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Heart of Deimos: Xaku Feedback Megathread

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After having reread a few pages of this thread,
and having tested Xaku for more than 1 week, here are the points of which I am absolutely certain.
Xaku is already among my favorites warframes. The concept, the visual, the sound, the powers ideas, love it all. But in game, the issues are obvious.

  • Passive: 25% chance to dodge incomming projectile.
    I'm absolutely sure it's the same as having no passive.
    We have to find something real for them.
    Maybe, health, shield, and armor bonus, affected by Operator advancement ? Their number of focus school unlocked ?
  • Xata's whisper:
    The current void status, prevents headshot.
    It may be convenient for the Xaku player, but some team members may have a headshot based build.
    And personally, I still don't see the connection between Void and a magnetic bubble. So it is obvious that the void status needs to be changed, and I have seen lots of ideas in this thread.
    Amplification of other statuses, reduction of resistance, randomized status, there is choice.
    Apart from that, we therefore have a void damage bonus, which applies to Xaku's weaponry, but why doesn't it apply to the other void damage that Xaku uses?
    Weapons stolen by Grasp of Lohk literally shoot with void damage, and no, they don't qualify for the bonus?
    Deny's Void beam, isn't it enough Void to deserve the bonus?
  • Grasp of Lohk:
    Overall fun to use, and most often effective.
    But also frustrating. Why ?
    We steal enemy weapons, ranged weapons.
    So, it's to kill distant enemies, isn't it?
    8m with the basic range ..?
    22.2m with 278% range. (it's a build that ultimately sacrifices efficiency, and that doesn't help Xaku at all ..)
    So the opinion is unanimous I think in this thread, the range needs a buff.
    Personally, I am also thinking of adding functionality.
    Hold to produce the small void fissure away. And thus steal the weapons of distant enemies.
    But more importantly, what is this cooldown?
    If the ability can affect 6 targets at most in stats, why can't we re-cast it until you've hit all 6 targets? First time I see this, it's purely a horror of frustration.
    And it's the same on Accuse. I don't understand how this could have seemed like the right idea to do.
  • The lost:
  • Accuse:
    A base range improvement is needed again, so that you don't need a specialized range build to be of use.
    Let's not forget the problem of cooldown and the inability to reach the target cap in several times.
    An interesting additional synergy could be:
    Weapons stolen from targets affected by Accuse, are ??% stronger.
    The base range is just ridiculous, 8m.
    And the base duration is also rather average for a 3rd power at 75 energy which is supposed to be placed strategically.
    I am sincerely sad that this is the ability I use the least.
    Because the visual and the sound are just magnificent.
    But the effect ? A bullet jump close to the enemy has more consequences.

But overall, the fact that these abilities are grouped into a selection, negatively affects the fluidity of Xaku's gameplay.
So, I come up with a solution that will take advantage of that, in a way.

"Maintain more".

  • Accuse:
    • Hold for a bit, and the ability is used normally.
    • Hold continuously, and Xaku will focus their energy on the targeted area, expanding it, and corrupting many more targets.
      The area will experience pulses of void energy coming from the center, overloading targets, causing them to explode upon death.
  • Gaze:
    • Hold a little for classic ability.
    • Hold continuously, to increase the strength of the debuff, as well as a range bonus.
      This will allow you not to necessarily need a build at 200% power strength.
  • Deny:
    • Hold a little for conventional use.
      (increase the colision width, this thing only hits once in five currently)
    • Hold continuously for a void beam increasingly dangerous.
    • Synergy: If the beam is directed at a target affected by Gaze, it is split and guided to all enemies within Gaze's range.

 Take 5min to imagine what that could give in practice please ..

  • Vast Untime.
    An epic name, for an ability not at all epic.
    Again, visual and sound, perfect.
    The damage ? It can hurt low level enemies.
    It's supposed to slow down enemies. I've never seen a noticeable difference.
    Buff the damage of the explosion and xaku's fragments, and create a vast persistent aoe of a real slowdown. Both enemies and their projectiles.
    Added functionality: If xata's whisper is active during Xaku explosion, the aoe will contain a small void storm.
    Void storm ? Those pretty wave of void that sweeps away enemies randomly during the kuva lich demo ^^ ?
    Added additional functionality: Hold, to consume more energy and produce a much more dangerous area.
    Obviously, remove that energy drain.
    Duration + drain is an aberation. The drain prevents regeneration, and Xaku really doesn't need that.

I think I have covered the most obvious issues of the kit, like everyone else. I mean, it's the community warframe, and the feedback are all very similar on it..
So, I can't imagine how a failed rework could happen..
In fact, the issues are so obvious, at one point I asked myself the question:
Wouldn't they have made such mistakes on purpose, to have the opportunity to involve the community in the fine-tuning of powers.
So really, if it's about that, the rework will have to be neat and I trust you DE. ^^

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I've been trying to play as xaku, and I got them up to rank 24. But I'm finding it harder and harder to enjoy playing them, and I admit fully that, as of this comment, I fully regret purchasing them with plat. All the other frames feel like they are worth the plat cost if you were to purchase them off the store. But xaku, being one of the highest-cost frames on the store, feels awful. The plat cost for this frame shouldve been between 150-200p, not the 325. For 325 plat for a frame, I would hope that it would be a fun experience, with interesting and cohesive abilities. On paper, some are. In the build, its utter garbage.

Disclaimer: I have only tried this frame against non-infested enemies once or twice. Xaku is absolutely useless vs infested, or atleast on Deimos where the abilities just make the missions take longer.

  1.  This ability is basically a straight damage boost and adds another status effect for condition overload to proc against. It also gains the sentient reset.
    • Not wholly awful, but somewhat underwhelming. I haven't done enough testing to talk much about the balance numbers though, as the rest of the frame makes me not interesting in testing anything at all.
    • The conservative numbers I think would be perfectly fine if this allowed you to damage eidolons. But they don't. And since that is really the only use void damage has, its mostly useless. It turns into a boring 'Press 1 every 30-45 seconds for a meager damage boost'.
  2. Protea feels amazing. I wish you could use her turrets and walk around with them. That type of function is what I was hoping for with this ability. But instead you have floating nerf guns.
    • The range on this ability sucks. Even stacking range, the only time I was able to grab more than 1-2 weapons naturally was by equipping xaku with Nidus' Larva ability.
    • Not being able to recast feels bad. If you are going to have what basically amounts to single-target range, then you should be able to recast. Have each of the weapons have their own drop-off timer. that way you can pick and choose which enemies to steal from if you want.
    • Preferably, this would be an AOE similar to mag pull, where it pulls weapons from a large area around the frame, instead of a single target at your reticle. This would make it feel much better.
    • Even better than this would be combining the last two bullet points, where you hold to AOE and press to single target.
    • You steal the enemie's weapons and force them into melee. Cool. Major problems with this.
      • zero punch through from what I can tell. This isn't the end of the world, but it certainly doesn't help combined with the other facts about this ability.
      • enemies do zero damage to each other. so this ability does zero damage to enemies, even with the 1 boost turned on.
    • The ability is a waste of energy in its current state, pure and simple.
  3. The Lost
    • Overall this is just a confusing ability to use. Its not very clear on which one you are going to cast, and the effects on the enemies fail to be clear or useful without them grouping up, which is pretty much only ever done with another ability.
    • I can see where this trio could shine (maybe steel path content), but as of now I personally think its too confusing to use, and haven't seen any benefit from it.
    • Accuse
      • Same  problems that Grasp of Lohk has.
    • Gaze
      • This one could be quite good, especially in steel path.
      • Utterly useless vs infested from my testing.
      • radius is a bit too small to use effectively if not against super tanky enemies.
      • Feels like it must be paired with a grouping ability, such as larva or a vauban.
        • Slotting Larva into her kit though is also pretty trash unless you stack a ton of range, since you guys nerfed larva's range on the helminth kit.
    • Deny
      • "Enemies that survive the blow are suspended in the air" -> you mean literally every single enemy you hit in the small range. This is purely a worse titania tribute.
  4. The Vast Confusion
    • Feels like it was meant to be a 3, not a 4.
    • 75% DODGE CHANCE. plenty of others have mentioned this, so I'll leave it at that.
    • Small speed boost - this makes the frame feel slippery, like a nerfed Nezha. All in all, this doesn't feel too bad when used, and it fits the whole 'shedding armor' bit. But overall, I don't think this fits the rest of the kit, and am confused about why it exists. 
    • Explosion
      • Makes enemies more vulnerable to void damage. Cool. Synergizes with their Whisper. Must recast whenever you want to affect new enemies.
      • Damage is alright, considering its more about the void damage buff.
      • Proposed Changes: to make it into a worthwhile 4
        • Make this into a channeled ability, remove/lower activation cost.
        • Have the ability produce 'pulses' of void energy to be able to aflict all enemies within the pulse range with the debuff.
          • Each Pulse will be what drains the energy.
        • Have the delay between pulses be inverse of the duration applied to the frame.
          • EX: 100% Duration
            • Debuff lasts for 4 seconds,
            • Pulse Interval = 10 seconds
          • EX: 200% Duration
            • debuff lasts for 8 seconds,
            • pulse interval 5 seconds
        • Maybe have the pulse interval be tied to efficiency, might make it easier for players.
          •  Normal Pulse interval 100% efficiency.
          • pulses 1.5x more often at 150% efficiency.
          • Pulses half as often at 50% efficiency.
          • (On second thought, I like this more. But I would change the ability around from what I wrote above so that the channel cost is constant like all other channeled abilities (instead of per pulse like i suggested above). Then, have the channel cost only be affected by duration, since efficiency will be affecting the pulse interval. More efficient = more pulses = more damage.



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After taking an extensive look at Xaku, here's what I have to say:
(I'm not going to talk about Xaku's looks, or how any subsumed ability can help their kit. I am not going to recommend completely new/different abilities)

First off, I'll give a "TLDR":
Xaku isn't horrible, but they're a mix of mediocre abilities aside from being able to create armor stripping altars.

First Ability: Xata's Whisper
What is it good at? 
     Applying the magnetic bubble to enemies
What are the problems with it?
     Void damage modifiers means this results in you doing less damage against Cloned Flesh and Fossilized health (-50% modifier; most Grineer and Infested). 
          - You need 200% Power Strength to "fix" your damage against these health types
     Despite having a status proc, is not a real status effect. (Does not apply additional damage to Condition Overload, Growing Power, or any other status based ability)
     Worst damage buff ability in the game.
How can it be fixed?
     Increase bonus damage from 17/23/23/26% to 20/30/40/50%
     Allow it to be held to buff nearby allies instead of making it an augment (only if the bonus damage is increased)

Second Ability: Grasp of Lohk
What is it good at?
     Nothing. At 175% Range and Strength, this ability can barely kill level 50 enemies. Even worse vs cloned/fossilized health enemies since its void damage.
     At least it disarms enemies.
What are the problems with it?
     Cannot be re-cast while active. (If you dont steal enough guns, you're screwed until the ability is over)
     Horrible damage scaling
     Horrible base range
     Void damage
     Making the amount of guns scale off of range instead of strength makes it harder to maximize any output from this
How can it be fixed?
     Option A: Greatly Increase the base range, from 8m to 15m, making it more of a disarming cc ability to tradeoff the poor damage
     Option B: Increase range to 10m, amount of guns stolen based on Strength instead range. Exponentially increase the damage scaling or base void damage.
     Option C: Guns capped to 5, uses primary weapon mods at 25% efficacy (modified by power strength)

Third Ability 1: Accuse
What is it good at?
     Provides CC similar to Nyx's chaos or rad procs
What are the problems with it?
     Cannot be re-cast while active
     Worse than chaos
     Worse than AOE status weapons with radiation damage
     Target limit based on power strength despite being a range/duration centric ability that cannot be re-casted. 
How can it be fixed?
     Allow the ability to be re-casted. (Reduced effects against the same targets)

Third Ability 2: Gaze
What is it good at?
     Armor strips targets at 200% Power Strength
What are the problems with it?
     No complaints. Having a minimal range is fine since it strips armor.
How can it be fixed?
     Please do not change this ability at all

Third Ability 3: Deny
What is it good at?
     Lifts enemies in a straight line
What are the problems with it?
     Horrible Damage
     Narrow Range
     Not worth using for 75 base energy
How can it be fixed?
     Change Deny from a straight beam to a cone
     Provide some form of bonus for killing a lifted enemy.
          - Increased health/energy orb chance drop
          - All nearby enemies are affected by void damage proc
          - Improve energy efficiency with vast untime
          - Nearby enemies are also lifted for the remainder of the duration

Fourth Ability: The Vast Untime
What is it good at?
     75% Evasion
What are the problems with it?
     Xaku does not have enough ehp to make much use of the 75% evasion against high level enemies using Adaptaiton and Vitality
     Bonus void damage is not enough and is unaffected by power strength
     There is no reason for this ability to cost and drain energy while having a duration
How can it be fixed?
     Either make this ability duration based or channeled, not both
     Void vulnerability needs to be at least 100% (150% prefered) at base and affected by power strength
     Xaku needs to have some form of heal or overshield gaining mechanic to make better use of the evasion

     Aside from the armor stripping altar, I am completely fine with saying that Xaku is a poorly designed warframe.
I would rather just use Banshee with her augment if I wanted to use a frame that strips armor.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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In general my feelings towards Xaku are "why bother". They fall into a similar role as Protea or Chroma (survivability and damage), but do so very poorly. There are too many limitations and hitches with their abilities that make playing them unenjoyable. Buffing the damage output from Grasp of Lohk and making The Lost and The Vast Untime more responsive and easier to use would go a long way towards improving things.

Xata's Whisper

  • It's probably fine, since the Void damage is multiplicative with elemental/damage mods. Void isn't a very good status effect or damage type, but The Vast Untime's enemy weakness debuff should make it very powerful.

Grasp of Lohk

  • Make the damage scale with enemy level.
  • Make it gain damage from Xata's Whisper.
  • Allow it to be recast like Shield of Shadows, so more weapons can be grabbed up to the cap.
  • Aiming focuses the guns on enemies around your crosshair and gives them a longer targeting range so the ability can be directed.
  • Holding 2 ends the ability early.
  • Place weapons on both the left and right sides; with a lot of Range it gets kind of silly looking.
  • There is an audio hitch when you have too many guns shooting at once.

The Lost

  • Invert the default tap/hold effect to behave like Khora: tap to cast, hold to swap. Abilities affect moving targets, so having to stand still and hold 3 makes it hard to hit what you want.
  • Implement individual tap/hold settings so changing this doesn't screw with your other frames. It's been long enough, implement this already.

The Vast Untime

  • Remove the energy drain. You're already paying energy to cast and it already has a fixed duration, so the drain doesn't do anything.
  • Holding 4 recast the ability, proccing the shrapnel debuff again.
  • Add a visual effect, or make it more pronounced if there is one, for the debuffed enemies.
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7 hours ago, Famecans said:

Hi Bronjun

how did you get that jahu glyph?

Grandmother at Necralisk has daily wares including requiem glyphs. You just have to wait for the specific ones to show up. It's 15 grandmother tokens each. 

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I just finished putting in my 2nd Forma on Xaku and experimenting with a clanmate who had subsumed a Xaku and tested Xata's Whisper on their Mesa. Here are my thoughts on every aspect so far.

Passive: I think this should be changed from negating the instance of damage occurring to setting the value of the damage to 0. This will allow Xaku to experiment with Adaptation and Arcanes like Grace more readily, which can potentially help his survival since he has no other "bulk mechanic" to fall back on when he gets unlucky.

Xata's Whisper: My clanmates have said this is a great subsume choice for dealing with Sentients, but that feels like using the Helminth system to install a Bane Mod. As a buff it is outclassed by Roar, Shock Trooper, and Smite Infusion in terms of raw performance. As an ability its very linear and unexciting right now. There's a few potential ideas I have for this, but I don't think all of them should be done at once since it may wind up very overtuned by the standards of a 1st ability. I would pick 1 or 2 of these at most:

Option 1: Apply benefits to Abilities.

Currently, Grasp of Lohk and The Lost do not benefit from Xata's Whisper. This would help synergize Xaku's own kit and open exciting and compelling reasons to Subsume a Xaku for other frames. I could easily see myself trying it on Hydroid to make enemies caught in Tentacle Swarm easier to hit and to rain down little bullet attractors with Tempest Barrage.

If this Option is not chosen outright, I would still recommend at least adding an effect like this to Grasp of Lohk and The Lost individually since right now it feels odd that this ability doesn't benefit either of them.

Option 2: Increase status chance by 35%/40%/45%/50%.

Unless I'm really forgetful, I'm pretty sure no Warframe ability exists that buffs status chance for weapons or powers. This would be a unique addition to the game's ever growing support kit and make some Warframes really desire Xata's Whisper as a subsume ability.

Option 3: Affect Allies and Companions within 25 meters for the duration OR grant the effect to Allies within 18 meters of Xaku while the buff is active akin to Elemental Ward.

This would make Xaku a more desirable support option for planned squads. The first option is what I think most players would prefer, but there's a precedent for squad buffs like Roar not being recastable unless they have an enemy debuffing effect like with Piercing Roar so I would understand if the second option was chosen instead.

Option 4: Whenever an enemy afflicted with a Void proc within 10/15/20/25 meters of Xaku dies, restore 0.5/1.0/1.5/2.0 energy to Xaku.

With an ultimate that channels energy and numerous abilities that want to be recast in Xaku's kit, there should be some way in their kit to help offset their energy loss. This would also make a lot of frames interested in Xata's Whisper as a subsumed ability.


Grasp of Lohk: Increase range from 5/6/7/8 meters to 9/10/11/12 meters. Allow recasting and add additional weapons disarmed from enemies on recast to the collection of currently accrued weapons.

Right now the big problems with Grasp of Lohk are how difficult it feels to get a full suite of weapons and how frequently it has to be refreshed. Allowing the timer to be extended and making the range more lenient will help a lot. 


The Lost: This is probably the most complicated ability to discuss due to its theme, but I can say with confidence right now that I never cast Accuse or Deny. We have a few Quiver-type abilities in the game now, but none of them feel like I should be doing a sequence together of the modes. I think this is a great opportunity to create a modal ability where you get bonus benefits if you use them together.

Overall: Reduce energy cost from 75 to 50. For this concept to work, it shouldn't demand an entire tank of Energy. 

Accuse: Increase range from 5/7/9/11 meters to 10/12/14/16 meters. Increase drop chance of Health and Energy orbs of Accused enemies by 25%. Increase drop rate by an additional 25% if they are in range of an enemy affected by Gaze, and by 50% if they are affected by Deny (Deny getting the large boost since it hits fewer enemies per cast).

Gaze: Increase radius from 5/6/7/8 meters to 10/12/14/16 meters and duration from 5/8/11/14 seconds to 4/8/12/16 seconds. Enemies affected by Accuse will try to move as close to enemies affected by Gaze as possible.

Deny: Increase duration from 5/8/11/14 seconds to 4/8/12/16 seconds. Add 20% of the Enemy's HP to the damage dealt, akin to Revenant's Reave. Increase the base damage by 100% and percentage based damage by 20% if the enemy if affected by Accuse or Gaze, or by 200% and 40% if affected by both.

For 150 Energy before accounting for mods, you can confuse a group of enemies, heavily reduce their defenses, deal at least 60% of HP worth of damage to some of them while putting those enemies into stasis, and make all of them resupply your Health and Energy more readily. This should create a unique playstyle and dynamic for Xaku while also making all of these abilities more individually powerful and desirable with their toned down energy costs and adjusted duration and range. The duration increases will be very important too since it takes time to both cycle through and cast the abilities as well as line up favorable angles for Deny. Each one of these abilities should very much be worth casting alone, as a duo, or as the full suite if this approach is taken.


The Vast Untime: This ability feels a bit scattered in its current design, but I think having an ability that is powerful when both channeled and when activated is a great design space with a lot of potential.

Cast Changes: Apply Void proc to affected enemies.  Consider adding a self Status proc cleanse akin to Molt since its a thematically similar effect on the caster.

Channeled Changes: Reduce energy drain from 7/6/5/4 per second to 4.0/3.5/3.0/2.5 per second. Remove duration of being in Channeled state.

Being the first ability in the game to mass apply Void procs in an area of effect would make The Vast Untime a very interesting ability I think for both veterans and beginners. Tempering the energy cost to maintain the channeled state and making the cast effect more exciting should help give Xaku a more dynamic playstyle. 


Thank you for communicating so much with the community with Xaku, and good luck with their future development! I hope my suggestions can be of help!

Edited by (PS4)PluggedInBabies
Read some posts about Xaku's flavor and adjusted some ideas accordingly.
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Today I realized something. Grasp of Lohk is at its core not so dissimilar from Protea's Blaze Artillery. Both conjure short-lived temporary objects that fire automatically on targets of their own chosing.

Except one is a powerful nuke that can burn a whole batallion of Grineer to a crisp, the other barely tickles enemies.

One let's you dynamically deploy at will, constantly adapting to the battle in a pretty fast-paced and fun way, the other requires you to run into the middle of a bunch of enemies (on a Warframe that isn't tanky or melee oriented) in order to endure a longish animation, after which the whole skill is locked out.

One looks extremely cool on the battlefield, the other awkwardly floats on the left side of the screen, not even having proper presence in the world.


I understand that Grasp of Lohk shouldn't be a carbon copy of Blaze Artillery, but as it stands as a DPS ability Grasp of Lohk is completely useless, and as CC it is extremely bad due to the inability to reapply it during its duration, its horrendously short range, long casting animation, and the fact that it not only competes with Accuse, they even negatively interfere with each other.

Edited by Mephane
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7 hours ago, Mephane said:

Today I realized something. Grasp of Lohk is at its core not so dissimilar from Protea's Blaze Artillery.

And I remember similar suggestion. Someone suggested that it should float near you.... they read it all.... but implemented into new frame :D

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I've put a potato on Xaku. No forma (I hate leveling frames.)
That said, I've played a few SP missions with it, and extensively tested how ability modifiers affect its abilities.

Do I have a deep and abiding spiritual connection with the frame? No.
But I have a good grasp on how Warframe works, good idea of how Xaku works, and way too much time in the Simulacrum.

tl;dr - Xaku's kit isn't bad, just so severely undertuned that all-and-more of your mod slots are devoted to fixing his MAD just to be usable.
Bump up the baseline of his abilities so it actually has some breathing room, and Xaku's a decent-to-excellent close range active-combat frame.


On 2020-08-21 at 10:07 PM, SilverBones said:
  • Passive - Xaku has a 25% chance that shots will pass right through them!
  • Xata’s Whisper - Add Void damage to all your attacks!
  • Grasp of Lohk - Take the enemy’s weapons and use them to fight back!
  • The Lost - Cycle through one of three abilities:
    • Accuse - create an area that turns enemies within its radius on their former allies!
    • Gaze - Trap enemies in a Void Cage, reducing Armor and Shields of other enemies in range
    • Deny - fire a Void beam that strips Sentient resistances, and hold aloft any survivors!
  • The Vast Untime - Shed your outer layers to increase your passive evasion chance to 75%, and gain a speed boost! Cast it again to reform!


The passive's biggest problem is that it's opaque.
It could legitimately do nothing, and I wouldn't be able to tell.
Possibly this wouldn't be an issue if I played with higher graphics effects.

Tangent: Please clarify and better distinguish between "% that projectiles will not hit" e.g. Xaku's passive and Baruuk's Elude, and "% Lowered enemy accuracy" e.g. Nyx's passive, Agility Drift and Razorwing.

Xata's Whisper is uninspiring if functional.
* Void damage is penalized against all fleshy Grineer units. This can be mitigated with The Vast Untime. I'll get back to this later.
* Void damage is penalized against all VIP Infested units. This can be mitigated with The Vast Untime. I'll get back to this later.
* Void inherently suffers against armor. This is a non-issue if Xaku can strip enemy armor... 'if' being the key word. I'll get back to this later.

Grasp of Lohk is an interesting (if nonsensical) PBAoE CC and damage ability.
* Its short range wants you to mod for range if you want it to have any effect outside of extended melee range.
* see: Void as a Damage type, above.
* It is not affected by Xata's Whisper.

Accuse is a decent area denial. It lacks Mind Control's finesse (pick your chosen target, dismiss and recast as desired) or Enthrall's potential sustain/coverage, but offers quantity, instead.
* Being limited to '1 active instance', you want to get the biggest bang from it as possible. It wants range for obvious reasons, and str for high #affected.
* due to above, its base duration is good.

Gaze is potent but limited.
* 2 instances.
* Requires a well-situated enemy target.
* Really wants +100% str, as much range as possible.
* if it gets rid of armor/shields, Xata's Whisper and Grasp of Lohk can do considerable damage.

Deny... is underwhelming.
* It's got a line AoE, which is neat.
* It can reset Sentient resists! So can Xata's Whisper for a 3rd of the cost and a fraction of the cast time... or just pop into your Operator. It's possible to get Xaku before completing The Second Dream, but you'd honestly need to be going out of your way to do so.
* The damage, on paper, looks high, but:
- cannot headshot.
- it does Void damage. see Xata's Whisper.
- it's a hold-to-cast 3rd ability. To compare, Ember's Fireball would do ~30% less upfront damage in the same amount of time, but it'd do it for 66% less energy, and it'd apply an armor strip and a stacking DoT while doing it.
- it is not affected by Xata's Whisper.

* The 'consolation prize CC' isn't bad, but, given the high cost and casting time, why would I use it?

The Vast Untime, were it not undertuned, would bring his kit together.
His passive defense only works against ranged projectiles? TVU slows melee enemies (on cast)!
His passive's % is low? TVU triples it!
You run out of nearby enemies? on top of the above, TVU gives you a speed buff for all your gap-closing needs!
Even after armor stripping, Void's penalized against Grineer flesh and Infested VIPs? TVU is a Void Damage amplifier, letting you double-dip on high strength!

* It's an ult. It's expensive upfront.
* The debuff is one-and-done, meaning it needs to be recast every new group you face.
* It's not a buff, but a toggle - meaning it both has a per second cost as well as locking you out from most energy regain options.
* Cast animation is long, but has no dispel animation.

So, it wants you to keep it up all the time, recasting as you engage a new group.
But your evasion drops hugely, and it's slow to cast, so you need something to distract the new group. But Grasp of Lohk has a near-equal cast time, and Accuse, while slightly shorter, is still a 3rd, and a hold-to-cast.
Otoh, it can be cast in the air, which is probably your best bet.


So, putting it all together.
* Xaku's a close-range frame.
* Having Dodge based defenses and CC, as opposed to %DR, it best-suited to Rolling Guard + Brief Respite / Augur shieldgating.
* TVU's buff wants to be always on, but the debuff needs to be recast - and casting is slow.
* Once you're in range and TVU's up, Grasp of Lohk and Xata's Whisper will make short work of anything without armor, which Gaze will remove.
To get that, however,
* It wants both 200% Strength, as well as Natural Talent.
* Unless you're content as a melee frame, it also wants high Range, which means Overextended, which means even more strength.

200% means an exilus for Power Drift, as U Intensify + Transient Fortitude is only 199%, Blind Rage instead of TF, or Growing Power.
Blind Rage means you've got horrible efficiency, which will make TVU drain you dry, which will make you dead,
skipping one of your defensive mods (NT, RG,) which can make you dead,
BR for Growing Power, which puts restrictions on your uptime,
and you can't fit Augur mods.
(Which also all means no Primed Sure Footed.)

The best I can come up with is:
this for high range, which comes with exactly 1 flex slot: Arcane Nullifier.
and a rather better extended melee range build, which covers everything Xaku wants (except energy efficiency, which you can sacrifice PFlow + something to get), but has, again, no flexibility, and is extended melee range.


Here's the problem.
Xaku makes a wonderful close range killer, with decent ranged CC, but it takes a lot of effort and a LOT of energy.
Any mid-tier-or-better melee will do the same, with less effort, without tying you to a frame, and leaving you more frame-modding flexibility.

If that's the intended role (high effort, active play melee monster), then he's fine, though I'd give him Natural Talent or PSF as an innate (possibly a bonus equal to his dodge, for purely aesthetic purposes) or just speed up the cast anim of his abilities, so he gains some mod flexibility.
Otherwise, I'd either raise range, so he's not forced to use-and-compensate-for Overextended to not be melee-ranged, or lower the required str for Gaze to reach 100% strip, depending.

Deny serves no purpose that I can discern.
Given that I can't Helminth just that, I'd remove Xata's Whisper - it doesn't affect his abilities, just his weapons; the sentient resist strip is nearly useless, and its damage is negligible without armor stripping and TVU's debuff - at which point you're in melee anyway.

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Playing Xaku in real time

  1. With Speed Drift and Natural talent, both maxed; 
    1. I try and cast... and someone kills the target before the casting animation is done
    2. I try and cast... and someone kills the target before the casting animation is done
    3. I try and cast... and I'm out of energy because Xaku has crap for energy and every cast costs whether it's effective or not. 
  2. all of the abilities are ridiculously underpowered. There is no min-max build for this frame because in order for any of the abilities to be useful, every stat needs to be at or above 200%, even then though, these abilities require extremely niche scenarios to achieve anything useful, and it's  such a pain to set up these scenarios that the rewards aren't worth the effort. 
  3. I give up on casting altogether because the effort and frustration of casting isn't worth the reward. So, I just start running and gunning which means I'm earning less affinity and it's taking longer to level.
  4.  I start thinking I'd have more fun playing another game.

I'm a completionist, I only get rid of a frame when it's prime shows up, but the most valuable part of Xaku is the frame slot that would be better used on a frame that didn't actively suck the joy out of this game. 

I've wasted 3 forma on this build and am no closer to something usable. This Warframe makes people not want to play your game. There is nothing Xaku brings to the table that isn't done at least twice as well by Warframes that are easier to acquire. 

Edited by Gordianknott
another forma, more clever ways to explain how much I hate this frame.
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Definitely not a team oriented frame, long cast time with "set-up" mechanic to deal damage (IE: Comboing 4 into 2 and or 1; Gaze into 2 and or 1.) 

Grasp of Lohk should be recastable and needs to stop targeting Gaze victim (I don't know if Blood Alter is also a problem.)

The Lost abilities are quite annoying with its full body animations. All abilities should leave enemies more vulnerable to void damage. I feel the most underwhelming one is Deny, Gaze does what Deny basically do but better.

The Vast Untime, if skeletal form is temporary it should boost its other abilites. Double casting time, lowing energy cost. Give skeletal form a low range aura that'll make new enemies weaker to void damage. As of current, there's no reason to stay in that form, 75% dodge chance is nice, but the energy drain isn't worth it.


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I cannot think of many things that have not already been said, but please change Xaku's 4 back to Damage reduction as was stated to be in the dev steams. 
And all the animations all feel very sluggish currently. so a 25-50% speed increase in the animations would help make Xaku feel better to play without having to equip natural talent by default.

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I knew that the developers won't change THEM too much, so I just suggest some data change and a liiiittle bit effect change in here.

  • Passive - Xaku has a 25%50% chance that shots will pass right through them
    • Extra change - After using Xata’s Whisper, the passive effect will temporarily increase to 100%, and the duration is half the duration of Xata’s Whisper.
  • Xata’s Whisper - Add Void damage to all your attacks! - the boost effect increased from 26% to 75%, Because the efficacy and status of void damage is very low, it This only has an effect on Cloned Flesh and Fossilized but ineffective against them. Therefore this effect needs numerical support. 
  • Grasp of Lohk - Take the enemy’s weapons and use them to fight back! - Just set it to be reusable PLEASE. Especially when you only get a gun when you use this ability.
  • The Lost - Cycle through one of three abilities:
    • Accuse - create an area that turns enemies within its radius on their former allies! - The situation is similar to Grasp of Lohk so set it to be reusable TOO PLEASE
    • Gaze - Trap enemies in a Void Cage, reducing Armor and Shields of other enemies in range - hmmm...this one is ok. 
    • Deny - fire a Void beam that strips Sentient resistances, and hold aloft any survivors! - similar to Xata’s Whisper, need to increase the damage, about from 4000 to 8000.
  • The Vast Untime - Shed your outer layers to increase your passive evasion chance to 75%, and gain a speed boost! Cast it again to reform! - Can u guys all of the ability developers think some idea about the armor of Xata to be useful when they are shot out by the ability 4? Like...MAKE THEM CAN BE SOMETHING LIKE DEFORMED MONSTER TO KILL ENEMYS? 
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On 2020-08-21 at 3:07 PM, SilverBones said:

Xaku is here with all their Void-Channeling glory! The newest Warframe is a creation of the community and has a lot of unique powers:

  • Passive - Xaku has a 25% chance that shots will pass right through them!
  • Xata’s Whisper - Add Void damage to all your attacks!
  • Grasp of Lohk - Take the enemy’s weapons and use them to fight back!
  • The Lost - Cycle through one of three abilities:
    • Accuse - create an area that turns enemies within its radius on their former allies!
    • Gaze - Trap enemies in a Void Cage, reducing Armor and Shields of other enemies in range
    • Deny - fire a Void beam that strips Sentient resistances, and hold aloft any survivors!
  • The Vast Untime - Shed your outer layers to increase your passive evasion chance to 75%, and gain a speed boost! Cast it again to reform!

If you have feedback to leave on the subject of Xaku, then please do so in this thread. Please remember that you should keep your feedback constructive and civil. If you like an aspect of the new content, tell us what you like. If you do not like an aspect, then tell us why, and what you would change to make it better!

Please bear in mind this is not a place to leave bugs you discover while playing. If you do need to report a bug, please use the dedicated Heart of Deimos Bug-Hunting thread!

Thank you!

My thoughts so far after a bit of playtime with Xaku:

  • Passive - I suppose this is nice, especially if a Corpus Tech shows up with a Supra. Thematic as well with them being Void-related.
  • Xata’s Whisper - Added Void damage along with its status effect is good here. I would however personally prefer this ability slot to have Xata's Whisper as a hold to cast, and move Deny from The Lost as a press to cast. If one day a mod is made to share Void damage with the team, the hold to cast would already be in.
  • Grasp of Lohk - I really like the design of this ability. Would keep as-is design-wise, but it seems on the weak side with its base damage.
  • The Lost - Cycle through one of three abilities:
    • Accuse - I feel Nyx just does everything better here. I don't think I would remove it though, as some players surely enjoy using this type of ability on a brand new frame.
    • Gaze - Some CC + debuffing enemies. Good when facing enemies of higher levels ( + Steel Path), but seems like a bit of a waste against most of the standard star chart.
    • Deny - I really like this ability both visually and functionally, but I would prefer if it could be cast with a button press rather than hold to cast. I think it could work well coupled with Xata's Whisper as a press to cast, moving the Whisper as hold to cast. As for a replacement for the slot in The Lost, perhaps some kind of Void damage barrier that could be erected to keep it functionally related to the Deny name.
  • The Vast Untime - I'm still on the fence for this ability. It's an interesting design and I'll admit that it's fun to watch a skeletal form running around, but I feel like it's lacking something. Maybe after detonating, the parts could reassemble into Void clones each having their respective parts of The Lost and could be able to cast their respective unique abilities they brought to Xaku until they rejoin together.


General thoughts:

- I feel that players should have an option to change how switching between abilities when there are multiple in a slot works. If an option could be added to have it so that you have to press and hold to cycle instead, I think that could be nice to have. This would of course apply to Vauban and Ivara as well for their respective abilities. This thought came about after using Deny a few times, making me feel it would have been much better as a press to cast.

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Gonna drop two cents and say that my favorite part of this Warframe is gonna be getting it maxed.

Looking forward to the "rework" if you guys even bother to attempt one. Also, definitely do something about the drain + duration nonsense on the underwhelming ability you call an ultimate.

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With the right number buffs Xaku will be fine, but number buffs alone won’t give them a cohesive kit. My goal is to keep the abilities Xaku currently has but pull in some extreme directions to give them a unique kit that lives up to their theme.

The Basic Premise: Xaku’s first two abilities are Xaku’s innate abilities, they are the things Xaku used to bring together The Lost Warframes. When Xaku gathered The Lost and strapped them to their skeleton they gained the ability to not only use some of their power, but to infuse their power with their innate abilities.

Conceptual Implementation: Whenever Xaku casts an ability from The Lost, Xaku’s Whisper and Grasp of Lohk gain additional effects that are thematically relevant to The Lost. The Vast Untime is a state where Xaku channels all of The Lost at the same time at the risk of losing The Lost for a duration.

The Lost Warframes: Rather than Xaku conveniently finding three Void themed Warframes, each of The Lost have a distinct visual theme that can be seen when using their abilities.


Note on Void Damage: Dealing Void damage is a can of worms not worth dealing with. Void damage should be for operators only so it can be properly balanced within the scope of Operators. Any Warframe having access to Void damage means any future Operator changes will have to keep the massive damage multipliers of Warframes in mind. DE can no longer add Operator-Warframe synergies through Void damage as Warframes no longer need Operators to gain Void Damage’s bonuses. If we are to gain the ability to deal Void damage with Warframes it should come through Operator synergies, not through one arbitrary Warframe (that can be acquired before you even know what Operators are).

We already see the effects of this worm can in the arbitrary restriction of not being able to damage Eidolons. If DE is just going to strip away the properties of Void damage that make it special, then why have the ability deal void damage?


The Rework: Base Abilities

  • Xaku’s Whisper: 25 Energy: Gain an additional 50% damage that matches the damage type the enemy is the most vulnerable to (think Baruuk’s Reactive Storm augment).
  • Grasp of Lohk: 50 Energy: Disarm enemies in a 10m range. Holding the ability will allow Xaku to continually disarm enemies at the cost of 5 energy per second. Disarming an enemy steals their weapon. Recasting the ability will disarm enemies and steal new weapons, currently active weapons will retain their original duration. Damage converted to an even IPS spread.
  • The Lost: 50 Energy: All abilities are upper body animations: In addition to the effects below, casting any of The Lost will empower all other ability casts with additional effects for 8 seconds. Only one buff can be active at a time, a new buff can only be activated after the previous one has ended. For the sake of formatting those specific buffs will come after I go through all of the base ability effects.
    • Accuse: Lift enemies in a 10m range for 8 seconds. Killing lifted enemies restores 15 energy and 50 health to Xaku and allies within a 30m range.
    • Gaze: Lock an enemy in place. Enemies in a 10m range have defenses stripped.
    • Deny: Deal 4000 Electricity damage with a 50% Status Chance. Enemies not killed take an additional +75% damage from all sources for 14 seconds.
  • The Vast Untime: 100 Energy: No duration or energy drain: On cast Xaku channels all of The Lost into all of Xaku’s abilities at once. This comes with a meter that acts as a pseudo-duration and a punish for staying in the empowered state too long.
    • While The Vast Untime is active you gain 5% meter per second.
    • For every 20 energy spent while The Vast Untime is active you gain 1% meter.
    • If the meter reaches 100% Xaku will explode (current The Vast Untime effect) and lose all of the buffs from The Lost.
      • While in skele-form Xaku has 75% evasion and +25% movement speed.
      • The Lost and The Vast Untime are disabled.
      • Meter decreases by 10% per second while in this form, when meter hits 0% you can recast The Vast Untime to get The Lost parts back (costs 0 energy).
    • When The Vast Untime is manually toggled off the meter will decrease by 10% per second.


The Additional Effects from The Lost

  •  Xaku’s Whisper:
    • Accuse: +50% Ammo Efficiency
    • Gaze: +50% Status Chance (additive after mods)
    • Deny: +75% Critical Chance (additive after mods)
  • Grasp of Lohk:
    • Accuse: Every hit replenishes 2 energy and 15 health to Xaku.
    • Gaze: Each hit reduces enemy defenses
    • Deny: Damage increased by 75%
  • The Lost:
    • Accuse:
      • Gaze: Enemies have defenses stripped while lifted.
      • Deny: Lifted enemies take +75% damage.
    • Gaze:
      • Accuse: Enemies are lifted after being in range for 2 seconds. All enemies killed in range of Gaze refund 15 energy and 50 health to Xaku and allies within 30m.
      • Deny: Enemies in range +75% damage.
    • Deny:
      • Accuse: Enemies not killed are lifted for 8 seconds. Enemies killed by the beam or while lifted restore 15 energy and 50 health to Xaku and allies within 30m.
      • Gaze: Enemies have their defenses stripped for the duration of the damage debuff.

Having The Vast Untime be such a broken ability would make for a truly unique playstyle and combat loop. On one hand the amount of effects all of your abilities would have would be "broken OP", on the other hand overusing this ability will literally break Xaku.

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Hi, I don't have much to add except that Void Damage itself is in a bad state and should be looked after. If the status proc worked like a mini Mag bubble it would be wonderful (OP even); but all it does is to have projectiles harmlessly surround the target, to make punch-through ineffective and to make headshots impossible; and all of that to make aiming a bit more trivial?

My suggestion would be to make it like a mini-magnetize, without immobilization and with a very short duration; or to have void damage proc a random different one.

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Finally finished building Xaku and got to play with them this weekend.

My first impression is that it needs mostly usability tweaks:

  • The base range of many abilities feels too short, causing you to miss completely or hit a lot less targets than your max.
  • Some abilities cannot be recast as long as one enemy if under the effect; combined with the short range issue, you're often stuck with a with a bad result until it runs out.
  • Grasp of Lohk needs to have a greater effect on creatures it can't disarm, the base damage it does is too low.
  • The Vast Untime is double dipping in energy costs with 100 on cast AND a drain over time; the effect it has doesn't feel like this is justified.

Overall damage numbers could be raised, but Xaku doesn't feel like they should be a "nuke frame". 

You can check my impressions on each abilities below.



Passive  - Xaku has a 25% chance that shots will pass right through them!

25% inherent dodge chance is a bit weak compared to other passives but still nice. However, it is a bit lackluster since it's not really noticeable like not having hard landings with Valkyr's passive or central to their kit like Atlas' Rubble and Baruuk's Restraint.

It could be improved but having a secondary effect, like trapping the dodged bullets in the void and releasing the absorbed damage as a bonus to The Vast Untime activation?

Xata’s Whisper Add Void damage to all your attacks!

While having a source of void damage to add to weapon is unique (since there is no mods for this) having it stripped of the usual benefits of void damage - stripping sentient resistances and breaking eidolon shields for instance - make it worst than many other damage increasing abilities. Even compared to a subsumed Roar, it basically only has is low energy cost and the ability to refresh its duration going for it. 

Having some way to cast it on allies and giving is some, if not all, of the effects normally associated to void damage would be some tweaks that help. 

Grasp of Lohk - Take the enemy’s weapons and use them to fight back!

It sounds cool on paper and looks cool, but the execution feels off. You often cast it and get no weapons and once you do get some, it's underwhelming. 

First problem is that it's completely useless against an enemy without a gun. Since Xaku came out with Deimos, this is even more noticeable with all the infested we fight. It could use a secondary effect, even if it is simply dealing higher damage on targets without guns.

The other problem is that the short range often makes it hard to get the maximum number of weapons. You could mod for range to offset this and the base range could be increased. However, I think it would be more interesting if, instead, the ability could be recast and that the duration would be for each weapon captured (the timer could be on them like Protea's turret combo). Casting it at max weapon capacity would replace the oldest weapon in the lot.

The Lost - Cycle through one of three abilities.

Biggest issue is that it's hard to tell what does what. Not only the names are vague (and it feels like the names for Gaze and Deny should trade places), but the animations (especially if you miss) don't make it clear what is going on.

  • Accuse - create an area that turns enemies within its radius on their former allies!
    Kinda feels bad when you don't hit a lot of target since it locks you out of recast. But, unlike Grasp of Lohk, at least The Lost has other options.
  • Gaze - Trap enemies in a Void Cage, reducing Armor and Shields of other enemies in range
    Best of the three. Could use a bit more range perhaps.
  • Deny - fire a Void beam that strips Sentient resistances, and hold aloft any survivors!
    Short range, low base damage and activation is a bit long. Only good thing is sentient reset.

The Vast Untime - Shed your outer layers to increase your passive evasion chance to 75%, and gain a speed boost! Cast it again to reform!

Energy costs needs to be looked at. Has a cost like a "nuke" but doesn't damage like one, AND it's a buff with a drain over time.



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Having played Xaku for a bit now, I can conclude that they suffer from the following problems:

In general:

  • Slow casting speeds on all abilities, even with Natural Talent. Not only does this feel awful, but enemies often end up dying before my abilities take effect.
  • Inability to shoot while casting any ability. Accompanied by the point above, this makes Xaku feel even more clunky.
  • Inability to move while casting their 3 and 4.
  • Extremely Energy hungry while possessing no way to regenerate Energy.
  • Low Duration and/or Range on most abilities.
  • Low survivability due to a mix of any percentage of damage evasion chance being inadequate for survival, and being unable to rely on their abilities due to the aforementioned problems.
  • Low-to-average stats across the board for Health, Armor, Shield, and Energy.
  • Few-to-no synergies between abilities. Sometimes anti-synergies.

Xata's Whisper:

  • The damage buff is one of, if not the weakest damage buff in the game.
  • The ability only affects your weapons and not your abilities.
  • The ability is only a damage buff (compare to Grendel's Nourish which also heals).
  • The Void element has two -50% damage resistances, and the Void status effect lacks significant impact.

Grasp of Lohk:

  • Low Range for disarm and attack, making it very difficult to use for both offense and defense.
  • Limited number of disarms within a small radius.
  • Cannot be recast while active, often rendering it useless as a defensive tool.
  • The low Duration makes it hard to use as an offensive tool with Xaku's currently poor Energy economy.
  • Attacks enemies affected by Gaze, but not Accuse.

The Lost:

  • Being three CC abilities with various niches incentivizes casting all three and casting them often, which is clunky on a rotation wheel.

The Lost, Accuse:

  • Overall good save for the fact that it can't be recast as long as even a single enemy is affected.
  • The fact that players can kill the controlled enemies means the ability's rarely more than a brief radial stun.
  • Low Duration, though currently not noticeable due to the above.

The Lost, Gaze:

  • The defense reduction amount feels fair, but the ability needs a buff in either cast range, radius, or duration. At least one buff, but ideally two. 

The Lost, Deny:

  • The beam feels too slim for a hectic game like Warframe.
  • The damage is a bit low.
  • The ability feels slightly superfluous.

The Vast Untime:

  • Energy cost both on cast and over time is incredibly costly.
  • The Void weakness and slow only affects enemies caught in the blast, nullifying the ability's greatest upsides once they're killed.
  • Damage evasion chance is a poor stat for survival - you can and will still be two-shot (thanks to shield gating).
  • In theory, there's no incentive for people to not always be in skeleton mode, which is a terrible waste of theme and fashion.

Suggested buffs:


  • Halve the casting speed and more. Make some abilities usable while shooting. Make the 3 usable while moving.
  • Add some way to regenerate energy, ideally as part of Xata's Whisper or The Lost, Deny to improve their usage.
  • Add some way to stay alive. Buff Health/Armor/Shields, add some way to gain damage reduction, or improve their Energy economy enough that they could sustain themselves through constant CC. Change the passive to "Gain health/shields on ability cast"?
  • Buff the range and/or duration of most abilities.
  • Add some synergies.

Xata's Whisper:

  • Buff the Void element and/or the damage bonus.
  • Make it affect Xaku's abilities, particularly Grasp of Lohk.
  • Make it do something more than just boost damage. Add Energy on kill to improve their Energy economy, perhaps?

Grasp of Lohk:

  • Make it disarm all foes in range, while keeping the number of gained weapons limited.
  • Make it recastable, adding weapons until the limit is reached.
  • Double the attack range and more, but give it damage falloff to compensate. Watching the guns not constantly go pew feels unrewarding.

The Lost:

  • Consider moving one of the abilities to Xaku's 2. Having two "press-or-hold" (a la Gauss' Thermal Sunder) abilities makes them much more usable than having to constantly spin the wheel.
  • Make Accuse recastable, and make controlled units spread the effect on death to the nearest target in range.
  • Give Gaze a buff to cast range, radius, and/or duration.
  • Make Deny bounce between enemies affected by the Void status effect. Consider giving it some "on affected enemy kill" effect to solve some weakness of Xaku's. Energy, damage reduction, armor...

The Vast Untime:

  • Remove the Energy drain over time.
  • Add some buff after the duration has ended to incentivize players to not always be skeletons. For example, Nyx gains a weapon damage bonus after exiting Absorb. Give Xaku a big armor bonus due to being newly repaired, maybe?
  • Make the Void weakness and slow follow Xaku as an aura.
  • Switch out the damage evasion chance for damage reduction.
  • Or, to make it more interesting, make Xaku damage immune during its duration, storing up damage taken and (a percentage of) damage dealt. If the damage taken is greater, Xaku takes the damage (ignoring shield gating). If the damage dealt is greater, it's dealt to surrounding foes as an implosion as Xaku reforms, ragdolling them towards Xaku. If Xaku gains a buff when the duration is over, it could be based on damage dealt.

Xaku has potential to become a superb CC/debuff frame. Their kit is super fun on paper, but it needs some polish to make it so in practice.

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I really like how Xaku’s play style is striping enemies of defenses and making them more vulnerable to void damage, but the fact that it takes 200 energy and three abilities just to do this to a handful of enemies is too clunky.  I think this could be helped by moving the effects earlier in the ability animations, especially with gaze where an ally can kill your target and you end up wasting 75 energy on nothing.

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1. Please make his 1 be a one handed cast. It's the exact same as toxic lash on Saryn aside from the damage type, so it makes sense for it to be the same casting type. (Toxic lash and Xata's Whisper are both percentile damage increases with a duration on it). It being two handed is very frustrating, because you can't Reload (among other things) while casting it.

2. Why is Gaze the cage and Deny the beam that shoots out of his EYE? Gaze is often a term used in association with abilities regarding the use of eyes. That beam called Deny uses his eye to shoot it. It'd make more sense for Gaze to be the beam. It would also make sense for the cage to be Deny, because it denies movement and armor/shields. Swapping the names of Gaze and Deny would just help with clarity. 

3. It seems that Gaze itself (based on warframe tips) only shreds armor OR shields. Why not both? The ability itself restricts Xaku to stay near one to two creatures which limits mobility (many can agree mobility affects survivability). I could understand that kind of Shred being an issue if it could be used on the run, but it just can't be. It affecting both shields and armor would be very helpful while also removing confusion as to which takes priority (considering one might be better to have Shredded than the other based on current damage types equipped). 

4. When rolling through the air with my primary equipped, I see the gun on my back even though I'm currently under the effect of his 4. Looks really weird. 

5. If the cage doesn't get through its casting animation before the target dies, energy should be refunded due to it not doing anything. 

On a more opinionated note:

1) I honestly don't like the effect that Xaku has during his one. 

2) Why is his passive just a lesser form of his 4? It seems kinda unfair to him. 


Edited by (PS4)Rainbow_Neos1
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Passive - give an evasion of 50%

1st - NEEDS a stronger damage buff, I.e  base 100%, also turn deny into the hild function of xata whisper.

Alternatively, you could cause the void bubble to aim for only headshots, then buff the damage buff to 50%

2nd - make it do 3% true damage with each shot, and make it moveable with power strength ( % true damage should be a change for all abilities  were enemies attack enemies).

3rd - 12m base range gaze, and accuse should slow or collapse enemies in the area (same as gaze and power strength determines if the enemy collapses). Potential augment  allow the ring to follow xaku instead. 

4th - give 75% damage reduction, add a pull towards xaku at the end.

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i retried the frame with an open mind ,

and it is an odd amalgam of a playstyle that is a mix between mag, banshee and vauban for me (as of now) a burst DPS requiring setup in an area.

i ran a low duration (72%) moderate efficiency (130%) high range (175%) high strength (210%) build.


It works , but it is only truly effective at static objective locations. i am gonna mention the abilities in order of effectiveness


the actually useful ability is his lost (only 2 of them accuse and gaze) i have realized some minor things which may be bugs or intentional,

Accuse : changes the enemies in an area to allies - they can take damage from weapons but cannot be targeted by abilities. They seem to take stealth damage when accused. It also does not trigger "on kill" effects when you kill accused enemies. i feel its a fair compromise.

Gaze: Works as intended when you are the only xaku in the team, a solid debuff that removes all defenses - seems to pair poorly with other xaku where the last ability takes precedence? and having overlapping areas does not seem to stack?  so if a Xaku with weaker gaze casts it after i do then the enemies will have their armor back. Good thing no one is playing xaku :D

Deny : is nearly useless , it needs to be completely removed - it reminded me of the old zenurik operator ability before war within if it was neutered. Should atleast be a cone like hallowed ground and not a straight line to be even remotely useful as CC. if i needed void resistance reset i would use the xats whisper.

I mostly found myself switching between accuse and gaze as they both gave me a damage boost indirectly but using accuse removed their armor strip debuff.

Which was a little annoying actually , two of the useful abilities that need frequent casts are in the same wheel , with a useless ability in the mix. so i kept finding myself accidentally casting the wrong ability or wasting time pressing 3 while looking at the icons (might seem small but Xaku can die in a matter of seconds as he has poor survivability)

I would rather they remove deny and make Accuse a press to cast and gaze a hold to cast ability. Would make it a lot more effective for me at least.


Grasp of Lohk:

A decent enough ability for enemy disarm that also adds damage, the low duration on my build helps to keep it effective as you aren't stuck with a single peashooter for too long in case of a bad cast. Its ok , adds decent DPS if the enemies are already in gaze effect ,but i can usually just kill the enemies with melee by the time i cast it. The gun sounds also got rather annoying after some time so i avoided it. its a "take it or leave it " thing


Xatas whisper:

damage bonus is usually never a bad thing , but the status of void is kinda limited in effectiveness, it also actively inhibits marksmen , cant get decent weak spot/ head shots when enemy is under its effects. Also displaces some actually useful status effects. so you may at times notice less damage as you will get fewer viral/heat/corrosive procs. so it is bad with critical weapons looking for head shots , and it is bad with pray and spray weapons looking for status applications as well.


Vast Untime:

Looks cool.... too bad just cool is not enough. the energy cost is too high for a benefit that is not reliable enough , the slow debuff+ speed buff is nice sure , but is currently wonky? i think its only LOS . I rarely used this , not cause its bad by itself but i was left with no energy to cast any other ability - high cast cost , high per second drain, and duration limit. absolutely not worth it. Feels like someone had made a good ability with benefits and someone went "no thats too powerful , reduce its effectiveness and make it cost more to balance it out"



I dont feel too strongly about this either way , i don t think passive needs changes.


Minor gripes:

The numbers on health and shields , do they really have to be such odd numbers? not a big problem honestly.

Energy economy needs to be better the cost and effectiveness is not quite right - can not really be effective unless you have a steady source of energy,

Void damage by itself is poor - that makes most of the effects less desirable.

Bad pairing with other Xakus - as mentioned the abilities dont stack with other Xakus in the squad.



Focus point for abilities - having the abilities work in an area around a distant point is nice for a squishy frame.

Thematic consistency (loosely) for location of frame and tying with lore (though you need to get to rank 5 to actually get it)


Overall i could manage with this frame , for most missions , with my build , but i am only using one ability (technically 2) ? , i dont feel like i am using the frame, i feel like the frame is just carrying my weapons. Then again i could manage with any frame if i never used its abilities either.


Thats my feedback so far, i am really looking forward to the changes, i feel it has potential but is currently lacking.

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