as an extra effect on Switch Teleport targets...

For Tidal Surge, try to put some distance away from it's name Tidal Surge and it's watery effects and look at it's fundamental mechanical process. It's basically taking your Warframe and moving it into a direction while damaging the enemies. Mechanically...what does it really do for Hydroid other than letting his puddle form move faster?

Now let's see how I can diddle with it in different Warframes.

Atlas: Rockslide - Becomes a pile of rock and rushes forth, damaging and knocking enemies in his path.

Volt: Power Surge - Become pure electricity and rushes forth, damaging and applying electric proc to enemies in his path.

Revenant: Reave -Become pure sentient energy or whatever and rushes forth, damaging enemies and healing Revenant

Ember: Fire Surge - Becomes a wall of fire and rushes forth, damaging and applying fire proc to enemies in his path.

Xaku: Stretch Armstrong - Stretches Xaku's broken arms and legs out and lie on the ground so Xaku rolls at the enemies...damaging and applying void proc to enemies in her path.

You get the idea. Might not fit 100% of the frames, but it sure fits a whole lot quite easily.



I do, personally, feel there's a fundamental narrative issue in using Void as a Warframe theme. It's kind of like Cthulu: it's most effective when disembodied, not presented in a tangible form. Xaku pretty much gives tangible form to the Void.

I do agree with this. The void is far too arbitrary and unexplored as a concept to make a Frame with it so far. With Revenant, he should have stuck with the Vampire theme, but atleast we have a good sense of what sentients and eidolons are enough to see what Revenant has to do with them. But not so much for Xaku. Also, isn't Limbo himself enough for a Void frame?



I think Vast Untime can be tweaked by making the debuff AoE constant, noted by the parts swirling around Xaku and dealing damage / CC along with the Void vulnerability debuff. The idea behind it seems sound (I don't see a disconnect between the design and the ability), it's just a little too "one and done".

It's a pretty ability, a spectacle for the eyes the first time you see it. But it...really doesn't stand out mechanically once again. As hard as people meme over the whole "LOL SPOOKY SKELLYTON!" it's a really mechanically forgettable ability that doesn't make Xaku stand out in anyway. Think about other Frames, like how people immediately associate Titania with shrinking down into a mini-archwing faerie, or how Grendel can eat people and roll around as a ball, or Wisps' motes. Those are all abilities that really defines their respective frames and gives them their identity.

That's the issue with Xaku's Vast Untime (and really, the rest of her kit, the most noteworthy part of her kit is how disappointing Xata's Whisper is design wise)



Deny seems more like a 1 ability, and existing Xata's Whisper its augment. That may be a bit "vanilla" since it fits with the same stylings as Oberon and Ember (and Frost and Volt and...), but I don't think "fitting with what's worked before" is necessarily a bad thing.

That's actually a very good idea. I'm still not sold on the concept of a Void frame at all, but it works if they're sticking to it.



I think the idea of having Xaku's hands hold weapons doesn't work just for numbers reasons: Xaku has two hands but can pull more than 2 weapons from enemies. It don't add up

I was envisioning something more along the lines that her various body parts warping makeshift fingers to hold the guns.



But really, my main concern is her "made of many separate warframe parts"-concept is REALLY under-utilized, to the point that I wish they didn't even make her like this so another Warframe can take the "detachable Warframe parts" idea and actually do something with it. Xaku has the look down, but none of her kit capitalizes on it.

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TLDR; It ain't good.

So I've put a few forma in, and I've been playing around in realistic content, and these are my impressions of Xaku.


Passive: 25% to evade incoming damage.

It's not bad, it's just not interesting or ever actually noticible. There's a lot of potential with a broken frame made of components from a bunch of different frames, I just think this was the least imaginative possible choice.


Xata's Whisper: Add void damage to all weapons.

I can't see a place I ever find this useful. I understand that his whole kit revolves around void damage, but when I can subsume either Shock Trooper or Smite Infusion that are both infinitely better, why would I want void? It does terrible damage to everything, and worse it effectively reduces the status chance of your weapons by wasting procs on void procs. Void procs don't stack, they often don't help, and can make weapons miss entirely. While levelling up the Cortege, I made the mistake of activating this ability and found that its beam completely refracts off the bubble and hits nothing. I legitimately don't know how to fix this ability because being stronger would make me want to use it less as the disadvantages get bigger. Void damage needs a full rework both in procs and in resistances if this ability is ever going to be decent.


Grasp of Lohk: Disarm nearby enemies and use their weapons as floating auto-target drones.

This ability is actually half-decent, and fun to use. Disarming enemies is good solid, damage that sclaes off of level is ok, the only issue is dealing VOID damage again because against basically anything that matters (ie, past the star chart) it's like firing off a bunch of spud guns. It has some big annoyances too; 

1. No recasting. If you happen to cast right as a Saryn nukes everything nearby, you get one gun and you're stuck with it until it runs out.

2. Tiny base range and duration. In order to be decently effective it requires a heap of modding, as well as high enemy density which just doesn't happen frequently enough. The targetting range is also garbage, you basically need to be in melee range to shoot lasers. As far as I can tell that range isn't even moddable.

3. Just a personal note, kinda feels crap that the type of guns don't matter at all. Yes, the models of the void weapons change, but they all hit the same, they all fire at the same rate. Stealing a gun from a bombard should feel like it has more oomph than getting a void orb from a scorpion that has no gun. Of course that brings the issue of infested not having weapons so it would just be garbage against them, so who knows.

4. Unaffected by Xata's Whisper. It's firing weapons with void damage, why in the world is that not amplified by his 1 to add more void damage?

5. Targetting with the Lost. It WILL target enemies who are invulnerable in Gaze, but WON'T target vulnerable enemies affected by Accuse. What in the hell is that interaction?


The Lost:

Accuse: Cast an AOE that makes enemies allies briefly.

75 energy to cast a much worse Hallowed Ground. Why? It affects a limited number of enemies, it neither buffs you against them, nor them against other enemies. It does not have a lingering aoe to affect new enemies. This ability needs a complete rework. Also enemies affected are immune to Grasp of Lohk targetting.

Gaze: Make an enemy invulnerable and create an AOE around them them that reduces shields and armour.

The peak of Xaku's kit, and that's really not saying much. Again, this suffers from an absolutely tiny AOE. At the very least he can disarm enemies so they can't just stand on the edges shooting in. This requires 200% strength to fully strip armour and shields, which isn't 100% necessary, but definitely one of the biggest upsides of his kit. Unfortunately that means you're modding for strength, AND duration, AND range, and you probably still want efficiency on that. Again some annoyances; Grasp of Lohk will target the invulnerable enemy wasting potential shots in its short duration, and you cannot remove Grasp if you don't have enough energy to cast Grasp, which at 75 base is likely, leaving you impotent to remove the effect and kill the enemy when it's no longer useful.

Deny: Beam of void damage that lifts enemies.

Relatively low damage (again, void.) Relatively worthless CC for the tiny width of the beam. Most importantly, 75 energy for an underwhelming ability again. On the upside; you don't need to worry about cycling your 3rd ability because Gaze is the only one that's worth the energy cost.


The Vast Untime: Explode, dealing damage in line of sight and lowering resistance to void damage as well as speed. Move faster and gain 75% evasion.

The Vast Why Bother? Has a cast cost, then a drain AND a duration. This is just a button that basically says "I would like no energy please." Evasion is terrible as a defensive stat. It SHOULD have been learnt with Titania who had 2 sources of evasion and never got used until a bunch of mods that stacked damage reduction while airborne were allowed on her. In high level content, Evasion is just a matter of "how long until I get one-shot" which does not work in real gameplay. Lowering vulnerability to void damage would be alright, if not for the fact that it only affects the enemies in a small AOE AND in line of sight on the cast, not any of the enemies during the channel/duration. This NEEDS to apply the debuff around you continually. Honestly, just rework this entirely. For being "the vast untime" it would be infinitely better if it paused the duration of all currently active abilities, which would cover some of his weaknesses in short-lived abilities that need basically every moddable stat.



Abilities have terrible range and duration, but also demand strength (and efficiency.) This means you either build for one or two stats, leaving most of the abilities garbage in some critical aspect, or pulling your build in so many directions that no given effect feels satisfying. The Lost Gaze requires strength, duration and range to feel worth the tremendous cost, Grasp of Lohk requires range, strength and duration to feel worth casting at all. The Vast Untime and Xata's Whisper are not redeemable with modding. On top of all of that, ability cast times are overwhlemingly long. Even running Natural Talent in a build which already struggles for space it feels oppressive to cast a single ability.

In order to feel like a worthwhile fram to play, here's what I believe should happen:

  • Rework void damage, both the resistances against it, and the status effect.
  • Allow Grasp of Lohk to be recast.
  • Apply Xata's Whisper to Grasp of Lohk.
  • Lower the energy cost of The Lost, rework Accuse and buff Deny. Allow Gaze to be removed from a target while not having sufficient energy to cast a new Gaze.
  • Remove the drain per second on The Vast Untime. Apply void resistance reduction through the whole duration, not just on initial cast. Find some way of replacing Evasion with a useful form of damage reduction.
  • While The Vast Untime is active, pause the duration of all currently active abilities.
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6 minutes ago, anarchy753 said:

The Vast Why Bother? Has a cast cost, then a drain AND a duration. This is just a button that basically says "I would like no energy please." Evasion is terrible as a defensive stat. It SHOULD have been learnt with Titania who had 2 sources of evasion and never got used until a bunch of mods that stacked damage reduction while airborne were allowed on her. In high level content, Evasion is just a matter of "how long until I get one-shot" which does not work in real gameplay.

This. Xaku effectively doesn't even have a real ultimate. Most warframes that have damage reduction as one of their abilities usually have it on their 2nd or 3rd ability for way less energy.

I think Deny should just be scrapped. Both the damage and CC are bad. Then move Grasp of Lohk to be one of the sub-abilities of The Lost. With the freed ability slot, move his current ultimate to be his 2 and give him a completely new ultimate. The kit is so bad currently.

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6 minutes ago, Wyrmius_Prime said:

This. Xaku effectively doesn't even have a real ultimate. Most warframes that have damage reduction as one of their abilities usually have it on their 2nd or 3rd ability for way less energy.

I think Deny should just be scrapped. Both the damage and CC are bad. Then move Grasp of Lohk to be one of the sub-abilities of The Lost. With the freed ability slot, move his current ultimate to be his 2 and give him a completely new ultimate. The kit is so bad currently.

I wouldn't like that, just for the fact that I'd then have to constantly swap between Grasp and Gaze to play effectively.

I'd so much prefer they just redo its lore a little bit, make Xata, Lohk, and a third Requiem represent the 3 frames that make them up. That way rather than a stupid toggle ability that costs too much energy to make use of its many abilties anyway, we could just have damage buff, disarm, and armour reduction as the 3 abilities tied to the 3 frames. That leaves the ultimate open for something based around being a mashup and broken. The kit loses NOTHING if Accuse and Deny are deleted outright.

(So like, Xata's Whisper, Grasp of Lohk, Gaze of Ris, then an ultimate about being broken)

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A solution should be remove all his 4 abilities giving him just a powerful one. For example when he dies and you have 1 activated,  the teammates can grab rare resources from him scraps.

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Just now, bibmobello said:

A solution should be remove all his 4 abilities angive his just a powerful one. For example when he dies and you have 1 activated  the teammates can grab rare resources from his scraps.


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my first impressions after playing and leveling it to 30.

skill1)don't seem to significantly alter damage, is it the mini mag bubbles? they not happen nearly often enough, fire and forget buff for a marginal damage increase?

skill2)if it can't get guns its supposed to grab some orb but most the time it dosn't even do that, it probably should do "something" every time you use it! even if there are no targets ? also its insanely short duration

skill3)I hate this, mostly because there is no description in game what the different abilities do, a cc that does one thing, a cc that does another thing or an AOE "cc" maybe it should just be ONE skill that does all 3 ? it doesn't seem to be a thing that NEEDS to be a choice. maybe the armor shield resistance strip could be built into 2 and 3 could just be the AOE thing ?

skill4)press it for a 1 in 4 chance of dying or does it stack to 100% with the passive ? if it does it seems like I want to be in ugly skeleton mode all the time? but it doesn't really last long enough at all base.

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I just want to say his best ability, the defense removal, it is just a worse version of pillage which is now helminth. Sad to say i actually considered it because his survivability is so bad.

Also can we please have attachments/ sayandanas dissappear when the 4 is active as well? It's really strange that there are still floating pieces around him.

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High cost low reward is this frames issue. 

The passive needs to add an energy return to Xaku every time the passive activates. Xaku is dependent on their abilities to survive, with low shields and health this frame needs its void kits.

Xata's Whisper needs to flow through the kit effecting grasp of lokh and the Lost's Deny allowing them to proc void status as well as gaining a damage buff from Xata's Whisper.

Xata's Whisper needs to also work as it does not give a damage boost to weapons and does not proc with all weapon types regardless of status chance for example the cyanex doesn't work unless you use the burst alt fire. Using Xata's Whisper in any gun does not increase the damage at all and only gives a proc chance.

Remove the void proc nerf of 3s and raise it to the proc standard of 6s. Move the redirection from the stomach of target's to near their head while maintaining the same size bubble.

Allow grasp of lokh to benefit from Xata's Whisper with a damage buff based on the  the extra damage buff % and allow the void proc to work while Xata's Whisper is used. This will help with damage mitigation and a damage boost due to the void proc bubbles redirection of enemy fire.

The Lost deny needs a useful rework for the cost, extremely slow cast time and single target effect that only lifts targets in the air for no apparent reason.

Add an aggro to the lifted target and a void rift over their heads that gives energy back to xaku per second/hit.

Xaku's 4th needs to have the drain removed or the timer removed. The 75% only allows for dodging bullets. Bombards, infested aoes, flamethrower and melee kill xaku. If xaki takes away their guns then they can't shoot so they do melee which xaku cant dodge, that counter productive.

change the 4th to avoid 75% of damage

Lastly, let xaku effect eidolons as part of their passive. This prevent issues with other frames that have subsumed Xata's Whisper. You can always make a slight buff or change to the eidolons if needed.

This is a void frame, the void is a source of power and defies the laws of space and time even able to keep vor alive right? Apply that to Xaku with these changes.


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